If you are either old enough to remember the 1964 election or are a student of politics, you are familiar with Lyndon Johnson’s campaign ad that was called “Daisy.”  It showed a little girl picking daisies.  That bucolic image was replaced with footage of a nuclear explosion.  The ad suggested that if Barry Goldwater became President, we would have a nuclear war.  The ad worked.  Goldwater never became President.


Now in 2012, we have seen the footage for what may be the “Daisy” ad of 2012. 


What is it?


Appearing on MSNBC today, Foster Friess, the billionaire who is bankrolling Rick Santorum’s presidential run said, On this contraceptive thing, my gosh, it’s so inexpensive. You know, back in my days, they used Baer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”


There are times you have to ask if some people think before they speak.


This line has already shot through the blogosphere. 


Rick Santorum has already come out saying  that as President he would “confront the dangers of contraception.”  He went on to say further on contraception, "It's not OK, because it's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be."


Rick Santorum believes states have the right to outlaw contraception.


We are in the second great depression and this is a priority for Santorum?  It is something he should not even be talking about. 


If Santorum becomes the nominee, he has given the left so much ammunition that will split away many Americans from the conservative movement and the Republican Party that it will make not only a Republican Presidency impossible, but it could turn the tide in the battle for control of congress as well.


A majority of the members of the Tea Party movement are either baby boomers or seniors.  A lot of us do not realize what this issue will do to the twenty and thirty something generation. 


Each younger generation is a little more liberal than their parents.  The generation that is the children and grand children of so many of those in this movement will look at Rick Santorum, not as a conservative but as the man who wants to lead a government that will peek into their bedrooms and control some of the most important decisions in their lives. 


Obama cannot win reelection in 2012.  Unemployment is over 8%.   The real unemployment rate is really 15%.  Gas is certainly going to be over $4 a gallon this summer and possibly as much as $5.


Obama cannot win.


The Republican nominee, who ever he is, can lose. 


As much as Americans are unhappy with Obama, if they fear the Republican nominee, they will put Obama back in office. 


Rick Santorum and Foster Friess, with their insane comments on contraception have the possibility of driving voters under forty back into the arms of Democrats and Obama.


If they fear Santorum more than they fear the economy under Obama, this is a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what will happen.


Friess’ statements today and Santorum’s statements yesterday and earlier this year will be incredible fodder for the Democrats and their allies in the drive by media.


Those statements will be the soundtrack for the 2012 edition of the Daisy ad for the Democrats.


And it will be just as effective.  


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 jon j shirk, These foot soldiers are here we have boots on the ground in the form of the Veteran population and we will always tell the truth even if it hurts as this make us stronger than ever against the likes of these maniacs like Congress woman Maxine Waters. Who we will hand  a statement into the Congress on the where about's of results of her acts about her husbands bank getting a bail out whether lawful or not? So I say to her Bring It On !

Bullshit:I am sick of any candidate who dares to take on Mit Romney being destroyed by the Republican Party,  We worry about giving people a real choice with someone who will do his best to change the progressive movement in Washington,  Instead we are given a 'conservative" choice that ends up giving us yet a bigger government and even a new entitlement (free meds). Do we really want a man who has been for abortion, for a mandated health care program, for gun contral, just so he could get elected in Massachuttes? Can we really believe him that he has changed about these issues?  Yes, Romney did good things in the private sector, but he definetely did not govern by "conservative" values. Yes, Romney is alot better that Obama, but I personnally will not give another dime to the "progressive lite" party of the RNC. I do support individual conservative candidates with my cash, but never, ever another RNC chosen candidate (Dole, McCain, Bush) again.In may opinion there are still two candidates who will give us a real choice in November against Obama, but the RNC is not supporting either one of those.



You know what - you're taking statements out of context - and beginning to sound like the left.  I support Newt, but your constant 'comments' on other candidates really doesn't help.

Here's a dire prediction.  Towards the end of the article:  "a key finding of the model is that economic trends..." this would explain why the economic/employment/unemployment numbers are being cooked.

Has Obama won? Yahoo! Signal predicts 2012 race

I'm a Newtie, will happily settle for Romney, will reluctantly accept Santorum...will work my butt off for whichever of the three gets the nomination.

I remember myself as a young, single man...talking girls into removing that Bayer Aspirin from between their knees was a major part of life...in those days batting .250 was a great batting average...today, batting .900 seems about the norm...maybe Mr. Friess is onto something...Of course the Left blogosphere will make as much hay on this comment as they can but in the end, I don't think it will hurt Santorum all that much...Even the most libertine of young people know that there are lines that shouldn't be crossed...Most of the younger folks in my neck of the woods are far from celibate but even they recognize that promiscuity isn't good for them so they are pretty selective...and yes, some of the young ladies here do carry an aspirin bottle on their dates...

