For John Boehner, his freshly laundered white flag of surrender must be like a security blanket.  He uses it early and often.   He is now at it again.  Unfortunately it seems the whole Republican Leadership is ready to jump like lemmings off of the cliff with him.


This time, Boehner’s surrender means the end of the Republican Party and will help Barack Obama achieve his goal of destroying America as a superpower. 


What is Boehner doing and is there anything we can do to stop him?


John Boehner and the House Republicans have a bright idea.  They would rather surrender than fight Barack Obama and fight for America. 


The latest bright idea from the House GOP is to “suspend” the debt ceiling for three months.  Instead of having a fight over raising the debt ceiling, it will be suspended for three months.


What the hell does suspended mean?  It means it doesn’t exist!


Barack Obama demanded as a part of the budget battle that he be given unlimited borrowing authority.  To hell with what the Constitution says, the great Obama dictator wants the power.


In typical feckless Washington Republican style, John Boehner is surrendering to Obama.   The proposal is that there would be a “suspension” of the debt ceiling and then if the Senate and House did not pass a budget by April 15th, the pay of lawmakers would be withheld.


Do these idiots ever learn?   The 27th Amendment makes half this bright idea unconstitutional!   Of course, these are the same geniuses that gave us the budget super-committee and budget sequestration.


When will John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the rest of the House leadership learn that Barack Obama does not simply want to advance a liberal agenda?  He wants to destroy America as a superpower and as a nation.


How many feckless surrenders must we conservatives endure?


Boehner has raised his freshly laundered white flag of surrender just so he can keep the Speakership.   His logic is if Republicans don’t have to vote on a specific figure for raising the debt ceiling, it will save them in the 2014 elections.


It is time for a revolution with in the Republican Party.


I have debated leaving the GOP for some time now, especially after the 2012 election. 


While I have less than zero confidence in the Washington Republicans and their ability to advance a conservative agenda, the fact of the matter is I do not believe we could build a conservative alternative to the GOP before the 2014 elections.  There are some steps we can and should take towards building an alternative but it is simply more feasible for conservatives to attempt a hostile takeover of the GOP.


What we need to do is simple.  We need to get every Tea Party member to join the Republican Party and start showing up at meetings. Become involved. 


Within the year, almost every local Republican Party will have elections for officers and precinct committeemen.    We need to get involved and take over these parties.    We need to start using the local parties to choke out the liberals; RINOs and the just go along Republicans.  We need a Republican Party that will stand for something.


A friend of mine who goes by the Internet nom de guerre Cold Warrior has long advocated doing just this. 


Today every conservative should contact your state RNC members and tell them you want them to vote for Mark Willis to be the next Republican National Committee Chair.  We must start making changes today.  If you do not know your state RNC members, you can call your state Republican Party headquarters and they can give you the names and contact info.


Beginning in the 60’s, the hard left made a concerted effort to take over the Democrat Party.  By the time Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, they had succeeded.  Conservative Democrats became an endangered species and then an extinct species.  Every time one of the old conservative Democrats left office, the hard left made sure a hard core liberal replaced them. 


We must do the same thing.  We do not need that many people to take over the GOP.  We have to do it one precinct at time, one county at a time and one state at a time. 


We can keep complaining about how worthless the GOP has become or we can do something about it.


I’m starting with my efforts today.


I challenge you to do the same! 

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Bitching about it here accomplishes nothing. Take action!

But Vern, it is what we love to do!

Fortunately, someone is taking action.


Exactly. Did you see how Boehner was treated by Moochelle at the inagural dinner. She openly and brazenly treated him like street trash. And he is fool enough to think that when he finally comes clean about being a progressive he will be treated differently by them. He is wrong. He has shown that they can treat him like a low life and he will accept it with no complaints. If he had any class or was not bottom sucking scum he would have walked right out of there. Instead he sits and acts like he didn't notice it. Is this man devoid of pride. Is he so afraid of them that he will allow himself to be insulted and treated as a toad. And his poor wife had to sit there and watch him be so disrespected. When are Reps going to stand up ..not only for us and their country but for their own self respect. Of course part of the reason she treated him like that was probably because she was afraid he might take some of her food.

Both of our worse than worthless feckless political parties are unAmerican organizations at the national level.  There's probably not enough time left for the feckless political system to be restored and rebuild from the grass roots local level upward but that is the only course of action that will salvage the little that is left of the best nation that ever existed. 


What are you going to DO to change the Republican Party from inside?

Thank you,

Cold Warrior


My county in TN is holding elections this week.  Because of the size of the county, last night we held a caucus and elected delegates to a convention on Saturday along with district chairmen and other officers (if anyone wanted to organize a district which seems like something that never happens but which would be welcomed by the state party.)  The county executive committee and officers will be elected by the delegates on Saturday.  I started going to the monthly county Republican party meetings over a year and a half ago because of what I read here on TPN.  The word I got last night was that there was a rather brazen attempt to take over the local party by "Tea Party" types two years ago as they attended the caucus in numbers and got several of their people elected to the executive committee.  Subsequently they lost interest and stopped attending so openings were created in the executive committee, one of which I was asked to fill.  Now my name has been placed in nomination for an office on the county level.  It is a slow process but I can see where influence builds with time and effort.  I've been able to speak with congressmen, the one of my senators I cared to speak with, and various state elected officials.  When the State House opened the 108th session a few weeks ago I was there mingling with family and friends.  A short and to the point discussion I had with the speaker of the house about a bill limitation proposal saw movement in the final outcome in the direction I had suggested (she was kind and somehow I got a minute alone with her in a large bubble in the crowed halls of the capitol.)  Maybe I can make some sort of a difference.  Thanks for encouraging me to try.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. 

Now imagine if all those "sunshine patriot" tea partiers who gave up would have continued, instead, to learn the ropes and then create a strong conservative majority into the Party committees where they live. 

I hope you will expand what you've written into a blog post here at TPN.  You will inspire others to actually do something.


Cold Warrior


Nice job Dr. Carpenter! Those of us in TN have seen quite a bit of success recently regardless of the national ebb & flow. Even so, as CW says, think of what would happen if people didn't give up so quickly?

I'm in a small county where we've had great success; basically the towns & communities are the precints. We had a meeting a couple of years ago where our State Rep - great guy - came in to make sure we were welcoming TEA Party people because "they were us." More than a few of us looked around, smiled & said "true, we are us."

Giving up is the way to certain loss.


Which one are you "in?" 

I take it you are not in either as a precinct committeeman.

Will you become a Republican Party precinct committeeman and become part of the solution?

Thank you.

Cold Warrior


You hit that nail on the proverbial head!

What's that got to do with Suspending the Debt Ceiling? The House votes tomorrow!

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Boehner needs to be recall by his state. He has be a disgrace to the GOP but he isn't the only one they're others that need be be recalled. You would think  the members of congress would have relected another speaker by now. Boehner is nothing but Obama kiss a**. If my Republican Congressman from North Florida doesn't do a better job this year then he'll need to go. It seems he has fallen in the grove of the good ole boys of Washington, DC. He more about the power of his position than the people business.


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