We are used to Democrats who use campaigns and government jobs as their private piggy banks.   A Republican campaign would be the last place you would expect to see wild spending on questionable projects.  Yet in the Romney campaign that seems to have happened and this might have cost him the election.


What is going on?


Our friend Michael Patrick Leahy has the story on Breitbart.com.


The Romney campaign spent an estimated $356 million between January 1, 2011 and October 17, 2012 in its unsuccessful effort to defeat incumbent President Barack Obama.

According to Federal Election Commission documents, as reported by OpenSecrets.org, $33 million of this amount was paid to two consulting firms with ties to key staffers at both the Romney campaign and the RNC. 

Targeted Victory LLC, a Minnesota company with executive offices in Virginia, was paid $17 million for digital communications by the Romney campaign. FLS Connect LLC, an Arizona corporation with headquarters in Minnesota, was paid $16 million for voter contact and telemarketing services. Again, this is through October 17th, the final amount is likely much higher.  

Based on press reports and publicly available business incorporation documents, it appears that three individuals had control of these funds: Tony Feather and Michael Beach at Targeted Victory LLC; Tony Feather and David James at FLS Connect LLC.

Significantly, key staffers at both the Romney campaign and the RNC have close recent ties with both firms.

One prominent figure at the Romney campaign -- Political Director Rich Beeson -- and one prominent figure at the RNC -- Chief of Staff Jeff Larson --  were both until recently partners at FLS Connect LLC.  It's unclear what, if any, ongoing relationship they may have with the company. A second prominent player in the Romney campaign -- Digital Director Zac Moffat -- has not fully disclosed what, if any, ongoing business relationship he maintains with Targeted Victory LLC. Press reports have referred to Moffat as the co-founder of Targeted Victory LLC.

Given Romney's loss to President Obama, the return on investment for this $33 million paid to a handful of well connected consultants has come under harsh questioning from many quarters. Perhaps the most significant question is this: Why was so much money paid to such a small group of insiders, with apparently little consideration for alternative vendors who might well have performed far better? 


Almost 10% of Romney’s entire budget went to consultants. How’d that work out for him?


Newt Gingrich launched his campaign in 2011.  He was surrounded by consultants.   Finally, they left him.  At that point, Team Newt consisted mostly of Gingrich and his Blackberry.


Something amazing happened at that point. 


Without the consultants, Gingrich’s campaign took off.  He came very close to winning the Republican Primary. 


Romney’s campaign was a disaster.  Romney was a disaster.  This is the guy who said competency is his core competency.  Romney told us he was a business genius.   No doubt Romney is a smart guy but when he cannot even run his own campaign, what does that say about the way he would have run the nation?


For 2016, Republicans are already lining up to run.  If you are a RINO, please invest all of your campaign funds with these guys who did such a bang up job for Mitt Romney.  For real conservatives, there is no doubt that you need political pros to run a campaign.  But stay the hell away from the consultants.  If you do, you might win and America might get a real conservative in the White House.     

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Romney didn't lose,  Obama had SEIU to set up voting machines,   How can double the votes in Florida than it's population be correct.  Obama won with fraud. Obama has small crowds at rallys Romneys were Large.   I still say Obama won by Fraud

I agree, the election was stolen and the proof is in the Alllen West loss which was an easy to see fraud.  !!!!!

Wow! More "if the sidewalk is wet, it must be be raining" logic. "If my guy lost, they had to be cheating!"

What is the proof?  Thats what my brother in law will ask.  He always asks tons of question

California prop 37.  No way it could not win overwhelmingly, but it did.  If they can cheat anywhere, then they can cheat lots of places.  

Thats all we've got?  You cant be serious?

Everyone say hello to Lou.  He is one of our few resident liberals.

Only liberals want information and some facts???  That tells people a lot if its true!!!!

No. Just most liberals who show up here just want to cause trouble. Most liberals have zero interest in facts.
"No way it could not win overwhelmingly, but it did?" My personal intelligence has been challenged on this Blog, but "HUH!"!

"If they can cheat anywhere, then they can cheat lots of places?" Is Mr. Bearden really Yogi Berra? Yogi is Tea Party?

Lou, tell your brud-n-law that St Lucie, Florida had 147% turnout. 

Boston, MA had 129% turnout.  Numerous machines were tampered with.

Are you blind, or just deaf?

But it's not up to us to present the proof to every troll that comes along. Go out and look for it yourself. You might learn something.

The "St. Lucie 147%" rumor has been debunked by Michelle Malkin herself:


Serious question for you, Jeff, and I hope you don't get offended: you offered a false statement as "proof" of fraud. I'm not sure if you:

- really thought that the "St. Lucie" story was true;

- you know it's fake and you were just jerking Lou's chain.

I'm not sure of the thought process here. You wrote your reply as if the fake St. Lucie story was your way to "present the proof", but it's not very good proof, because it's a made-up story. If you follow where I'm going... when offering "proof" it's generally best to provide accurate, correct info, and not fake info like "St. Lucie, Florida had 147% turnout" (because, you see, they did not).

Again, not trying to offend -- just trying to figure out what's going on here.


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