Cain to make unconventional endorsement: What could go wrong?


Herman Cain is going to make an endorsement two days before the South Carolina primary.  He said he is going to make an “unconventional” endorsement.


From The Hill:


Herman Cain said Friday that he would name his endorsement for the GOP presidential nomination on Jan. 19, two days before the South Carolina primary. 

"I'm going to make an endorsement the Tuesday before the South Carolina primary, but let me warn you, it will be an unconventional endorsement. Underscore the word unconventional," Cain said on MSNBC. 

Cain, who was forced from the GOP race in early December after accusations of sexual impropriety surfaced, is set to give the keynote address that day at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. 

The former businessman did not provide many hints as to which candidate he would back, although has insinuated in past interviews that it would be either Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum. Cain has the closest relationship to Gingrich, and it has been widely speculated that he will favor his fellow Georgian. 

But Cain told MSNBC that he wasn't ruling out Mitt Romney. Gingrich and other GOP candidates have been trying to position themselves as the conservative alternative to Romney.


Why does this have epic fail written all over it?


First, unconventional does not work in politics.   The last person to try unconventional was Sarah Palin and she is sitting in Wasilla Alaska today, not in the Presidential race.


What ever Herman Cain has in mind, he has already blown it because what ever he does will not now live up to the expectations.  There is nothing new under the sun or in politics.  Cain has violated one of the first rules of politics and of show business.  Never promise more than you can deliver and this vague promise of “unconventional” is simply going to flop.


By announcing a specific date he will make the endorsement, it almost reduces his endorsement to the ending date of an Ebay auction. 


No one should be shocked.  Endorsements in politics, especially at the Presidential level are always auctioned or sold.  The skillful politicians always make it look as if it has not been.   Nikki Haley of South Carolina pulled this off when she made her endorsement and now she certainly believes she is on Romney’s short list for Vice President.   You could fill a football stadium with the politicians who believed they were promised the Vice Presidency in exchange for their endorsement in the last 50 years. 


Cain claims he believes in solutions.  Unfortunately the way he is going about this sounds more like he is selling his endorsement to the highest bidder.


That is a shame since Herman Cain seemed better than that.


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What in the heck is wrong with unconventional!!!????  Maybe that's what we need . . . a break from the good-old-boy system which is dragging this country down.

Amen Linda!

Attacking Western Culture,Tradition, and History.

That's dragging this country down. 

The Liberals don't need any help doing that.

A pitiful offer to sell to the highest bidder. Personally, I probably will not endorse whomever Cain sells out to. If only Cain had 'fessed up to his sins, he would still have been my choice. Now????????????

Are you sure those were his SINS?????  Nothing has ever been proven.


I think his family might have some ghosts and wanted Cain out before they started swinging at the wife and sons...Think the wife would probably be okaye...But they were digging digging digging ...still mad that it doesn't matter what came out on Obama and it was squashed.


No gain in hashing out the sins as he has pulled out. Final shot. His accusers settled for thousands. Michael Jacksons settled for multiple millions. You do the math. If you can!

Oh please! The man paid settlements to several women. Nobody does that unless they are guilty. I could live with his sexual harassment issues, IF HE'D ACKNOWLEDGED them and apologized. But Herman reminded me of a Cat trying to cover up it's excrement on a linoleum floor. America deserves better than that.

Whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant. The fact is that the National Restaurant Association, not Cain, paid the settlement after Cain had left the organization. As Lori, below, notes, where are those women now?


A wise question indeed.  In fact, it can be said that all of the women who came out against HC had a financial conflict of interest--including Sharon Bialek's 2nd (or is it her third) eviction, resulting from non-payment of her rent.  Where have all these women gone now?


Anyone notice that after Cain withdrew from the race, all stories and accusations stopped?  Also, I agree, there was never any proof of any of the allegations.  We all know from 2008 how vicious the opposition can be.  Truth has nothing to do with it.  Maybe the wife didn't think she could handle what Palen was forced to.

My opinion is that the attacks came from the right, not the left.  If it were the left, I'm thinking they would have held off until Cain got the nomination.  Gloria seems like a pretty tough cookie and made it clear on several occaisions that she has complete faith in her husband.  There is word that his family received other threats (namely against the grandchildren).  Nothing is sacred, I guess.


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