The left is making war on real Americans and their rights.  The left’s goal is of course a Constitution Free America. They want an America where we are subjects, not citizens.  They want an America where the government bestows our rights and the government can take those rights away.


The battle over the 2nd Amendment is only the beginning.  If the left wins the battle against the 2nd Amendment, can the 1st Amendment be far behind?


Conservatives are not fighting back in a way that will guarantee victory.


What should we be doing?


When I was in Junior High, another student in my class was the frequent target of a couple of bullies.  He was a big kid, even for junior high.  But the bullies learned something.


He would not fight back.


As the left wing apparatus goes after our 2nd Amendment rights by attacking the firearms industry, we must fight back.  After all, what good is your 2nd Amendment right if you cannot get a gun because no one is making them?


In Philadelphia, the nut job Mayor wants the Philadelphia pension system to divest itself of stocks in firearms companies.  They don’t simply want to divest.  They want to do it in a manner that will damage the companies.


State pension funds have become a club in the hands of liberals.  IN the 80’s the big push was to divest in companies that invested in South Africa.  Now it is getting big city and state pension funds to divest from companies that do any number of things that the big left does not like.


Philadelphia’s left wing mayor, Michael Nutter, has demanded that the city’s pension funds divest itself of stocks in companies that produce weapons and ammunition.


This is the problem.  Liberals control both state and city governments and they try to use pension funds as political clubs.  Under the law, there is a concept they are unaware of.  Those who manage pensions are under a fiduciary duty to the current and future pension recipients to operate the fund in such a manner that maximizes the pension funds for the beneficiaries.


That’s a fancy way of saying the managers of that fund work for the pensioners’ benefit, not the Mayors.


There is a simple solution.


Sue the liberal.


If you are receiving a pension from the city of Philadelphia or you are in their pension plan, talk to a lawyer and sue them. 


The City of Philadelphia’s pension plan is like most big government pension plans.  It is in the tank.  It has massive unfunded liabilities and in the next few years, it is probably going to do what a lot of other pension plans are going to do.


I think it will fail.


Neither the Mayor nor other liberal politician gets to play games with the pensions of city workers.  This is a stunt the liberals have been pulling since the 1980’s and it is time we called them on it.


Resorting to the courts is a tactic that the left used to great effect in the 60’s and 70’s until they managed to get a significant number of people elected to Congress.  We conservatives not only have to fight a liberal majority in the Senate but the RINO leadership of the Republicans in the House of Representatives who have no stomach to fight Barack Obama.


Another litigation target should be Rahm Emanuel.  You know him.  He is the Mayor of Chicago, where more Americans are killed on an annual basis than are killed in Afghanistan.


Emanuel, or as he is known as, “The Godfather,” is pressuring banks not to do business with companies that manufacture weapons.    There is something in the law called a tortuous interference with a business relationship.  


Wouldn’t it be great if Glock or Remington or Smith and Wesson decided to file suit against him, say in the state of Texas?    Who would love to see “The Godfather” go to Texas to face a jury made up of Texans?


The problem a lot of these gun companies have is they are like my junior high classmate.  They are big enough to fight back.  They just won’t.


For gun manufacturers, this is life and death.  The left wants to take them out to the political equivalent of the local lake and drown them.   For real Americans, we have to worry about their attempts to eliminate our 2nd Amendment rights by the back door.


A few years ago, a number of liberal groups got together and came up with a strategy.  They would use frivolous litigation to try and drive gun manufacturers into bankruptcy.  The Republicans in Congress moved to protect the gun industry against frivolous litigation.


How about some non-frivolous litigation against those who want to strip us of our Constitutional Rights?


We have no way of prevailing in the Senate as long as Harry Reid is the Senate Majority leader.   The House leadership has shown itself unwilling to fight for conservative values.


The Courthouse remains open to conservatives.  The 7th Amendment is our friend.


It is time we started putting it to good use.



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I have been watching this leftist s**t actively for the past four years - more than that when including my gig in the New York City Bored of Ed. If we do not start to fight now, then when? And why should we be afraid to fight these bastards? Americans used to be fighters. It's time to turn up the testosterone, wouldn't you say?

Invest in gun co all over the country and buy stocks from them.

I think I have found a good example of what Rush Limbaugh refers to as a "low-information" voter...or is it satire?



ex animo


Whoever wrote that piece was one stupid SOB.

You would think so. But I am not sure if it isn't actually satire.

ex animo


You've been pranked.

Explain, or be suspended!

There are a bunch of tells, but the c-section thing comes from an old joke, usually a blonde joke (see here as well.) And what is with all the thunder? Even David thought it might be satire.

You have earned yourself a reputation as a troll and more than one moderator is watching you...thus the thunder.  We don't like posters who cry B.S. without explanation, not that your assessment is right, mind you.

Jeff, keep your shirt on!  If I was reading this thread without knowing the parties involved,  I'd have an  opinion as to who was violating the terms of service by attacking or defaming other members.  And that "who" would not be Delilah.

The only thing that some TPN members might consider trollish about Delilah is that she cites numbers.  Now Karl Rove is clearly afraid of numbers (remember his "Republican math you do to make  yourself feel better?")   But no one who cares about facts should be afraid of numbers. 

She also makes statements that are less than true.

A lot, if not most, people do.  It's human.  The other day, someone wrote about US drones killing hundreds of thousands of children.  Another member challenged that number, they did some research, and the figure was adjusted. Easy peasy.  


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