Earlier this evening the Drudge Report broke the news that the Romney campaign may announce their VP candidate early and Condoleezza Rice; the former Bush Secretary of State is a surprise front-runner.




What does all of this mean?


It means my head may actually explode.


The Romney team sent out a teasing email tonight saying they would have some exciting news they wanted to share.  The left wing media, like the Washington Post want Romney to announce early.


And now the Romney team thinks Condoleezza Rice is a good choice.


First, the Washington Post does not have the Romney’s campaign’s best interest at heart.  The Post has not endorsed a Republican since Abraham Lincoln and even that is subject to historical dispute. 


Second, does the Romney campaign really want to win?    The Romney strategy in the primaries was to outspend all of his opponents and blitz the airwaves with negative advertising. 


Most VP’s are announced 24 to 48 hours in advance of the convention.  Why?  To create media buzz.  If Romney announces his VP weeks in advance he is going to be just a giant buzz kill.   Does anyone remember what Sarah Palin did for John McCain?


Can you imagine anything worse than not only picking Condoleezza Rice but making the announcement two or three weeks in front of the convention?   That will make the convention a total snore.


Who thinks Condoleezza Rice is a good choice?   The liberal Republican establishment does.  Of course they thought John McCain and Bob Dole were good choices too.


Peggy “I’ll endorse Obama 2008” Noonan thinks nominating Condoleezza Rice is a “brilliant move.”   Yes, that would be just as brilliant as her endorsement of Obama in 2008. 


Rice will kill the base and will also drive independents far away from Romney.  Is the Romney plan to try and lose?


The social conservatives will not come out for her, like they did for Palin, because Rice is pro-abortion.  Social conservatives don’t really believe Romney when he claims he is pro-life, but to add a pro-abortion VP would really sink him with the social conservatives.


Rice is a consigliore of the Bush family.  She worked for both of the Bushes.  She is associated very closely with the Iraq war, which in case anyone has forgotten is one of the main reasons why the Republicans lost the House and Senate in 2006.


We do not need anyone else named Bush leading the Republican Party and we don’t need one of the Bush team players as a part of the future of the GOP. 


Condi Rice is a RINO establishment Republican.  She is as clueless about the middle class as Romney is. 


Fortunately, Rice is just a trial balloon.  Hopefully it is one that will be quickly shot down. 


And what happens if Romney picks her to be his VP nominee?  Then we had better figure out how we are going to survive four more years of Barack Obama.





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AGREED! No>NO>NO>NO,  She is an "Obama Girl!


Her association with the Bush administration is killer, but her positions on the Middle East are even more serious. She was devastating to Israel.

No. No. No

Marco is tops on my wish list.

Thanks Billy, you saved me some typing.

that's right , this is not dancing with the stars, read what Billy B wrote above, what it means is he is not elligible, now if he is willing to take the VP office, and he was this is telling and should tell everyone exactly who he is. He is a guy willing to side step the rule of law for his own advancement !

That is what has brought us to the destruction of the USA.

                the average citizen is not like the supreme court where they ignor the law on the grounds of touchy feely we don't want some one to feel bad , get ready to feel bad - or not.

             the requirments for VP are exactly as the requirements for President , because by natural death, assasination, old age or sickness a president could pass away which would make the VP  President.  Running government is not the I love lucy show were you pick who you like or don't like based on touchy feely.

    Rubio already had problems with money and over spent on some republican fund- a sign, he talks a good game but he doesn't qualify for the office of VP and his actions speak contrary to the loyalties he should have as a representative of the people.

             If Obama in time proves to be a false qualification who does not qualify and most believe he is , giving Rubio a VP spot automatically nullifies the law and gives Obama a pass. The founders of the USA had experience with corruption ,Britain being one of the most corrupt governments in the world, Toppling nations for their own gain, Its amazing that we as people who have not corrected government, do not grow our own food, build our own homes , or participate in government navely think we know better. The founders woud have thought us morons.

                Its upsetting when a few decide to be magnanimous with the laws of hundreds of millions as Rubio thought to do for himself.  Its the charity of socialist who give away everything that belongs to some one else but even when dead you would need a hydralic winch to pry a penny from their hands.

    The USA current train wreck is the result of voting on the brother system, IM a minority in the FEDs mind so you can forget prejudice accusation, or like women who voted for LIttle Billy Clinton because they said he was good looking ,thats like buying a 20k dollar car for 50k because she though the saleman was cute- its lacks intelligence. 



I agree with you Ezekiel, NO RUBIO, one more for me? NO CONDI. I would like it to be Newt or West

Yes, but unfortunately the law no longer matters. Obama's uncertain citizenship is evidence of that.

There is NOTHING uncertain about Obama's citizenship! His father was NEVER an American citizen. He was here on a student visa. He never planned to become a citizen. Obama's stepfather was never an American citizen. NO WAY is Obama legal. The Democrats - especially Pelosi who signed his papers should all be impeached or tried for treason. But with the Democrats controlling the Senate, it will never happen.The GOP knew this and did nothing!

Billy Bow,

I tried to study Pappy Obama's Naturalization Papers for comparison but couldn't find them. Perhaps you in your infinite wisdom and knowledge can direct me to them.

I agree reluctantly. Though I love Marco Rubio, he is not eligible constitutionally. Oh how I wish his parents had been citizens when he was born!

That said, some will say that Obama's presence in office, though he is not a "natural born" citizen either, demonstrates this clause has been invalidated. Since there has been no amendment of the Constitution, it still stands. Seriously, we need a true conservative to add validity and trust to the Romney ticket. Unfortunately, I agree that Condi is not the best choice. She is too steeped in the Bush leagcy.


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