Once again, the media is trying to push a story that fits their narrative.  Yesterday, ABC news released a “poll” saying that the Tea Party was in decline.




There is joy in the newsrooms of the drive by media.  Allegedly we are in decline. 


This narrative is not new.  In fact, it is three years old.  Ever since the incredibly popular tax day Tea Party rallies of three years ago, the drive by media has been pushing that narrative.


The Tea Party is not holding rallies the way we used to.  The movement has become much more sophisticated.   We are involved in campaigns now, not just holding signs and making a lot of noise.

We have also made enemies in the left.   I guess there is an upside to everything you do. 


What the ABC/Washington Post axis of journalistic fraud does not tell you is the media coverage of the Tea Party by the drive by media has been overwhelmingly negative. 


If the Tea Party had the kind of press coverage that the Occupy mob has had, 99% of Americans would be in love with the Tea Party.


I’m in Washington today for the Herman Cain revolution on the Hill.  Last night, there was a tribute to Andrew Breitbart.  One of his friends last night talked about his last, big public “scene.”


It was in early February at CPAC.  Breitbart went out and confronted the Occupy mob and started screaming at them. “Quit raping!  Quit raping at your camps!”


The video was picked up and many in the media took it as Breitbart becoming unhinged.  Once they had bit on it, they realized the mistake they made and the drive by media spent the next week trying to claim there were really no crimes being committed at the Occupy camps.


Compare that to the media coverage of Tea Party rallies.   There have been no crimes committed at Tea Party rallies.   When a former Tea Party leader was arrested in San Diego on a rape charge the media went nuts.   The national media was all over it.  Finally, a Tea Party activist had committed a major felony.  Rape no less.


Oops.  Then the victim talked to the police.  The man they arrested was not the man who attacked her.   The national media, which had been so anxious to report the original story, was amazingly shy in reporting the end of that story.  In fact, for the most part, they did not.


The good news is the Tea Party isn’t going anywhere.  We are going to help elect conservatives in the Senate and the Congress and we are going to undo the damage the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil has done.


Just wait.



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The Tea Party has always been organic.    And a body cannot cut off its own RIGHT arm!

Well put, I just hope and pray for hope and change. I hope Obama looses and we can change the direction he has this country going. Thanks for the reminder that we will not go away. 

I hope so, Judson.  I for one have become a voting member of my county Republican party...due to the things I read here on TPN in large part.  If you have not jumped in yet, the water is warm.  We need everyone who reads these articles to join in a quiet revolution to save freedom in the world.  The battle is that serious, we need you now!  Let your voice be heard where ever you go...nobody is a stranger, talk to them.  Liberty for all.

Looks like Judson has given up on firing Obama. I think the Tea Party task this year should be to: Pad the House, Flip the Senate, AND Send Obama Packing! Even if we have to do it with someone we think is not conservative enough. That's my humble opinion.

I don't know, our group still meets every month and has things planned. Seems active enough for me ;)

"Tea Party was in decline"? You are correct Judson:The MSM has been whistling past the graveyard on this claim for over 3 years now! Keep whistling guys......

Polls can return any results you want. Depends on the wording....and who you poll!  The poll you reference also reports:

  • 50% approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president.
  • 48% say the economy in their area is improving.
  • Of participants, 34% describe themselves as Democrats, 23% as Republicans.

  Wonder how they get such a skewed sampling? Oh, well. if you wish to read all 38 items, it's right here.

Are you familiar with the acronym GIGO?

GIGO pretty much sums it up Vern.  I especially loved the questions of who's to blame for the high gas prices.  And the answer is...(drumroll please) ~ IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!  Of those sampled, more blame Bush for the gas prices than they do Obama!?  Gives you some understanding into the mentality of those polled, so I'll take the 'Tea Party Is In Decline' results with a grain of salt.    

It didn't take too many posts to find what I suspected:  the sample percentages.  Thanks, Vern.  Imagine what the real % of democraps might be if some of them weren't lying about their affiliation to intentionally skew the poll results.  I wonder if it's more like 50 or 75%.

What most of us  will need, is a list of those that are running is each state, so we don't get mixed up. In my state I can,t tell who is who.

If the tea Party begins to rely on our present day press, we are done.  That is the beauty of the blogs and other ways to communicate.  Besides I think most people realize how bankrupt the mainstream media is.

I have noticed that the RINO co-opteds are dying off.  I believe they are now fully aware of their vast mistakes in 2010...what a complete disaster!!!!!  Worse than the 111th.   Now, the REAL TP of America will rise again. 

Plus, we aren't in the streets, but, we sure haven't let up on any critters in this great country...thus the reason they all voted in HR 347...they live in fear that WTP will be coming after every one of them for their unAmerican activities...and, well they should be.  Because, as Herman Cain said...."WE the PEOPLE ARE COMING"!!!!!!!

The proof that we remain relevant is the very fact that they are even talking about us!


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