There are a lot of good conservatives you need to know about.  There is one conservative that is challenging a sitting congressman who is allegedly a member of the Tea Party caucus. 


Who is the alleged member of the Tea Party caucus and who really supports the values of the Tea Party?


In 2010, Republicans were able to knock off long time liberal Democrat Bart Gordon in Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District.

While some good conservatives fought it out for the nomination, the Republican nomination and ultimately the victory went to Diane Black.  Diane Black has since ingratiated herself with the GOP establishment and has even gone so far as to attend meetings of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. 


While the primary featured some good conservative candidates, it also featured a nasty personal battle between conservative Lou Ann Zelenik and Diane Black.  The matter ended up in court with Black suing Zelenik.  Many called the litigation politically motivated and may have helped Black defeat Zelenik.


In 2009, the Tea Party movement exploded across the nation.  Tennessee was no different.  As we held rallies in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, Lou Ann Zelenik was there, on the ground with us, helping to plan and execute rallies and helping the Tea Party movement.  At the time Diane Black was a state senator.  During the 2009 rallies, we had a number of state senators and representatives who reached out to speak at the rallies and offer what help they could. 


Diane Black was not one of them.


Since 2010, she has gone to Washington and been a part of the Washington problem.  She has repeatedly voted for more spending and more pork barrel projects.  Last year, she voted for the so-called “budget compromise” that resulted in the debt ceiling being increased with no immediate reduction in spending.


Now, Diane Black is a part of the House leadership that is going to pass a continuing resolution that includes funding of Obamacare. 


Diane Black was a part of the Tea Party Freshman class, but she has done nothing while she has been in office except advance her career.  In 2011, the ACU gave Diane Black the lowest rating of any of the Tennessee Republican Congressional delegation. 


The purpose of the Tea Party was to elect conservatives who were going to change the way Washington works.  By any stretch of the imagination, Diane Black has failed this challenge.  While many good conservatives have stood up to vote to stop spending, Diane Black has not.


Perhaps there would have been a time when we could have allowed Congressmen a couple of terms to develop and even change.  Times are too grave.  We cannot have someone who claims to be a member of the Tea Party in Washington who does not vote to cut spending and cut our debt. 


Lou Ann Zelenik is a conservative you need to know about.  Here website is here.


Early voting is already underway in Tennessee.  Visit Lou Ann’s website and see if you can help her win.


Let’s put a Tea Party member in Congress and not one who simply tells us she supports the Tea Party and does just the opposite in Washington.  

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Diane Black is a FRAUD and I am SO PROUD of Lou Ann for running against her again! 

I sent a small check to Lou Ann. Not only make sure we have right candidates for Senate or House we must make sure they know the Constitution. Yesterday Senate passed S 3412 (Middle Class Tax Cuts). I have been trying to figure out if this was a proper procedure for the Senate. I thought that The House of Representatives were they only ones to initiate revenue bills. Can someone please tell me if the Senate was right or was the Senate doing something that was not allowable under the rules of the Constitution? If so, did they do this on Obamacare?

I guess I was right it was illegal for the Senate to pass this bill. McConnell admits it in a report on the Hill as of 6 AM on 7/27/12. Why are we letting this happen?  How come no one else questions things like this? What can I do except chew out my Sen. McCaskill who is suppose to be a Lawyer too.......Apparently there is references to other times the Senate has done this in the article. I guess we will keep letting them do this and JUST keep bitching about what they are doing. I am ready to STOP them. This is how we lose our FREEDOMS........

 McConnell justified his strategy to colleagues by noting the Democratic legislation could not become law because it originated in the Senate. The Constitution states that "all bills for raising revenue" originate in the House.


So who won the law suit?

Lou Ann, but it was appealed by Diane and her husband David as far as I know.

I believe the appeal was thrown out.

Maybe we need a new acrostic to go with RINO. TPINO?

TN TP voters...vote the lying b***h out

Yes, please!! 

Lou Ann won that lawsuit. The judge ruled that the commercials she ran concerning Diane "had merit" and were true. Diane's campaign is still being ugly, though. They are now attempting to file egregious lawsuits against members of Lou Ann's support team. We are working hard to get Lou Ann elected! Meanwhile, if you can financially support her at any level, please do. And if you know anyone in the TN 6th, please email them now and ask for their vote. Diane has not relented in her attacks, it is very ugly. I even got a flyer in the mail today that was full of untruths. If you can do nothing else, please pray!

I hope Tennesseans are reading this and acting on it.  There might be some in other states, too.  Let's get back to civilian life!

    Alas,  Washington  D. C.  is  FULL  of  " Diane  Black " s.    Conservatives,  it's  time  we  get  SERIOUS !  It is  time  to  PLAY  HARDBALL !   NO  MORE  " SUGAR - COATING," . . . . . .


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