The message has now changed.  Jared Loughner is almost forgotten in the spin.  Congressman Giffords is not, as she is now the face of this tragedy, but the other victims are nothing but an afterthought to the left.  All that matters to them now is getting the spin out that this terrible crime was caused by the “extreme vitriol” from the conservative side.
The left is desperate to change the subject because their initial hopes, that the killer was a card-carrying member of the Tea Party have been dashed.
Moveon has launched a campaign to have congress to drop any references for violence from their political discussions.  Moveon can count on their willing accomplices in the drive by media for not calling them on their hypocrisy. 
Conveniently, Moveon forgets that one of its members assaulted a Tea Party member last year in Congressman Giffords’ own district during the election.  It also forgets all of the political ads it has run, from comparing George Bush to Hitler, to the General “Betray Us” ad.
How about the vitriol from Paul Krugman?   Moveon and the drive by media seem to forget that.   Remember what he said within a couple of hours of the shooting? “We don’t have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was.”  Oops, it wasn’t.
The left likes to remind us that Krugman won the Nobel Prize.  We should remind the left that these days, the Nobel Prize has all the prestige of a prize pulled from a box of cracker-jacks.
Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos posted within minutes of the shooting, “Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin.”  Yet those who are now whining about the “vitriol” and the rhetoric conveniently forget that.
There is a simple truth we conservatives need to learn here.  We knew what the left was going to do when this tragedy hit.   They were going to use it for their political advantage.   They expected us to sit back and do nothing.  Instead, we conservatives refused to allow the hard left to define this incident or to define us.
Now we hear from them, in the plaintive voice of Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?”
No, we can’t.
First, you liberals want to destroy liberty and freedom in this country.  We in the Tea Party movement are not going to let that happen.
Second, you started this fight.  We could have all taken a moment to decently mourn the murder of six Americans and the attempted assassination of a United States Congressman.  As many of us were told as children, “you do not start a fight, but you finish a fight.”  The left started this fight and we will finish it.
Something interesting happened in politics in the last 48 hours.  The left thought they could pin this on the Tea Party movement and destroy it.  Their plan has backfired.  Now they are the one’s who want to change this debate and ignore their role in it.  They only want to fix an undeserved blame on conservatives.
We are not going to let that happen.

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Remember the fort hood shooting incident? All the libs could talk about was not jumping to conclusions.


Can you say H Y P O C R I S Y ?

absolutley right. on top of that they went out of their way not to call hassan a terrorist but a criminal.  they still do not call him a terroist and definitely dont call him a muslim extremist which is not in their vocabulary. they are pathetic.

Conservatives are at a disadvantage in this, and always will be, I'm afraid!

Liberals (Socialists?) want to "share the wealth" Your wealth, not theirs!

Conservatives want to be left alone: to be left to our own resources.

Socialists know better! Their ideas are the only ones that matter.  Opposing ideas cause chaos!

Not their ideas, certainly....

Now, they want "to work together" What ever happened to their position 2 years ago: "WE WON, You have no say!"

Cannot pin this apparently leftist crazy person on us. Which will not prevent them from continuing to try!

The Left seems to have succeeded in delaying the House action on Obama. Shame on Boehner for permitting it!

Get on with it, Mr. Speaker. Get on with it!

Not like Pelosi, "You've got to pass the bill, so you can read the bill" But you can't shut down the House just because the Socialists want that reaction!

Do your Job, Speaker Boehner! The America people need you to do your job!

The radical Progressives' attempts to use the shootings in Tucson to their political advantage have failed and left them exposed for the opportunistic liars that they are.


Joseph P.

Love the name "piglosi" for this worthless criminal, thieving traitor!  "nancy red" (for communist) was good, too, from another patriot.  I love the thought of these worthless trash hanging themselves.  ONE BIG PROBLEM, though: when trash like these get control of America, they hang America, along with themselves.  Now, because of these and other worthless, thieving, liberal traitors, America is stuck with HUGE DEBT and "quantitative easing" (more treachery), destroying our dollar's value. 
A friend posted on fb about you sending emails out that said for us to say it was a liberal lunatic.The title said busted.I told her that it was a lunatic liberal.Although the liberal part had nothing to do with it.It was because he was a lunatic.I told her we are not racist and dont advocate murder.I told her we were tired of being vilified by the lame stream media and by the president.So far no response.I invited her to attend a Tea Party rally sometime to find out what we are really about.Thanks for all you do.
What a steaming pile of leftwing feces THAT was!  It's almost laughable.
We here in California know that UC Bizerkly is the last Soviet Republic. No surprise from its Chancellor.
i believe this is the same berkley that zoned a marine recruiting station the same as a strip joint so they couldn't have marines recruited there. they only like marines when they are saving their sorry behinds.

"..continue to work toward a climate of equity and inclusion for all."

What ever happened with Obama to GOP: ‘I Won"

Screw you! We WON!




That school has no credibility.  They live in LaLa land out there.


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