Darryl Issa and other Congressmen are kicking off an investigation into the out of control Government Services Administration and the GSA’s blatant and possibly criminal misuse of taxpayer dollars.


Well, it is about time but will anything happen?


From Fox News:


Congress will kick off a wave of what are likely to be contentious hearings Monday on the spending habits of the General Services Administration, as lawmakers try to uncover how the agency blew through $820,000 on a Las Vegas conference.


The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, one of four panels probing the incident, has set the first hearing for Monday afternoon. The panel has called some of the top current and former GSA officials to testify, though at least one is expected to invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions.


Lawmakers at this point are looking beyond the 2010 conference itself and into other areas where the agency may have spent money imprudently, such as on employee incentive programs. The hearing will surely fuel the controversy, which has expanded almost daily as new details emerge about the decision-making at the top levels of the GSA.


Among those on the witness list Monday are GSA Inspector General Brian Miller and former GSA Administrator Martha Johnson, who resigned in the wake of the inspector general's report on the conference.


The head of the GSA western region who organized the conference, Jeffrey Neely, has said through an attorney that he plans to plead the Fifth. His attorney says Neely doesn't need to come to D.C., but Issa insists he should appear anyway.



While Obama is still President, do not expect any real changes in the GSA. 


But Congress can act. 


The left always uses the excuse of waste, fraud and abuse to cut the Defense budget.  Well you have some serious waste, fraud and abuse here.  The solution is to cut the GSA’s budget.  In fact, why not just eliminated this agency?


Just line out the money the agency uses and fire all of the employees.  It is tough but we taxpayers are pretty angry about the way our tax dollars are being spent. 


Judging from those videos we saw, having those GSA employees lose their jobs; well, that’s no great loss. 

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You can't give up. That's what they want us to do.  They want to overwhelm the system so that everyone just gives up in despair.  We have to support people like Rep Issa.  He must have the busiest job in DC--he has one investigation after another--why don't we have more brave patriots like him??  I was at a meeting last week where one of our ex-congressional members in Florida was speaking of possibly getting back in the race, he was so frustrated.  He was probably the best we've had in our region and everyone was eager to support him. He told us that one of the most important things we can do is write letters of support when our leaders are doing good things, because they get plenty of complaint letters.  We've got to highlight those who are standing up and speaking out, even if they are not in our district. When we get into the senate election period, we need to get on their websites and make calls for people in the critical districts, especially. It's going to be just as important to flip those houses and get the Constitutional principled men and women in who are not afraid to shake things up and return to our God given moral and spiritual values too--it can't just be political change.

While the GSA may have some relevance in the scheme of things, have you gotten the news that patients under home care are now being asked by visiting nurses if they have a gun in the home?  It's another goody buried in Obamacare and in practice now.  If members want to keep up with this onslaught of information, suggest we start getting ahead of the curve on pending legislation.

Strange things are happening.  My daughter told me her and her friend were stopped around 10 the other night and pulled over for a broken headlight.  They were only given a "get it fixed" warning, but the cop asked them if she could check the car to see if they had any weapons !! What?? They were so shocked they didn't know what to say.  She told them, "you can say "NO"; they said, of course, no--there was no rhyme or reason--they weren't even teen agers, but girls in their mid twenties in an SUV, not doing anything.

Off topic, but just got an email that all  Medicare patients will be asked if they have a weapon in the home. This needs to be verified, but point is that the most important assaults on freedom are being done under the radar. The presstitutes promote a Trayvon Martin or GSA case and the critical issues that affect us remain unreported.  Too late to do much after the fact.  

DAMMIT...This is just one more trivial diversion to entice us down another "rabbit hole" that leads away from the real goal of preventing a second term for Barack Obama.  Focus, people!  Bad behavior by the GSA is just one more symptom of a completely corrupt administration.  We can't just constantly sweat these relatively small abuses when we are facing another $1.5 trillion deficit, a national debt that will reach ~$16 trillion by the end of 2012, and a reported jobless rate of over 8.2%; and that doesn't even include all of the people who have just given up looking in a dismal market that has continually been driven downward by the policies of this president.  The GSA waste and the secret service daliances with hookers in Columbia are mere "hangnails" on the talons of a hydra.  The laundry list of overreaches and breaches of executive branch power and the Constitution keep getting longer; so let's keep hammering away on that which is truly destroying our nation, and push a lance through the heart of the socialist "hydra" that has occupied the White House. 


We need to FOCUS on the ONE issue  --  get rid of Obama.

If the discussion of a certain topic doesn't net us more votes from Independents (amd maybe even a few Democrats), it isn't worth wasting our time on.

Agree with Bob, and we need a "clearing house" for members to be apprised of Congress' assaults before they happen.  Could then jump on unconstitutional "legislation" en masse before another  violation is committed - not after the fact.  Could possibly make a difference and would further demonstrate that larger numbers of people are monitoring them.

It is a sad state of affairs in the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION there the GSA and the DOJ are shown to more corrupt than even  the Nixon Administration and NOTHING is done to correct the problems.  Obviously ... the Black Panthers outside the voting booth in Philadelphia was a harbinger of what was to come when NOTHING was done to follow up... and now three plus years later ... we have pages and pages of similar NO FOLLOW-UP by the Eric Holder and his Department of Justice?

But will anything happen?

About as much as will happen in the Fast and Furious investigation. Just another dog and pony show. Nothing will happen unless We the People start exerting our constitutional powers.

Why try to limit spending by the GSA?  It is about 20th on the list of high priority places to save money in government.  Start with Dept of Agriculture, then Homeland Security, and Justice and IRS and and and...

Every new topic we discuss will peel off more Independent voters.

Focus on Obama - he is the cause of the wasted money, in every case.

No.  Nothing will happen.  The Republican leadership will get together and decide the truth is too controversial.


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