Obama is playing our Country once again like a fiddle and when he speaks at the colleges, he's doing his hope and change again blaming everbody and his brother for the recession - What I mentioned in one of my blogs is true and I mentioned it to show how deadly Obama is - Soros, Axelrod and several others I dare not mention started mentoring him in the early 1990's - the plan was put in place, they rushed him through the two different Senate positions and right on into the position of Commander in Chief.

We're up against an army of people who will stop at nothing to put him in for a second term and we have Republican Candidates playing "gotcha."  Just think about our stimulus money and what he did with it, paid off bundlers, threw billions away on the "Green scam," sent our jobs to Finland, stopped drilling on the coasts, stopped businesses with ridiculous regulations and Obamacare. Killed off a few hundred innocent people via "Fast and Furious."  Promotes the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East reduces our Military strength, reduction in our nuclear capabilities, stopped the House in their tracks and here's the scary part.  Over 50% of the people approve of him! 

The Republicans have fallen into first one Obama trap after another and they've come away with egg on their face - they don't know how to handle him. Boehner says he's a Republican, acts like a Democrat and is totally pathetic. 



I suspect this entire topic is a huge diversion, to get Republicans and Conservatives back on their heels, in defense mode, and just happens to also:

* Secure a huge portion of the female vote.

* Get the media to fuel the fire, basically playing Rope A Dope with Republicans as long as they're willing to talk about it, and

* Help Obama run around doing all the campaigning and likely other super nasty things he doesn't want us to focus on (like every single one of his policies and all of his neglect  / like his lack of a real budget, etc. etc. etc. ) and

* Democrats and Obama doing everything they can to dominate the media to prevent everyone from forcing the media to start talking about what is REALLY happening; like the bankruptcy of the US, and therefore the planet Earth,

* Take a shot across the bow at Catholics, and basically any Conservative Christians; especially their men, and thereby / get all the Liberals who hate them to become highly vocal against them, etc.  This is the start of the Religious version of what Glenn Beck called "rioting in the streets...."

* Piss on the Constitution and everyone who wants it to limit Global Leader Obama.

  This whole election for these 4 idiots has turned into a joke. When are We The People going to wake up to the reality  of a bunch of the same old BS running for the highest office in the land. We have a illegal and a moron in office today that is destroying every Value this country has. Where are is the Patriotism in this Country. Isn't there a Man or Woman that is willing to step up to the Plate and clean up the Garbage Dump we have turned into. This entire Election is a Joke and a Laughing Stock of the Scumbag Liberal Morons . This isn't worth reading , watching or listening to any more with all the Negativeness we have turned into. America is doomed because We The People won't STAND UP and FIGHT for what is Ours any more. We have turned into a bunch of Fools and Cowards. God Help Us ! I rather have a Military Coo than put up with any more the Stupidity by We The People.

I just have to mention my misgivings on Newt. I was prepared to like him at first because he worked with a great man (Ronald Reagan) Newt also wanted Universal Health Care. I also new from the beginning what hog wash Global Warming was, but there was Newt. Actually that I could get over, it was the money he owed Tiffanny's. The Jewelry. They say a woman makes the man...well she ruined it for him....

Yes, a comment without much thought, but if you are ,of this Gentleman's Generation, that was completely true in his Days. It was a Norm, in decent Society, that you did not sleep around, before you married. Abstinence was considered proper and accepted behavior.  If you, as a Young girl, strayed from this ,your Reputation was ruined, by gossip, and you were ostracized.  Now, view today......................which World do you like better?  I have seen Girls, 12 years old that are so "shop worn" I wonder what they will look like at 20, worse than that, who wants them?  With the 60's and Free Liberal Love, we began to accept promiscuity, and narcotics.  I do not think the result, almost 50 years later ,has been something we can be proud of.  There used to be a saying, also, in the long, long ago "It is 10:00 o'clock, do you know where your Children are?".

I will vot Newt! He is the only one showing Leadership! I hope every one see's this.

Don't count Newt out yet.. He raised $2mil..in CA..Thats CA not South Carolina..

You & I can't control what they say or do..but most media only use short clips..that are misleading. The GOP has to just talk about Obama's record & nothing else.. I just filled up one of my vehicles tonight paid $3.69, per gal up from $3.32 ..It cost me $9.60 more to fill it...this week than last. Don't know what next week will bring ..now multiply that by 2..can't forget the wife's car..We all know what happens to food prices when fuel goes up.. Groceries will follow..These are the real life talking points for the Stupid GOP Elites. The "Economy"..nothing else..

I'm not to sure about our young people falling all over Obama this time..just talk to them. My youngest is 28, has been laid off from his field for about 2 yrs..he is in survival mode..like many of his friends. They are still paying of their college loans, maybe a car payment..he and most of his friend are working at temp agencies.. These young people should be on the rise not the decline..Most of them voted for Obama, even mine..But not this time!! God Bless this Great Country of Our..


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