Epic Fail: How Boehner and the GOP lost the opportunity of a political lifetime.



For the last 24 hours, the Drudge Report has had a photo of House Speaker John Boehner, with the obligatory; Charlie Sheen inspired headline, “Winning!”


The inside the beltway crowd is crowing, “Boehner won!”   The left is laughing that Boehner won.  When they are happy he won, we need to be worried.  Much of the GOP establishment is saying Boehner won.  Those outside of the beltway and not in the establishment have a more realistic view. When you escape DC, you realize, Boehner did not win.  He and the GOP House leadership lost the opportunity of a political lifetime.  


Dick Morris excoriates Boehner and the GOP for selling out.   He notes that now, any chance for serious budget reduction is gone, because Boehner will not fight.    Morris is an incredible political analyst, having run some amazingly successful campaigns.  But even he does not get the Tea Party and the opportunity the GOP has just thrown away.


The goal of many in the Tea Party in the recent budget fight was not to shut the government down.  We wanted the fight.  People who are not in this movement probably won’t understand that.


For the last two years, this movement has been on the defensive.  Our goals have been to stop Obama, Pelosi and Reid from spending money.  To stop Obamacare.  To stop the radical agenda of the socialist Democrats.    All of those have been defensive stands.   Now the tide has changed.  We had the chance to go on the offense.   We had the chance to win.  We had the chance to start taking ground back. 


The messaging from the GOP leadership in DC was simple.  We only control one half of one third of the government.   There is a good expression for that kind of messaging: Bovine Scatology! (If you don’t know what that means, just think BS)


No, the Supreme Court has nothing to do with the appropriations process and neither does the White House.  The GOP controls half of the apparatus of spending. 


The course Boehner and the GOP chose was timidity not bold and courageous.  Had they been willing to be bold, with major objectives; had Boehner done what we suggested at TPN, demanding hundreds of billions in cuts by eliminating waste, he could have been hailed as a hero.  Had he held firm for bold and decisive action and shut the government down, we would have had his back. Had he stood firm and called for Tea Party support, we would have flooded the Capitol to support him and the GOP.


Boehner was afraid the media would blame him for the shutdown.  Does the man not understand messaging?  The Tea Party was ready to fight with good messaging.  In a battle of public opinion, when the messaging is Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the Democrats are willing to defund the military because they don’t want to defund Planned Parenthood, that is one of the easiest victories that could be won. 


Boehner and the House GOP leadership don’t get a couple of other things either.  A couple of my friends who are serious GOP insiders have emailed me saying the GOP has accomplished some good things since it took over the House.  The Bush tax cut extension being one of them and some budget reductions. 


The Bush tax cut extensions were a good thing.  A tax increase on this fragile economy would have probably kicked us even further down the path to the Obama economic implosion.  By keeping those tax cuts in place and avoiding a de facto tax increase, the GOP has done something good.  $38 billion in cuts is good, though not that good when you consider that the budget deficit for this year is $1,650,000,000,000.00.


Arrogance is perhaps the best word to describe how the House GOP leadership reacts to the Tea Party.  My friends complained that we were not talking about what they were doing.  To be honest, unless it is in the media, we do not know a lot of what they are doing because they do not make any effort to spread the word to Tea Party groups about what they are doing.  Even Republican insiders are privately complaining that the House leadership is not keeping any of them informed either.


Unfortunately, even if they did take the time to spread the word about what they are doing, they still do not understand the Tea Party movement.  We are not simply going to jump because the House Leadership or Boehner snaps his fingers.  We are not simply going to cheer because they do something.  The Tea Party movement remains a leaderless movement.  We still work from the bottom up. We don’t take orders well.  We do expect our elected officials to listen to us and other than the few who have made it a point of reaching out to the Tea Party movement, most are not listening.


Had Boehner shown some courage and asked the Tea Party for help, he could have won an outstanding victory for the American people.  He could have rolled back spending.  He could have defunded two major liberal support groups (Planned Parenthood and NPR).  He could have stopped the EPA from imposing job killing carbon regulations.  He could have supported talk radio, which has been the GOP’s consistent ally, from Obama’s FCC, which wants to shut it down.   Boehner could have come to the Tea Party and we would have been there for him.  We could have crippled the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil.  We could have had a sea change in politics in Washington.  Boehner could have brought together the alliance that would have changed politics for decades. 


Next year, the Tea Party had hoped to focus on liberal Democrats exclusively.  We will be hitting them hard.  But this week has taught us that we are going to need to clean house in the GOP if we are ever going to accomplish anything.


For John Boehner, enjoy the accolades of the establishment this week.   The Tea Party is going to remember it as an epic failure to lead.

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Good variety of comments.

Mark has been a truth teller and a hero of mine from the 90's when he would rip the libs on MSNBC and he did it again in this clip---thanks for posting it as I don't watch Cavuto, or much of anything anymore on FNC.

Maybe Trump should start a real news org instead of running for POTUS. Mark, Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin should be the head execs...Yes, I am a major league dreamer.

You may be a dreamer---but I agree with you.
Unfortunately, it looks like we may be fighting on two fronts. Liberal Dems, on the left. And a liberal GOP, also on the left!

I completely agree. We are fighting on two fronts and it is a heavy lift. In my  opinion the

Republican establishment circled the wagons after the election in order to claim that

the Republican Party turned the Country around and not the Tea Party. We, the Tea Party

Movement, are now being managed and kept at arms length. At this point in time I am thinking

we may have to remove a few of them in the primaries and identify them for removal

in the near future. If the Republican Party will not take us seriously we will have to get serious with

the Republican Party.

