The football world was rocked Saturday morning when Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend then turned the gun on himself.


This tragedy was bad enough but then the left decided to use another tragedy for political again.
What did the left do in light of this tragedy?


Last night, in the weekly edition of Sunday night football, the Cowboys hosted the Eagles in a game with playoff implications. 


At halftime, NBC sportscaster and liberal nut job Bob Costas decided to launch into a tirade about the Belcher murder/suicide and gun control.


Costas quoted a Kansas City Sports writer, Jason Whitlock and said:


“‘Our current gun culture,’ Whitlock wrote, ‘ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. And more convenience store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead. Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows?  But here,’ wrote Jason Whitlock, ‘is what I believe — if Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Cassandra Perkins would both be alive today.’”


Is being an idiot a prerequisite for getting a job at NBC?


NBC is pretty much a fact free zone.  In fact, NBC should probably be renamed Pravda as they have as much credibility as Pravda did during the cold war.


I realize Costas and NBC neither have any interest in the truth, only the leftist narrative.  Perhaps Costas and NBC should consider allowing a few facts to enter the fact free zone they call NBC.


Both Australia and the UK enacted draconian gun control laws.  What happened?   In something that would come as a complete shock to liberals, criminals did not turn in their guns.  Law abiding citizens did.


Then what happened?


Gun crimes against unarmed citizens skyrocketed.   Two years ago in Britain, riots raged across the nation.  Unfortunately citizens could not get guns to defend themselves.  Baseball bats became the hottest selling item in the UK so that people could defend themselves.


I realize facts confuse liberals but perhaps Costas should look no further than Virginia.   Since 2006, gun sales have exploded in Virginia. 


Do you know what else has happened?


Violent crime has dropped


Gun sales went up 73% and violent crime dropped 24%.   Wait, how can that be?  It is simple; liberals live in a fact free world. 


Costas, like so many liberals, loves to jump to conclusions that fly in the face of facts, not to mention reality.   In Costas’ brain donor world, if only there were no guns, Belcher would not have killed his girlfriend or himself.


Does independent intelligent thought disqualify someone from employment at NBC?


Perhaps if Costas paid attention to news other than that which is driveled out on NBC and BSNBC, he might have heard about murderer Chris Krumm


Krumm, age 25, drove across country to kill his father and his father’s girlfriend.   Krumm killed 42-year-old Heidi Arnold, not with a handgun but with a knife.  He then drove over to Casper College, where his father taught, entered the classroom with not a gun but a bow and arrow.  He shot his father through the head with an arrow.  The wound was not fatal.  56-year-old Jim Krumm rose and fought his son long enough for his students to escape.   Krumm died of knife wounds. 


Chris Krumm committed suicide with a knife.



In a 24-year legal career, I both prosecuted and defended hundreds of domestic violence cases.  In some cases guns were used.  In other cases it was knives, baseball bats, clubs, hammers, rope or even bare hands.


If Javon Belcher did not have a gun, he would have used something else.  He could have beaten his girlfriend to death, strangled her, stabbed her or caused her death by several other means.   Chris Krumm certainly proved that.


The NFL has final approval of all of the personalities who appear on NFL broadcasts.  They approve Costas and as of this morning, they have not disavowed his comments.


In a recent blog, I mentioned I was going Galt on liberal companies and those who support liberalism.  Sunday Night Football was the only show I watched on NBC.   Now, there is nothing on NBC that I watch.


I am a huge football fan.  My kids complain because I spend Sunday afternoons watching football.   If the NFL considers Costas’ comments to be appropriate commentary for an NFL game, I am going to have to reconsider whether I’ll continue to watch the NFL. 


I am going to send a complaint to the NFL today about Costas’ political commentary.  We will see what happens.


In all of this, let’s not lose sight of one important fact.  Javon Belcher murdered Kasandra Perkins.   Javon Belcher should now be remembered for what he was.


A murderer.

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Guns are a good tool if used properly. Then a fork can be dangerous if used improperly.

You are so right Ronald.

Defensive gun use (DGU's) estimates range from between 800,000 to 2.5 million annually with the best guess being at least 1.5 million times/year that someone successfully defends themselves or others using a gun. Do away with the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves with firearms and there would be up to 1.5 million more people killed each year due to gun control. Then the new mantra would have to be, "Guns don't kill people, gun control kills people."

Liberals do not have common sense nor are they expected to. I live with a liberal and am amazed at the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, so its not a surprise. what angers me is when these hypocrites spout they garbage during a sports event that I enjoy so they spoil it for me. I almost never tune into halftime or pre-game shows anymore.

Libs are even more lacking in scruples then they are common sence

I am going to have to reconsider whether I’ll continue to watch the NFL.

I have no watched the NFL in years. To be honest if college football keeps going the way it looks like it is, I'll stop watching them also. But your comment is something that he NRA should push. Stop watching games, stop buying clothing and such and if that does not work stop doing business with the advertisers.

We should be boycotting all leftist companies. Imagine if a business lost 48% of their business. I think they would change or maybe a right winger would take advantage of it. Just a thought. But it seems to me the people on our side a little shy when it comes to giving up something to obtain a goal.

Gee, maybe we should outlaw cars too...a lot of people suicide and accidentally kill themselves with cars too...hummm

I was an MP during the 1970's and 1980's and been to many suicides and attempted suicides.  Also on the list was attempted murder.  Not once was a firearm used during that time. The military has a restriction of POW (personally owned weapons) and are kept in the unit's arms room if they live in the barracks. The weapons that were used were razor blades, knives, clubs, and in one case nunchucks.  The last one was when an officer attempted to kill his ex-girlfriend with nunchucks   He was a Captain and also a martial arts instructor. By the way, I was attacked while on police patrol with beer bottles, but not with guns.  Restriction does not stop anyone from committing a crime, people will only figure another way to the dirty deed.

R  U kidding? Already the local folks are saying its the fault of all the money Javon Belcher made and that he was living in a fishbowl. "Oh Whoa is me" defense. The liberals are hell bent on creating a society of dictatorial bureaucrats who will make all our decisions for us. I would direct all to review the words of Patrick Henry when thinking about gov't.

Remember the Democrat libtards saying: "Never let a good crisis go to waste"  !!!!

even a marble rolling pin can be an assault weapon. guns do not kill - people who can't control their emotions do.

Please let me know how it goes with the NFL, I myself does not watch NBC at all. I will watch a game if it is only on FOX. I am a die hard football fan, NASCAR fan but will not watch if they are on ABC, NBC, CBS, even though I know that ABC owns espn, right now I will watch That Channel but am on alert for any bias crap. I watch the games and races on the PC for the most part. I am willing to pay the extra as required.


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