Here we go again.  This is as predictable as 2008.  This is as predictable as the sun rising.   Mitt Romney has once again shown up for debate club while Barack Obama is showing up for fight club.


What has happened this time and will they ever learn?

Let’s take the easy answer first.  The Republicans, at least the establishment Republicans, will never learn.  Their country club inbreeding makes fighting anathema to them. 


But what happened?


Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade and a self made Billionaire wanted to create a super PAC and run commercials exploring the relationship between Barack Obama and his America hating, racist, Marxist former pastor Jeremiah Wright.


The media went into red alert, ultra hysteric overdrive.  It is racist they denounced immediately.


David Axelrod went to Twitter and said, “Will Mitt Romney stand up like John McCain did?”


Romney and his people bit. 




And Romney is supposed to be smart?


Romney repudiated the proposed super PAC and its ad.   Just like the golfer who accidentally moves the ball and calls a penalty on himself, Romney stepped forward thinking he would be declared a great sportsman, while the left laughs at him behind his back, planning to wipe him out.


This is fight club, but as always the Republicans think it is debate club.  Some how they think, even if they lose, as long as they do it with style and according to the rules of polite fairness, they are ahead in the game.


What the hell does Mitt Romney think is going to happen this summer?  While he declares one of the most damaging issues he could hit Obama on off limits, just like that nitwit John McCain did four years ago, Obama and the left are about to launch a slanderous campaign on Romney and the Mormon Church. 


Such stupidity is enough to make me want to reach for a large and cold bottle of diet vodka and I don’t even drink.


The media never vetted Obama in 2008.  Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years listening to him spew his racist, anti-American Marxist sewage.   Most people go to a church because they agree with what is said, believed or taught by that church.   If a Republican candidate were a member of Westboro Baptist church does anyone not believe that would a huge media issue?


Even though we have had four years of Obama, this is still relevant because if Obama is reelected, he will be free of the shackles of another election and what will he do when he does not have to face the voters again?


Jeremiah Wright is an important issue.  In his book, “The Amateur,” Ed Klein writes that, “Until Obama married Michelle Robinson in 1991 when he was thirty years old, his most significant adult relationship was with Jeremiah Wright.”


If Wright has been in his pulpit screaming “God damn America!” and Barack Obama was simply sitting there absorbing all of this, what does it say about Obama?  Wright has been uttering racist trash for decades.  How the hell did Obama not know what Wright was saying?   The answer is, there is no way he could not have.   Especially when as Klein writes, Wright was his most significant adult relationship before he got married.


Obama never denounced or repudiates Wright until the media fire storm hit.  When Obama was kicking off his campaign in 2007, he was going to have Wright deliver the invocation until right before the event, the first media storm over Wright’s comments hit.   What does this say about Obama?  He had to know what Wright said and believed and he still wanted him to be a part of his campaign.


The media had jumped all over this story to denounce any inquiry into the relationship between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright as racist.


Just wait until this summer and this fall.  We will hear it all about the Mormon Church.   We will hear all about the fact that Mormons practiced polygamy and that they at one time did not accept black members.    Those attacks will not be considered off limits.  In fact, the media will join in them, asking if Mitt Romney’s grandfather was a polygamist and why there is a branch of the Romney family in Mexico.


Mitt Romney was quite eager to destroy his opponents in the Republican Primary.  He needs to show the same zeal for destroying Obama.  It is time for him to quit polishing is fingernails and get into the game. 


This is not debate club.  This is fight club.  Chicago rules apply here and if Romney is not willing to kick, claw, spit and bite beat Obama in a street fight, we might as well all go home and pray there is a United States left four years from now.




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Thanks for the article.I think Obama had better shut his mouth about the Mormon church. He will find out what hell is like.

Debrajoe: The Dems will most certainly NOT shut their mouths about the Mormons. Nothing is off limits for them. Mitt is crazy if he thinks he can take the high road and still win this election. McCain did that. Maybe, like McCain, Mitt does not really want to win. I sure hope that is not the case. I hope Mitt gets down and dirty with Obama, like he did with Newt and Santorum. Mitt had no qualms about doing down and dirty attack ads via his PACs against Newt and Santorum; so why the kid gloves with the perpetually-lying Chicago thug?

Newt wanted to play nice; he wanted to discuss big ideas, ideas that could move America in the right direction.  Look how that played out, Mitt should take heed.  Obama does not play nice, he never will.  This will be probably be the bloodiest fight in polical history, that's only if Mitt wants to sling some dung.

The biggest problem we have with politicians is that they can lye to all of us and hope we will believe them but they can lye to them selves and be perfectly at peace.

Romney is going into a snake pit and he doesn't even want to take a stick.

You are absolutely correct....Romney should never have repudiated the Super-PAC.

I am reminded of S.C....Mitt said clearly he could not control the Super-PAC attack ads.

There were no attacks against Obama here! Only well documented history!

As men .. Obama and Rev. Wright are generally .. good men.   But as racists bigots, or socialists trying to achieve power and fame, or as black activists.... once measured for what they represent for the equality that should be the yardstick of a good man ... They have both DONE and SAID some very evil things that they use to manipulate society.

Now Rev. Wright has opened up and let us look at some of the insider politics as President Obama shuts out Rev Wright... once his mentor and friend?  We actually see the con-man who is Obama/ Soetoro/whatever his other names are who is willing to throw anyone under the bus to maintain the illusion of Obama the King, President of the USA.

The media ignores the Chicago politics, the insider deals that brought Obama to the forefront of the Democrat party.  In fact the media found some kind of money making deal that southes their LIBERAL SOULS and they continue to write articles that protect their SOCIALIST LIBERAL who chips away at the government of Capitalism as they see the golden shining city on the hill some Utopian model of Socialism/ Marxism.   Oh well ... let the games begin... it's May 2012 .. and there are four hard months of campaigning to see if America will be a Shining city of Capitalism or the failed model of Socialism.

Minister Farrakhan has said people forget that he (Obama) was selected before he was elected and you (the voters) did not select him. Obama’s allegiance is to those who selected him.   Everyone else will go under the bus.

@Bruce Baker:

You said: "As men .. Obama and Rev. Wright are generally .. good men."

This is one of the most disillusioned statements I have heard in all of my 68 years.

You are absolutely correct in this assessment. The Republicans need to copy the HST "Give them Hell" model and also stucy the Hiram Fong Hawaii campaign that Senator Fong ran in Hawaii in 1962 against his communist opponent Gill. It was masterful;!! Dave Rilling, Gaffney, SC

Romney and his advisory cohorts are not going to go down the political path of butchery and expect some thing better than hot dogs after all the cutting. If Romney thinks that Obama and company is going to hold back on any tactic that can to further their political agenda. He need a plastic stomach. Apparently his head is up his keester so far he can't see where he is going nor what he is doing.

More like we'll bring an uzi,a rpg, drones and a nuclear sub.

I beleive that Romney made a good decision not to back the ad by a PAC.  He can take the high road look presidential and the PAC is free to run it anyway. He has no control over it..


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