Bill Clinton blew the peace dividend.  George Bush did not do much to correct the problem.  Barack Obama has gutted defense to the point where we have a hollow military.   


The talk of America being the only superpower is now ending because another superpower is emerging and taking advantage of our foolishness.


From the Hill:


Conservative lawmakers and analysts are seizing on the Pentagon’s finding that China is “closing the gap” with other militaries to criticize the Obama administration’s plans to pare U.S defense spending.

The critics say the president does not fully grasp the Asian giant’s global ambitions.

“The [Pentagon’s] China military power report acknowledges China's insatiable desire to become a 'world class economic and military power' as it advances toward transforming its military into a dominant regional force by 2020 and an unrivaled international power by 2050,” House Armed Services Readiness subcommittee Chairman Randy Forbes (R-Va.) said.


Forbes then turned his sights, in a veiled way, on plans to trim at least $350 billion from U.S. military budgets between 2013 and 2023.

“There is no question that China is rapidly closing the technology gap and striving to challenge the United States' military prowess — there is a question, though, of whether the United States will simply cede its global and military leadership role to a nation with uncertain intentions, but known disregard for human rights, basic freedoms, and democratic institutions,” Forbes said in a statement.

In its annual report to Congress, released Wednesday, the Pentagon acknowledged that China’s military is "steadily closing the technological gap with modern armed forces."

Speaking to reporters that afternoon, Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for East Asia Michael Schiffer said Beijing’s buildup could end up being a “destabilizing” force in the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of its military buildup, China is expected to increase its defense spending by nearly 13 percent over last year’s amount. That will continue its years-long trend of annually increasing military spending.

Beijing, over the next decade, will field a number of combat systems that are “on par with” or will “exceed global standards,” Schiffer said.


This is what happens when we elect Socialists.  The world is a bad place and while America should not be the world’s policeman, we must remain strong.


The only place the left ever wants to see budget cuts is in the defense budget.    Unfortunately, what the left never seems to realize is that there are evil people in this world who will take advantage of someone when they are weak. 


Instead of wasting all of the money Obama and the Party of Treason are blowing on pork, how about we spend money on something the Constitution actually mandates that the Federal Government spend money on.


That would be the common defense.



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If we asre going to spend any more Government/tax payer money, it should be on defense, PERIOD.
$700B per year is not enough! Let's go for an even trillion, and then we'll be 3/7ths safer!

Hey Bubba, do ya really think this is the time for sarcasm? Sarcasm; that's when people make fun of and ridicule something someone else say. Yeah,Bubba, that be you big guy.

Anyway, the problem with this administration is not only gutting defense, it's their complete lack of comprehension on the matter. China can be stopped cold in its tracks if the anointed one had an inkling of knowledge in the arena of foreign policy. The man has mush for brains when it comes to geopolitics. Since we are China's number one trading partner, their foreign reserves stockpile is enormous. And since we borrow back what the populace spends on those cheap Chinese goods (at interest btw), we are funding our own demise. Yet, everyone knows that "everything is made in China anymore." You want to know why??? Because America has been de-industrialized, there is no more industry to speak of in the good ol' United States of America. It's called outsourcing, and damn near every company in America is guilty of it. American made products are sky high, and why is that? Because our labor costs (read unions) and health care benefits (which ObamaCare will increase ten fold) are sky high. No "Bubba", this administration doesn't have a clue concerning foreign policy. The money corporations spend on union wages and ridiculously over priced health benefits, not to mention mind boggling anti-business legislation, regulations and taxation, could be instead spent here in the U.S. on research and development which would lower consumer prices in order to compete with that cheap Chinese stuff we spend billions on every year. Then, since defense is paid for by corporate taxes (the only constitutional form of our tax system btw), we wouldn't have to worry about gutting defense spending....HEY OBAMA, YOU AND BUBBA LISTENING???


   I totally agree with you but I think you left out one important item;  U.S. corporations need to place a little less emphasis on their "bottom line" and take a serious look at what some of their company's presidents, CEO's, CFO's, Directors, etc are earning.  It's time for them to also make a sacrifice for the good of America.

Hey Ranchman they been sayin the same thing for two years. It's just another day at the office.


I have a web and I'm runnin but nobody's listnin. If I had that exec seat and guys like you around things would change real quick.


Your post p#ssed me off when I saw that cheap Chinese stuff we spend billions on every year.


Later Bubba


You have pretty well summed it up.  In WW II, America was able to overcome the odds due to her manufacturing platform.  That platform is now in China and elsewhere.  China clearly has global ambitions and our "leadership" (both political and corporate) has left us without the real power that we need to defend ourselves against an enemy like China.  It galls me no end that Americans are funding their own demise.  We need true leaders that can focus on building America, deal with the trade imbalance, and restore our factories and our military or we will be nothing more than bluster as a nation....  Americans need to look at labels and buy things made in nations that at least don't want to enslave us.  And, the question needs to be asked of our representatives; "What are you doing about China's undervalued currency and the unfair trade practices that China imposes on her trading partners?"  

"Treason" is the noun that should be emphasized!   Forget Red China......The real enemy resides in the halls of our own government!
"The critics say the president does not fully grasp the Asian giant’s global ambitions."
He doesn't grasp them?  Hell, he probably wrote the plans.
Mark: Obama knows what he is doing to our country. It was part of his plan from day 1. Remember his speeches? People are saying all the wrong things and giving Obama a pat on back for being naive. It is socialist liberal plan to take down USA. He knows fully what he wants and the leftist in congress and MSM are behind him 100 percent.
China has improved it schools so that the people are learning what it is to be a country on top just like Japan has done for years but the US school sys, thanks to the socialist have dumbed down the schools in the US today. Kids getting out of schools today are still at the 9th grade level while Japan is at 2 years of college when they finish high school... All thanks to the left an our great dumb gov...

Pat, my wife is an American Citizen of Chinese descent. We spent about a month running around China; unassisted and uncontrolled - my wife is fluent in Mandarin.

Did you know that by the time a child finishes primary school (high school) the average Chinese kid is more fluent in English and American History than are 90% of their counterparts in our "school" system?

We teach Spanish. China teaches English.

We teach Gay History. China teaches American History.

We strip God from every corner of our society. China has been experiencing a resurgence of the Christian faith.

Our government is Marxist / Socialist. China's government is Communist.

Our government has killed all industry in our country. China's government has partnered with their businesses.

Our society has been dumbed down to become good little entitlement piglets.

China's society has been highly educated and taught to be entrepreneurs.

I live in Las Vegas and given the above, would you care to guess where the odds are riding right about now.

And if We The People do not regain control of our government this time around, there is this nice community in south central China whose population is mostly ex-patriots from America and Europe and whose weather pattern mimics Honolulu, Hawaii....


Darwin Rockantansky

Las Vegas, Nevada

It amazing how true you. We are destroying our nation while China is building their nation up. I rather live in China under its communist government than in the United States with it communist marxist progressive government. China is better us.


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