Someone hacked into Congressman Wiener's twitter account and posted a photo of an erect penis  in boxers, and sent it to a college student.  Did Congressman Wiener call in security? Nope  Even though hacking is a federal crime, and particularly when posing as an elected official.  

So, today, Congressman Wiener called a press conference to say that he did not send the photo to the college student, but he did not deny that she was one of the 200 people that he "follows" on Twitter.  Interesting!

Further, Congressman Wiener would not say if the photo of the erect penis in boxers was a photo of him, "with certitude".  Interesting, if Congressman Wiener doesn't recognize hisown body parts (or not), how is he going to recognize what our debt ceiling needs?

 Nope, Congressman Wiener is much too busy thinking about the debt ceiling, he says.  Ironic since, we have not seen any action on debt ceiling except  obstruction form Congressman Wiener, the President, and the Democrats.

No budgets or spending cut plans from the Democats, no budget from the Democrats, (though setting a budget is their duty), and no action on the debt ceiling until the "11th hour" when Vice President Biden returns from his Europe vacation.

Congressman Wiener needs to answer the questions because "sexting " (sending X rated photos) to college students is a departure from the expected behavior of a Congressman,  and a departure from the Congressional code of ethics.  We know that because we had a Congressman on the Republican side resign for sending a photo of his bare chest, not  hardly his erect penis in boxers. If you in fact were hacked, then it's time for the FBI to take five minutes and prosecute the Federal crimes attributable.

So, it is not for salacious reasons that people are interested, but we want to know the facts of this case to determine if the hacking charge is true, or not.  If it is not true, then you are not fit to serve in any capacity  (in my opinion) including making decisions about the debt ceiling, or any other part of The People's business. 

So, answer the questions truthfully, Congressman Wiener, because you serve at the pleasure of the people not your own pleasure, and the people's ceiling for honesty and ethics is raised.




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Wienie is lying, lying, lying, like all Dems. He thought he could deflect legitimate questions from reporters by being a loud, belligerent jerk. He thought wrong! The people of his district need to get rid of him next year, without fail.

We can not be desensitized to Federal Crimes like "hacking" and, we can not be desensitized to this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHs5qtk3OOs




It is almost certain this man is lying. People generally do not take pictures of things like their genitalia for their OWN titilation. There was an intended second party designated by Weiner to receive that picture. He won't fess up. But so what/? We can tell what he was up to (no pun intended).
I guess I will go against the flow, Rush nailed it perfectly, this is a non story, now the press is wasting time on this while the libs can divert attention from the fact they are going to agree with Ryan's plan and still try to attack using false ads.  This is a wag the dog moment and we need to keep our eye out, as Beck said watch what they do with other hand while the media pushes this "story" on us.

That is exactly how we got here, what is more important than morals in our representatives?


Today, Google said the Chinese hacked accounts, and the FBI is being sent to investigate.  How do we know that the Chinese are not hacking Congress, as Wiener for purposes of blackmail?

Today, Wiener arrogantly held his position on not answering questions, but now we don't know if this is a matter of national security hacking or if Congressman Wiener misrepresented the facts.

Here it is:



Since the FBI is looking into the Google hacking, possibly by Chinese.  They should look into Congressman Weiner's claim of hacking, because his wife is an aide for Hillary Clinton, Sec. of State. 


Congressman Wiener blamed a hacker for sending out a lewd crotch shot from his account.  Today, called the police on a CBS reporter.   The police were told that the reporter was asked to leave and she refused.  However, the reporter stated that she was not asked to leave, and thus did not refuse.


If this news article is true, it clealy demonstrates that if elected officials get away with one thing, they then become emboldened to do it again.  The initial report by Wiener of a "hacker", and now a reporter refused to leave charge. 

Some say, this is unimportant.  The hacker charge is important, the reporter refused to leave charge is also important.

On the latest charge by Wiener, if not true, he abused his power as a Congressman in calling the police under the guise that a reporter from CBS refused to leave his office.  If untrue, not only is it an untruth and abuse of power, but it also is calling into question the veracity of a reporter, who makes her living by writing facts.  The reporter did nothing wrong by going to Congressman Wiener's Office to request an interview on a matter that she believed to be important to people.

What is next?






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