Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee, barring a miracle of biblical proportions.   The folks in the Newt campaign don’t like that but as Herman Cain said, “the numbers don’t lie.”


The question is what happens next.


Conservatives do not trust Romney.  Why should we?  He has taken at least two positions on every issue except for his name, where he took three.


We need a conservative VP and we need a conservative Republican platform that Romney must embrace.


How do we do this?


After all, Romney picks his VP and has a lot of control over what the platform will be.


Not so fast. 


That has been the recent tradition but that is not what the rules say.


The Rules of the Republican Convention say that the delegates pick the Vice Presidential nominee and then they pick the platform. 


What does this mean?


I was in a room today with some of the top conservative grass roots activists in the nation.  We were discussing the future and what we would have to do to save this nation.  With one exception, we agreed we do not trust Romney.


Romney’s record is that of a big government statist.  He claims he is a conservative but the problem is Romney has all of the credibility of a used car salesman who used to be a member of Congress.


So what do we do?


If Romney is Romney, he is gong to pick another liberal as his VP candidate. At best, he will choose a milquetoast moderate.    We must put a real conservative on the ticket whether he likes it or not.


Some really sharp political operators, some of whom I know have put together a website called secondballot.org. 


They are organizing to remind people that the GOP does not have to rubber stamp what Romney does or even wants. 


Romney is the worst possible candidate that the GOP could have picked.  If Romney did not have the huge war chest that he had amassed, he would have never won.   He was simply able to outspend the conservatives in the race until they were gone. 


But Romney is not going to excite the base.  He isn’t even going to motivate the base.  We conservatives need to jump in to do something because we must defeat Barack Obama this fall.


We also have to think of the future.  If we have a conservative VP nominee, there are three possibilities.  Romney loses; the VP becomes the front-runner for 2016.  If Romney wins, he becomes the heir apparent for 2020 and if Romney wins and for some reason does not complete his term, the VP becomes President.


This is why we must have a conservative VP nominee and why we must have a conservative platform.  We must have a platform that actually advocates a conservative agenda to be accomplished.


If you are a conservative and you are not willing to give up, check out secondballot.org.   Let’s remind the Republican establishment that we the people still own this party and this nation.

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Interesting. Something to think about.


So, who do we start suppoting? I shortened the Secondballot.org list a little.

  1. Marco Rubio
  2. Rob Portman
  3. Bob McDonnell
  4. Chris Christie
  5. Bobby Jindal
  6. Paul Ryan
  7. Susana Martinez
  8. John Thune
  9. Mitch Daniels
  10. Rick Santorum
  11. Alan West
  12. Newt Gingrich

Feel free to add anyone else you feel is viable.

Remember, we also MUST strengthen the House and retake the Senate.

1, 5, and 10 are ineligible

Romney likes Christie...nuff said.

If you succeed in picking a conservative VP and creating a conservative platform, do you think that Romney might quit in disgust?  It is to be hoped for... :-)

Wonderful!  Gosh I love it when great minds get together.  Finally, something we can actually do to stem the tide!  By the looks of things, Alan West is a hands-down favorite for VP at 78%.  This is definitely worth fighting for.  Thanks for the heads-up Judson.

So you all given up on NEWT, I won't.... After listening to these 2 speeches of NEWT, he deserves everyone support all the way to TAMPA... We need to keep our HOPE and with our backing and support he will make the CHANGES... watch these 2 video and think about it.



romney is INELIGIBLE...what about that do you not get????

Show us proof of what you are saying Lynda, otherwise stop spreading Bovine Scatology!!!

If you are referring to Mitt's parents living in Mexico for a period, it does not make any difference unless you have proof that they surrendered their passport and renounced their citizenship and did not ever repatriate themselves!!  I am sure you have no proof of that because it does not exist. 

Ted Nugent for President!

The SS is investigating him for asking NRA members to chop off their
heads in November (referring to Obama and his minions)...

You go, Ted!  Knock em' dead!

Ain't skeered of Barry-O!

Off subject again, but this needs to be known:

House Bill 1390, sponsored by Public Health and Human Services Chairman Sam Mims, R-McComb, requires abortion providers to be board-certified obstetrician gynecologists and to obtain admitting privileges at Mississippi hospitals. It goes into effect July 1. The clinic, which is in Jackson, MS, must persuade the local hospital to give an abortion doctor admitting priviledges to their hospital, something that is very, very unlikely.

It is possible that on July 1, 2012, abortion will end in the great state of Mississippi !!!

Can I get an AMEN?



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