Darryl Issa and other Congressmen are kicking off an investigation into the out of control Government Services Administration and the GSA’s blatant and possibly criminal misuse of taxpayer dollars.


Well, it is about time but will anything happen?


From Fox News:


Congress will kick off a wave of what are likely to be contentious hearings Monday on the spending habits of the General Services Administration, as lawmakers try to uncover how the agency blew through $820,000 on a Las Vegas conference.


The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, one of four panels probing the incident, has set the first hearing for Monday afternoon. The panel has called some of the top current and former GSA officials to testify, though at least one is expected to invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions.


Lawmakers at this point are looking beyond the 2010 conference itself and into other areas where the agency may have spent money imprudently, such as on employee incentive programs. The hearing will surely fuel the controversy, which has expanded almost daily as new details emerge about the decision-making at the top levels of the GSA.


Among those on the witness list Monday are GSA Inspector General Brian Miller and former GSA Administrator Martha Johnson, who resigned in the wake of the inspector general's report on the conference.


The head of the GSA western region who organized the conference, Jeffrey Neely, has said through an attorney that he plans to plead the Fifth. His attorney says Neely doesn't need to come to D.C., but Issa insists he should appear anyway.



While Obama is still President, do not expect any real changes in the GSA. 


But Congress can act. 


The left always uses the excuse of waste, fraud and abuse to cut the Defense budget.  Well you have some serious waste, fraud and abuse here.  The solution is to cut the GSA’s budget.  In fact, why not just eliminated this agency?


Just line out the money the agency uses and fire all of the employees.  It is tough but we taxpayers are pretty angry about the way our tax dollars are being spent. 


Judging from those videos we saw, having those GSA employees lose their jobs; well, that’s no great loss. 

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Nothing will happen under Obama an Holder. they will just put it aside like they have done with Fast and Furious....

Pat, let's stop this negativity - it just breeds more negativity and aplomb. Some of us out here - a lot of us - are not finished with Holder and the Fast & Furious scandel. This affirmative action AG is investigating the Martin shooting in Sanford, but did not do squat about Brian Terry's murder. If We the People don't start raising hell like some patriotic, and fed-up, Chicagoans did last Thursday, then we will be finished as a nation and people. Imagine our colonial brethren having such a defeatist attitude!!

What did I miss in Chicago on Thurs., 4-12?

Nothing will happen except a lot of sound and fury.  Both Democrats and Republicans are fearful to do anything lest someone out them for their cheating and stealing.

Do you have some specific instances of Republicans "cheating and stealing"?

Or, are you just a troll, making dissension in the ranks of the Tea Party?

Who are you talking to? Try Cunningham. He is in prison now. There are many more both parties that if justice is served, will join him.

Unfortunately no one in either party has the courage to make something happen...

Worried about this "small potatoes" waste, no wonder nothing is being done about the fake illegitimate preident we have, and the dangerous socialistic healthcare plan foisted on us. Just another thing to take our minds off the REAL problems.

Right on, Jerry!! Remember, the usurper is NOT ELIGIBLE to run for re-election. NOT ELIGIBLE!!!

"......nothing is being done about the fake illegitimate preident we have....."

What a complainer, at a time when the only recourse we have can't happen until November, at the election.

What can we legally do, before November?

This is the real crux of the matter! The liberals think they have one Big monopoly game going, after all,

they print their own play money and change the rules everyday while no one objects!! We CANNOT wait for November to let the "dice" fall where they may. That will be too late and we know it!

The only EFFECTIVE recourse is to rail upon Congress (just like the minority lobbyists do) to stop their cowering and making compromises with the Devil. Instead, let us start removing the CRIMINALS that are driving us into a Dictatorship! We cannot have this country and our liberty unless "We the (target) People" once again fight for what is OURS!  Remember, the original Tea Party DID actually dump the tea into the harbor !!!

Will Congress act???  You're kidding, right? 

What the hell is $800+ grand?  Obozo spent over a million for his "date night in New York" alone, not counting the MILLIONS they have raked up on "vacations" and junkets with Moochele's "senior advisor" daughters on the manifest!!  Oh, and how about a private plane for the dog, along with his $120K/year "handler"??  Act?   Yeah.  Just like they do in the movies and it will mean just as much!


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