If you are either old enough to remember the 1964 election or are a student of politics, you are familiar with Lyndon Johnson’s campaign ad that was called “Daisy.”  It showed a little girl picking daisies.  That bucolic image was replaced with footage of a nuclear explosion.  The ad suggested that if Barry Goldwater became President, we would have a nuclear war.  The ad worked.  Goldwater never became President.


Now in 2012, we have seen the footage for what may be the “Daisy” ad of 2012. 


What is it?


Appearing on MSNBC today, Foster Friess, the billionaire who is bankrolling Rick Santorum’s presidential run said, On this contraceptive thing, my gosh, it’s so inexpensive. You know, back in my days, they used Baer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”


There are times you have to ask if some people think before they speak.


This line has already shot through the blogosphere. 


Rick Santorum has already come out saying  that as President he would “confront the dangers of contraception.”  He went on to say further on contraception, "It's not OK, because it's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be."


Rick Santorum believes states have the right to outlaw contraception.


We are in the second great depression and this is a priority for Santorum?  It is something he should not even be talking about. 


If Santorum becomes the nominee, he has given the left so much ammunition that will split away many Americans from the conservative movement and the Republican Party that it will make not only a Republican Presidency impossible, but it could turn the tide in the battle for control of congress as well.


A majority of the members of the Tea Party movement are either baby boomers or seniors.  A lot of us do not realize what this issue will do to the twenty and thirty something generation. 


Each younger generation is a little more liberal than their parents.  The generation that is the children and grand children of so many of those in this movement will look at Rick Santorum, not as a conservative but as the man who wants to lead a government that will peek into their bedrooms and control some of the most important decisions in their lives. 


Obama cannot win reelection in 2012.  Unemployment is over 8%.   The real unemployment rate is really 15%.  Gas is certainly going to be over $4 a gallon this summer and possibly as much as $5.


Obama cannot win.


The Republican nominee, who ever he is, can lose. 


As much as Americans are unhappy with Obama, if they fear the Republican nominee, they will put Obama back in office. 


Rick Santorum and Foster Friess, with their insane comments on contraception have the possibility of driving voters under forty back into the arms of Democrats and Obama.


If they fear Santorum more than they fear the economy under Obama, this is a recipe for disaster and that is exactly what will happen.


Friess’ statements today and Santorum’s statements yesterday and earlier this year will be incredible fodder for the Democrats and their allies in the drive by media.


Those statements will be the soundtrack for the 2012 edition of the Daisy ad for the Democrats.


And it will be just as effective.  


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He is the only person who can beat Ovomit,  half of  Romney's staff have supported the Dems in the past, why does Soros want  Romney?   Huh  Huh?

ABC News. Really? You are falling into the MSM/DNC trap.



 According to Dick Morris, this is Obama's strategy - to turn contraception into a campaign issue. It seems Santorum is falling for it. I can’t believe this is even an issue. There are many more important challenges facing the nation - how about the candidates spend more time on Keystone and how Obama killed thousands of jobs and deprived the US of a secure energy source.

NEWT IN 2012!  This whole contraception thing is idiotic -- except for the outrage against Obama's edict for religious institutions to violate their own doctrine - i.e. yet ANOTHER violation of First Amendment rights by President Pookie.

Santorum is not focused on contraception, but responding to the media that is focused on making such issues the focus. 

Santorum is a big government conservative.  He is extremely conservative socially.  He is along the same line as GWB's 'compassionate conservative' which is an oxymoron if one takes compassionate to mean big government conservatism.  I am having some real problems after reading Santorum's voting record.  I have problems w/Newt's implosion in the past month or so when he got petty and stupid (almost Nixonian) instead of sticking to the moral high ground.  I firmly  believe if the low ground debates continue the convention shall be a brokered one and we could end up with a real Mexican Army formation.  I don't believe Romney is a true conservative.  Paul is simply a Libertarian who somehow has been able to morph into a Republican.  I am amazed we couldn't find some really outstanding Republican/Conservative candidates.  If this is our stable,  other than establishment RINO'S,  we need to form another real conservative party if the  republic survives another four years of this poor excuse of a chief executive.

Your article is stupid and sounds like a liberal wrote.  Oh gosh if he acts Conservative he might scare away the moderates! Please, do you want a Conservative or don't you.  It's amazing how fast a Conservative can buy into the Liberal media narrative. You'r just upset that Newt has dumped.

Wrong. Santorum will crater the Republican Party. Politics is a numbers game and if you destroy a significant part of your base, you will lose. Santorum will alienate conservatives as well as independents. With Foster Friess running his mouth, the party of treason needs to do nothing.

Mr. Phillips:


I enjoy your TPN posts, yet if you are worried about destroying a significant part of the base, Mr. Romney is doing it. Romney and Gingrich are full of warts, only Santorum is fresh,  Obama's greatest weapon in the 2008 race was not knowing who or what "Hope and Change" really meant. He did not even have a voting record that had a real issue on it.  Now every one knows.  The numbers will come around when a single candidate is finally selected. It does not matter who the candidate finally is, the media will have plenty of attacks toward them all.  We might as well get behind a "conservative" rather than the "progressive lite" candidate.

G. Hawkins 

Yup,....It''s a lot easier to let the Cat out of the sack than it is to "ever" get him back inside. Santorum is shallow and it's showing

It is one thing to support a conservative, clearly another to support a conservative with conservative ADD. Santorum is a turn off to women and he won't be elected and we will be stuck with Obama. Newt will come back because this race has been nothing but a roller coaster ride for them all.

The best counter ed-ad to use against Obama & Inc. is the comparison of the old USSR and what the state did for the people (just the facts) to where this country is headed. Maxine Waters own words as a socialist is the gov. to take over the corp. Again, the average voters are very uneducated and need educated. The Rep. Party is very poor in educating the voters and again the Dems (socialist) will hand the Rep's butts on the platter. It is going to take the foot soldiers to tell the real story on what is going on to the uneducated.


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