The ultra left wing magazine Mother Jones has now released the second installment of a video it shot at a private Mitt Romney fundraiser a few months ago.


What did Romney say that was so shocking and is it damaging in campaign?


Mitt Romney said in this new video, “The Palestinians have no interest in peace.”


The left is now going nuts over this statement, pushing it out there, along with the other clip from the video absolutely convinced this will destroy Romney’s campaign.


I have only one question.  Why the hell was he only saying this in a private gathering?  Why hasn’t this been on his stump speech?


The simple answer is, he is listening to his Washington consultants. 


Earth to Mitt:  Fire these consultants and hire a bunch of outside the beltway conservatives. 


The Mother Jones video is the best thing that happened to the Romney campaign.   I’m actually getting excited about the idea of voting for Romney now. 


Romney has a huge problem.  The conservative base is not excited about him.   He needs this base motivated. 


What will motivate conservatives?  Well to start with, Romney could start campaigning like a conservative.  Anyone remember the primaries?  Romney tried to out conservative both Gingrich and Santorum. 


We conservatives did not trust him because we did not believe him.   Our trust issues with Romney only got worse when Eric Fehrnstrom, his chief aid came out with his infamous “Etch-a-sketch” comment.


Romney’s comments on Palestine are dead on.   They do not want peace.  They have had 65 years of opportunities for peace.  The only leader that made peace with Israel was murdered because of it.


For the left, telling the truth is a shocking concept.  They are shocked that Romney would say what has been the open strategy of the left for decades.  They want to make as many people dependent on the government as possible and then tell them if they elect Republicans they will be thrown in the streets to starve.


The left is outraged that we would point out this strategy even though they love the commercial of the Paul Ryan look alike pushing granny off of a cliff, telling seniors that the Republicans will cut off their social security and Medicare. 


How dare a Republican candidate tell us the truth?


Honestly this is long overdue. 


This is the kind of thing Romney needs to be telling the public.   


Those kinds of ideas drive Washington consultants crazy.  That is why Romney should ditch them.


Ignore the media.  Ignore the consultants.


Go Romney on us Mitt and you will have a lot more people supporting you.

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Asking Romney to speak like a conservative is like asking a leopard to change his spots.

You open your mouth to prove your ignorance often?

just another shake of the etch-a-sketch (tm)  Sure he said it to raise money, will he live if when elected? 

I think Romney has demonstrated that he is a friend of Israel. It is not hard to believe that he also thinks that Palestinians are not interested in peace. Bravo! that he stated this.

The PC enforcers would have Mitt speak in metaphors meant not to offend anyone. That is like putting a muzzle on a poodle.  Mitt,  say what you mean and mean what you say--in public and in private.   We can't hear you here in the back of the room!

There is not a single item in his comments that are untruthful or not factual. Mitt, please repeat these during your stump speeches. 

And please repeat them with some conviction!

Liberals hate the truth.  You can always tell when you are doing something right, the liberals go crazy.  Mitt should listen to Rush everyday.  

A bit AMEN to that!

This is another fact that anyone with half a brain knows,

the so-called Palestinian people are the biggest farce out there.

We can't support in any way "their" hatred for all that is Godly

or good.  They teach their children from the get go to hate Jews

and Christians, especially the Israelites and the Americans....period.


There are no "Palestinian People."  Those who claim to be are descendents of Gypsies (now P.C. called Roma) who migrated in to the vacuum left by the Jews when God sent them into exile (Diaspora) because of their apostasy.

"The Land" (Israel) belongs to the Jews, given to Abraham by God, and their right of return in 1948 was clearly divinely orchestrated.


A Zionist

Awesome job Phillip


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