Larry Sabato is a popular guest on political talk shows.  Yesterday he wrote a blog about all the things that would be wrong with a brokered convention.   He just left one thing out.




What was it?




Sabato, in an interview on Newsmax said a brokered convention would be a disaster.  Specifically it would be a press disaster. 




He is right about the press.  The left wing media will be all over the convention.  They will emphasize every fight, every disagreement and every time Ron Paul supporters try to imitate Occupy Wall Street.




However, Sabato missed the biggest disaster of all.




That disaster would be a Mitt Romney nomination.




For all the flaws a brokered convention would bring, they pale in comparison to the idea of nominating a candidate whose campaign will end up looking like Custer’s last stand, except for the certainty that Custer fared better than Romney’s campaign will.




The simple truth is we do not have a great candidate in the GOP race right now.  As a Newt Gingrich supporter, this pains me to say it, as I believe Gingrich would be a great President, but he has not been able to close the deal.   Santorum has a singular ability to turn the campaign from the points that would make it victorious for the Republicans and turn it to the Democrat’s advantage.  




Then there is Mitt Romney.   He is the flip-flopping liberal who will say whatever it takes to be elected. The champion of the Republican Establishment. 




The truth that the Republican Party must accept is we need someone else. 




A brokered convention will not be a simple affair.  But it is necessary this time. 




The Establishment does not want a brokered convention.  If we conservatives have a majority of the delegates, even if they are split between Gingrich and Santorum, we will take the power away from them.




We need a new candidate who can come out of the convention and take the battle to Obama.




Who could that be?




How about Allen West?




The Florida Congressman and retired Army Officer is the kind of man who can fire up the base.  The Tea Party loves West.




Allen West is the kind of man who calls it likes he sees it.  Anyone remember him telling Nancy Pelosi and her ilk to get the hell out of this country?




Does anyone think Mitt Romney would say anything remotely like that?  How about Santorum?  Even Gingrich?  Who else speaks with that kind of passion?  There are few that do. 




West understands that politics is a battlefield.  West has been under fire in Iraq.  West understands loyalty to America and to Americans.  That is such a refreshing change from Barack Obama.




West is a man of conviction and principles, which is such a refreshing, change from Mitt Romney.




We have to have a brokered convention to stop Romney and if we do, we need a good candidate.




Allen West might just be the man.


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Is buying the presidency a form of capitalism?

Allen West is the antithesis of Barack Obama.  I believe he would make an excellent President.

I agree with you---Allen West.

Judson, you have lost your mind.  Allen West is a great man and in time he would be a great candidate for President - - - but not this year.  He is not well enough known.  He would have precious little time to campaign against an adversary that is already girded up for the campaign of his life.  In addition, you would undoubtedly alienate many of the Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul supporters.  I seriously doubt he could beat Obama in a head to head race.  He might be able to face him down in a debate, but I don't think Presidential races are won on debates only.  He probably doesn't have the organization and backing of enough people to carry it off.  Like it or not we are stuck with the names we have.  The only thing that will carry this off is for all Republicans (establishment included), tea partiers, and conservatives, as well as any other patriotic and loyal American's to get behind whoever is the candidate to run against BHO.  I know you hate Romney, but he will still be better than what we have and what we may get.  Don't sell him (Romney) short.  

Robert, i agree. I don't like the pick's we have, but, as much as i like Alen West, and would vote for him if he were in this race, we are stuck with what we have, and yes, if ALL of us do not back the Republican pick, we, ALL of America, will lose. Then we will have four more years of this man.

Thank you Robert, My fear is that there might be enough back lash to Romney to re-elect Obama. So much of this rhetoric doesn't make sense. Regardless of who we like, We have Romney. I think Newt would be good at a one on one debate (but remember Florida), Santorum would be a good cleric, Paul has the most good ideas (and some not-so-good), but can't be elected. It is time to get real and don't turn voters off. Get started on the Senate.

Too soon for the white flag.

Palin/West or Palin/Cain would be a winner.  The problem is how do we get from here to there.  Articulating the solution of a "Brokered Convention" is easy, getting there is a very complicated and risky proposition.  However, if we the people are ever going to wrestle control of the party away from the "establishment" republicans a brokered convention is probably the quickest and most effective way to do that.  We had better be sure we have someone in charge that can make it happen once we start the process or the whole thing will blow up in our faces and make a second term for Obama the likely outcome. 


Good luck with that~!!! I'm for it but I doubt it will ever happen. It's been tried many times.





I myself have emplored Judson to get in touch with Meckler the co-founder of the TPP, who has since resigned his position. But to no avail, all I got was "crickets". And although I can't quote who and when, I know that other members have also expressed this same sentiment.

My take on the whole thing is that there are petty differences between those entities sharing the "Tea Party" name. So instead of coalescing they flounder like idiots~!!!





This is not about personalities, it's about principles.


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