Missouri is a pretty good state.  It is the home of one of my favorite cities, Kansas City.   It also has a really bad Senator up for reelection this year, Claire McCaskill.   Missouri also has a pretty worthless Republican establishment. 


There is a great conservative who is rising up to take on the Republican establishment and send the tax loving and tax dodging Senator McCaskill into retirement.


Who is this conservative you need to know about?


She is Sarah Steelman.


Sarah Steelman has been involved in Missouri politics since she ran for the State Senate in 1998, knocking off a liberal incumbent.  In 2004, she became State Treasurer of Missouri.  As the state treasurer, she implemented a “divest terror” strategy, divesting the State of Missouri from investments in companies that do business with nations that sponsor terror.


She ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 2008.


Now she wants to take on one of the most liberal and one of the most worthless Senators ever to walk the halls of Washington, Claire McCaskill. 


You may remember McCaskill.  Not only did she dodge tax payments on her personal airplane that she and her husband owned, she also charged the government for reimbursements for travel on her own plane.  What is worse, the travel was for political, not official purposes.


Sarah Steelman is a refreshing change for Washington.  One of her first promises is that if she is elected, she will work to abolish the pension system for Congress.   Eliminating the pension system up there is a noble idea and might actually get rid of some of the careerist congressmen and make serving in the Congress actually public service again.


Steelman also supports auditing the Fed and simplifying the tax code.


Steelman does have a problem.  She may be the strongest candidate in the field, but she is a conservative, which is going over like a lead balloon with the Republican Establishment. 


A group of 16 establishment flacks, led by former Senator and crown prince of the RINOs, John Danforth penned an open letter to Missouri RINO Tom Schweich asking him to enter the primary.  Schweich is a former member of the Bush administration and served as Danforth’s Chief of Staff when Danforth was the American Ambassador to the United Nations.


The Missouri primary is another example of the not wanting Tea Party activists and conservatives to have any positions within the party.  The RINOs believe conservatives should be neither seen nor heard.  They believe we should just shut the hell up and support whatever RINO they decide should be the nominee.


Not only no, but hell no!


Sarah Steelman is an amazing candidate.  She is not a part of the status quo.  She is not a part of the RINO establishment, which is why they fear her.


She is the kind of Senator we need in Washington.


Let’s help Sarah Steelman become the Republican nominee in Missouri and then lets help her send one of Obama’s favorite Senators, Claire McCaskill into retirement!


You can help by visiting her website, which is found here.


It is open season on RINOs and on liberals and we have no bag limit.  Let’s start sending them into retirement and Missouri is one of the best places we can replace a corrupt Democrat with a good conservative.


Let’s help Sarah Steelman win one for America!

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Reminds me of the national Republican presidential nomination.  The Republican Establishment is doing its best to make sure NO conservative is elected, for any office, anywhere.  I hope the "Show Me" state shows those RINOs what patriotism is all about.

Thanks. Each state needs to put non-traditional candidates forth.

You right Debrajoe... In Rhode Island, one of the biggest Blue States..after some hard work..

 we finally have a good conservative candidate to run against Senator Sheldon Outhouse (Whitehouse for you non-RI people)...His name is... "Barry Hinckley"..he just had that great video of his 5 yr old on the economy..it was great....If you haven't seen it, you must its good & to the point! 

I'm still a vey stronge believer in a New Third Party for 2016...It's the only way to move forward with our conservative values and to save this country...for all!! God Bless!!


well....another TP Conservative.....

I wonder how long it will take before they take her down in ways the devil hasn't thought up yet.

Do not wonder of the devils ploys pray against them. Stomp on his scheming head. Gods' Will be done!!

YES! Another Sarah as good as the well known one. Get'em ladies. As far as the estblishment is concerned, I've already moved them (to use DC terminology) the other side of the isle with their same mindset jackasses. Warning to all of them, KEEP YOUR BAGS PACKED!!! You will be moving soon. WE ARE COMING!!!


I was born in Kansas City.  I grew up there and only left when I went to war (Vietnam 1969-70).  I lived there once again after returning home.  I had been on a military leave of absence from the GM Assembly Plant in Leeds, Missouri, just outside KC.  I finished college on the G.I. Bill and took a job as a computer programmer working off the Plaza area in KC.  Then I married and finished graduate school.  I moved to Carrollton Texas.

Most of my family still lives in the K.C. area.  Some are in Blue Springs.  Some are in Overland Park, Kansas.  My best and life long friend, Bob, is still in Overland Park.  He celebrated when Kansas got rid of Kathleen Sebelius.  Unfortunately, Sebelius is now part of a corrupt Obamanation administration and able to inflict herself on the entire nation.  Missouri is full of democrats concentrated in the big cities, KC and St.Louis.  In a former marriage, my father-in-law was a union lobbyist working in Jefferson City and living just east of the Kansas / Missouri state line.  This whole set of in-laws were life long democrats.  But they were of the now defunct era of conservative democrats.

My grandfather's second cousin was Harry S. Truman.  My entire family was composed of conservative democrats.  Clarie McCaskill is a phoney and always has been.  She represents the worst of either political party.  I will visit Steelman's website and try and help even though I am now retired and on a fixed income, having been forced into retirement due to the Obamanation economy.

GREAT blog entry....

as I see it, a Vietnam Vet,

Before the last election, I had decided to vote for McCaskill since she promised in her campaign to serve the People of Missouri.  I soon found out that this wasn't true.  She has repeatedly stood by and supported Obama's laws and regulations he's put in place whether they're constitutional or not.  Anyone who is not a patriot in our country should be "run out of town on a rail."   The reason we have so many grassroot organizations now is because obviously the politicians now in office are not going to listen to the people they were voted to represent.  And why aren't we all rising up and indicting anyone who thinks they're above the Constitution and the rule of law no matter who they are or their political rank all the way to the Office of President??   My father and husband both served in the Army in WWII and Korea so that our rights and way of life could be preserved.  Thank god both came home safe.  But what about those who didn't.   Did they give their lives so that we'd have to fight on our own soil to keep our rights intact today?


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