Boehner needs to be replaced. We need a leader who will act on the basis of what is the right thing to do and not modify his actions because of fear of being blamed.

Absolutely Jim,


The TEA Party needs to focus all its efforts of the removal of Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy.  They are the three heads in the house. Even if a Democrat wins in all three seats, it will send a clear message to the Republicant's and the next three selected for House leadership will know they are on the hot-seat.  Focus on just the removal of those three. Focus TEA Party money and boots on the ground into VA 7, OH 8, and CA 22, and let them know they are targeted for defeat...and carry through with it. Primary them and if they win, support a third party or independent candidate.  There must be the credible threat that the TEA Party will use its "nuclear option".  Only taking out those three will most likely leave the Republican'ts with a majority and they'll have another shot at taking the bold and audacious action we expect of real leaders.  I'm not thrilled with McConnell or Kyl in the Senate either, but I expect that if we take out the House leadership...they'll get the message.  If not...they're the next to go.  We've got nothing to lose.  Both parties are marching down the same road, just at slightly different paces.  It will also send the message to disenfranchised Democrats (of which there are many here in the South) and Independents, that we are not just shills for the Republican Party...that we sat what we mean and mean what we say and will hold all government officials to the same standard.  The message will be just a clear to the establishment maneuverers and manipulators in the RNC, State, and local party units. This is the plan I've presented to our Tea Party Coordination Council here in South and Western VA.  After this week, I do not believe we'll have any further dissension in adopting this plan.


With respects where due and apologies to none...


I couldn't agree more, D Wayne.  I'm very disappointed in the House leadership, or should I say lack of same. I must admit I put more faith in Boehner than he has shown himself worthy of.  I suggest we not wait for them (the leadership) to ask for our help but start right now to campaign for even larger cuts to the 2012 budget than Rep Ryan has put forth.  And this CR is only for a week.  How can we get to the House leadership and make them stand firm when this CR is up?  Can we, shouldn't we, fight the demagoguery of the Dems now, with the next installment of this farcical exercise in political manipulation? 

My biggest fear is that we are out of time. 

Yes we should fight the demagoguery of the Demorats now...and the Republican'ts too.  Don't kid yourself into thinking that the vast majority of elected Repubs think like you and I, especially once they are in DC.  I've been a Repub my entire adult (and mid-teen) life.  It wasn't until I retired from the Army a couple of years ago that I really took a good hard look at what both parties have done to eviscerate the Constitution.  I am a member of our local unit and by and large they are a pretty Conservative bunch.  That is until the hierarchy gets involved in the nomination process for candidates. At that point they want who they want and will get who they want...another lifetime pol, generally a lawyer, definitely a go along to get along yes man or woman.  Once the real conservative is defeated in the closed nomination process it is then expected that all the good little minions will fall into line and support the party pick...because he or she is, after all, at least the lesser of evils. You see, they want your donations, your vote, and your effort...but they do not want you to be part of the process. They will handle that for you.

Republicans like big government too.  They enjoy the power just the same as the Dems and are loathe to actually relinquish it.  Don't believe me?  Ask yourself, when was the last time the "party of smaller government" actually shrank government?  They might cut taxes and even reduce spending, but do they ever actually reduce the size and scope of the "national" government? No. Not even under Reagan.  What we need to do is dislodge incumbents and party leadership, defund all unconstitutional "national" (yes I know it's Federal, but in name only) programs and agencies, deregulate our industries from "national" oversight, and then dismantle the infrastructure from which they wield power. We need to restore state functions to the state. Rebublican'ts will not do this of their own volition.  It will take the credible threat of their own demise (as a party that is, for all you HP et al trolls that are looking for another Tim McVeigh amongst we patriots).  The question is, what are we prepared to do?  I know where I stand. 


With respect where due and apologies to none,


100% true, D Wayne.  I know where I stand too.

I live in Boehner's home district.  The following is a copy of the message I just sent to Boehner wit Cc to: Sen. Portman, Govermonr Kasich, and various other Ohio Republican leaders.



Conressman Boehner, On Friday, 8 April 2011, you let America down. YOU were beaten. YOU did not put up a fight.
YOU let the Obama Democrats tear your pretty suit, rub dirt in your hair, knock you down, and spit in your face.

**This year's Federal spending deficit is $1.7Trillion.That deficit is a grave to danger to America. It MUST be eliminated.You let Obama blackmail you into surrender by holding US Armed forces' pay and other factors hostage for a pathetic $35Billion in cuts... barely a 2% cut.**

YOU FAILED to take THAT message to America.

YOU FAILED to ask for OUR support to defeat Obama, Reid, and the rest of the Left... the "Socialists who are Taxing America into Destruction" .

YOU ended up with $35Billion in cuts that do NOTHING and are still not even final. The damage YOU have helped create and extend can still end up being much worse than what happened last Friday.
YOU gave in to Democrats who use taxation to STEAL America's money by the $millions and then try to bribe us for votes with a handful of worthless coins. Democrats think we are stupid enough to settle for that treatment... and until now, they have been right.
And now,YOU are helping the theiving Democrats on the Left keep thinking we are stupid.
YOU told Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama and the rest to keep on believing we are stupid.

YOU helped them.


We, conservative Americans of Ohio's 8th US Congressional District elected YOU.
If America survives until the November elections of 2012, we conservative American voters of Ohio's 8th US Congressional District will not forget what YOU did on 8 April 2011.

The BALLOT BOX is coming back to us a lot faster than YOU are anticipating.
That is the ONLY thing that conservative American voters of America and Ohio's 8th US Congressional District can feel good about today.

Dave Edwards
Ohio 8th US Congressional District



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