Larry Sabato is a popular guest on political talk shows.  Yesterday he wrote a blog about all the things that would be wrong with a brokered convention.   He just left one thing out.




What was it?




Sabato, in an interview on Newsmax said a brokered convention would be a disaster.  Specifically it would be a press disaster. 




He is right about the press.  The left wing media will be all over the convention.  They will emphasize every fight, every disagreement and every time Ron Paul supporters try to imitate Occupy Wall Street.




However, Sabato missed the biggest disaster of all.




That disaster would be a Mitt Romney nomination.




For all the flaws a brokered convention would bring, they pale in comparison to the idea of nominating a candidate whose campaign will end up looking like Custer’s last stand, except for the certainty that Custer fared better than Romney’s campaign will.




The simple truth is we do not have a great candidate in the GOP race right now.  As a Newt Gingrich supporter, this pains me to say it, as I believe Gingrich would be a great President, but he has not been able to close the deal.   Santorum has a singular ability to turn the campaign from the points that would make it victorious for the Republicans and turn it to the Democrat’s advantage.  




Then there is Mitt Romney.   He is the flip-flopping liberal who will say whatever it takes to be elected. The champion of the Republican Establishment. 




The truth that the Republican Party must accept is we need someone else. 




A brokered convention will not be a simple affair.  But it is necessary this time. 




The Establishment does not want a brokered convention.  If we conservatives have a majority of the delegates, even if they are split between Gingrich and Santorum, we will take the power away from them.




We need a new candidate who can come out of the convention and take the battle to Obama.




Who could that be?




How about Allen West?




The Florida Congressman and retired Army Officer is the kind of man who can fire up the base.  The Tea Party loves West.




Allen West is the kind of man who calls it likes he sees it.  Anyone remember him telling Nancy Pelosi and her ilk to get the hell out of this country?




Does anyone think Mitt Romney would say anything remotely like that?  How about Santorum?  Even Gingrich?  Who else speaks with that kind of passion?  There are few that do. 




West understands that politics is a battlefield.  West has been under fire in Iraq.  West understands loyalty to America and to Americans.  That is such a refreshing change from Barack Obama.




West is a man of conviction and principles, which is such a refreshing, change from Mitt Romney.




We have to have a brokered convention to stop Romney and if we do, we need a good candidate.




Allen West might just be the man.


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The more crow you put on the plate now, the more crow you will have to eat later.

Enough with the personal attacks. I have heard them all and can make up my own mind.

The negative points have been made over and over again.


Pound President Obama. Stop beating up each other.




Gingrich has been saying what he will do if elected since the primaries started, he has not held back on pointing out What Obama hasn't done or did that shouldn't have been done, if you are not with Newt by now, you've been burying your head in the sand.

Gingrich is the only candidate that has the balls to stand up to obama and the liberal press and if given the chance he would turn this Country over and start the restoration that has been needed for at least the past 10 years.

Does West even want the job?  Would he be prepared for the vetting (and political drumming) the Democrats will give him if this were to happen?  You can't just draft a politician to do something he's not prepared for.  West would make a very fine President, and I would vote for him.  But I would not want to wish something on him that he's not ready for, nor willing to do.

However, like you, Judson, I think our best bet will be with a brokered convention.  Because Romney just won't get the job done.

I like the zeal of  Allen West, lets get him elected.

I agree!  He tells it as it is.  He could revitalize America!

Sorry Judson,

But Newt's strategy includes just the convention Larry Sabato calls disastrous. And IF you are ready to abandon Newt, I am NOT! Goal number 1 is to prevent any candidate from reaching 1144 delegates on the 1st ballot. Goal number 2 is to be ready to persuade the delegates which of our four nominees is both a conservative Leader AND able to defeat Obama ... and of the four ONLY Newt fits that description. I fully expect Newt to make that case and become our nominee. I get goose bumps just imagining Newt's acceptance speech that unites the party and fires up everyone to defeat Obama and make massive gains in the House and Senate.

I will neither surrender nor despair until AFTER the brokered/contested convention ends other than as I expect. Until then, I am still sending Newt money and prayers.

Newt is long on bluster and unwarranted confidence, but if he had what it takes he would at least be ahead of Santorum at this point.  We had our chance to bolster a conservative with Bachmann or Cain or even mostly conservative Perry, but now we are left trying to salvage something out of a Social Conservative Fiscal Liberal or a loose cannon sometimes conservative sometimes progressive.

A brokered convention is not limited to the current four!

No, an "open" convention where none has secured the 1144 delegates needed on the 1st ballot isn't limited to the 4 nominees who ran the gauntlet. However, I am unwilling to ignore the votes cast nor the sacrifice those 4 candidates made in facing all that comes with running to be president. Clearly those 4 weathered that storm, and I believe our nominee should come from among those 4 candidates.

Let's first stop Romney from securing the 1144 and then on to the convention.

chas if none of the four can get enough votes to begin with, the consensus is going to be to look for someone else

I disagree Judson. Though the rules allow for choosing a nominee not vetted and tested in the primary voting, few doubt our best choice will come from among those 4. I remain confident and convinced Newt will be our nominee. Call it naivete or Faith, but I believe Newt will be our next president.


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