If James O’Keefe were a liberal, he would be a national hero today.  If his targets were conservatives, the liberal media establishment would be falling all over themselves to see what they could offer him.


Instead, he is a conservative, targeting liberals.  The establishment is trying to ignore him, praying his latest episode of candid camera will pass quickly.


O’Keefe secretly video taped a meeting between two executives of National Public Radio and two men who claimed to be with a Muslim group, supporting Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood.  They claimed they wanted to make a $5 million donation to NPR. One of the executives, Ron Schiller blasted the Tea Party movement as racist and conservatives as, well almost anything he could think of.    Schiller also admitted NPR did not need public dollars to survive.


Schiller resigned, stating that his statements were “not reflective of my own beliefs.”  Okay, he was lying to the camera or he is lying now.  Either way, he is a liar.  My money is on his resignation statement being a lie. 


Vivian Schiller, who is no relation to Ron Schiller, resigned today as the CEO of NPR.   She was the same one, you may remember, that fired Juan Williams last year after Williams made the comment that he was not comfortable on airplanes when he saw men in Muslim garb. 


NPR has often been called National Liberal Radio in conservative circles.  To say they were to the left in their coverage would be an understatement.  Conservatives have tried to defund NPR in the past, based on their bias.    Today there are other reasons.


NPR and PBS may have had a reason to exist when they were first created, but today they are little more than proof of the Ronald Reagan maxim that closest thing to eternal life on this planet is a government program.   When NPR and PBS got their start, there were limited offerings.  Almost no radio stations offered classical music or news the way they did.  When PBS launched, there were usually four TV stations in a market.  ABC, CBS, NBC and then PBS.  


That was then. 


Today we have AM radio, FM radio, HD radio and satellite radio. We have cable TV with 500 channels.  There are commercial channels that now offer almost the exact same programming that NPR and PBS offer. 


This year, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is slated to get $430 million and to thank them for carrying the water for liberal causes, Obama wants to raise that to $451 million.   Even if these latest disclosures did not happen, we cannot afford public radio and TV any longer.  Our debt is now at 100% of our gross domestic product.  How high can that go before our economy collapses? No one, except Obama, Pelosi and Reid, want to find that out. 


In the Senate, Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint have introduced legislation to defund NPR and in the House Eric Cantor is leading that charge.  With a $1.7 trillion deficit this year, $430 million is a small drop in the bucket. 


But, it is a good start.  

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While the $430 M is a drop in the bucket, it remains central to the Leftist media.

Defunding NPR and PBS will not kill them off. But even one dollar, one public dollar, to finance this tripe must end!

A conservative network to offset the many leftist sources is needed, really! FOX is far from the Right, really, and has grown by leaps and bounds! Fox "fair and balanced" makes them merely "leftist lite"

We need a voice, really, other than the Internet. Which might be taken over, at any time.....

Well said Vern and I hope the right person is listening because I'm tired of being forced to listen to the liberal bias 24/7. I can't wait for the next surprise video, the kid is killing them and should be rewarded for his efforts. He has outed some of the worst waste out there but I know there is plenty more for him to find. Keep em guessing kid and give em hell.

Yo Vern,

Really, we do NOT need to fund any radio or TV. That is the function of the market. What right do you have to take my money for a right wing public information outlet? What right do you have to take my money for a left wing public information outlet. Really.

For the Tea Party to become involved in a discussion of whether the government funds a right or left leaning public outlet is exactly what the collectivists want. If we argue about the content we are off message and off principle. The underlying principle then is - that we favor spending public money to sway opinion. That is the function of the market. Failure to recognize this fundamental market principle is the reason we have debt equal to our GNP. 

I pray this is a not a popular thought in the Tea Party.  Love, hank

Excellent point Hank. If the gov. got OUT of funding liberal ideology in the public arena I firmly believe it wouldn't take very long for the vast bulk of liberal broadcasting (political AND secular) to simply DRY UP.

America has lost her way in many areas but probably the death of Christian morality has been lost in the worst way. When you have a fickle public being 'fed' garbage from the liberal-progressives almost 24/7 with a REAL AGENDA of corrupting those weak morals further something has GOT to give. If liberals alone had to fund liberal programming of any ilk I sincerely believe that MUCH of it would simply go away. And if it disappeared so would a great deal of the corrupting influence it has over the public. Yes, there are those filthy, no ... OBSCENELY rich like Soros who will fund such tripe to their last dollar. So funding would never completely go away. But it WOULD make a difference, given how much tax monies go to fund liberal institutions IMO.

Hopefully this is the time during this small window of opportunity that some (many I pray) of the programs & institutions that our taxes help stay alive will FINALLY get their funding SEVERELY hampered if not completely cut!

Has anyone questioned the administration and the democratic Senate as to why they are ignoring Obama’s own debt crisis commission and the GAO’s report showing all the duplications where large amounts of money could be saved?   

Those seem to me to be excellent clubs to beat the socialists with.  If you pursued that angle the press and the democrats and the communist administration would have to find new lies to tell us.   There is so much stuff going on but I haven’t heard of anybody going after them with that club in their hands.

YEA ... And I resent being called fat.  So let the dummie go... Best always, John
Thank God for Jim DeMint.  I wish he would run for president.  He seems to be one of few legislators that has the best interests of the country in his heart. Kudos Mr DeMint and Mr Coburn!
Thank God for Jim DeMint.  I wish he would run for president.
Laura, I COMPLETELY agree. I feel that he would make a WONDERFUL president!

we need more people like him out there esposing these liberals for what they really are. He needs to get into a meeting

with some union bosses  

BUT WHAT ABOUT ME ... being called fat?  Best always, John

TAD... I have to take it all back.  I just watched Shiller again.  He DID NOT call us fat ... or phat, as someone suggested.  He called us 'UNEDUCATED.'  Now that's much better than calling us fat, don't you agree?  Best always, John

I'M SO SORRY ... I just watched Shiller again ... he did NOT call us FAT.  He was nice.  He just said we were uneducated.  I heard fat.  My mistake.  His mistake was in calling Tea Party people, uneducated. I think some of us are a little on the slow side but we're certainly not uneducated.   


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