Larry Sabato is a popular guest on political talk shows.  Yesterday he wrote a blog about all the things that would be wrong with a brokered convention.   He just left one thing out.




What was it?




Sabato, in an interview on Newsmax said a brokered convention would be a disaster.  Specifically it would be a press disaster. 




He is right about the press.  The left wing media will be all over the convention.  They will emphasize every fight, every disagreement and every time Ron Paul supporters try to imitate Occupy Wall Street.




However, Sabato missed the biggest disaster of all.




That disaster would be a Mitt Romney nomination.




For all the flaws a brokered convention would bring, they pale in comparison to the idea of nominating a candidate whose campaign will end up looking like Custer’s last stand, except for the certainty that Custer fared better than Romney’s campaign will.




The simple truth is we do not have a great candidate in the GOP race right now.  As a Newt Gingrich supporter, this pains me to say it, as I believe Gingrich would be a great President, but he has not been able to close the deal.   Santorum has a singular ability to turn the campaign from the points that would make it victorious for the Republicans and turn it to the Democrat’s advantage.  




Then there is Mitt Romney.   He is the flip-flopping liberal who will say whatever it takes to be elected. The champion of the Republican Establishment. 




The truth that the Republican Party must accept is we need someone else. 




A brokered convention will not be a simple affair.  But it is necessary this time. 




The Establishment does not want a brokered convention.  If we conservatives have a majority of the delegates, even if they are split between Gingrich and Santorum, we will take the power away from them.




We need a new candidate who can come out of the convention and take the battle to Obama.




Who could that be?




How about Allen West?




The Florida Congressman and retired Army Officer is the kind of man who can fire up the base.  The Tea Party loves West.




Allen West is the kind of man who calls it likes he sees it.  Anyone remember him telling Nancy Pelosi and her ilk to get the hell out of this country?




Does anyone think Mitt Romney would say anything remotely like that?  How about Santorum?  Even Gingrich?  Who else speaks with that kind of passion?  There are few that do. 




West understands that politics is a battlefield.  West has been under fire in Iraq.  West understands loyalty to America and to Americans.  That is such a refreshing change from Barack Obama.




West is a man of conviction and principles, which is such a refreshing, change from Mitt Romney.




We have to have a brokered convention to stop Romney and if we do, we need a good candidate.




Allen West might just be the man.


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Allen West is a one term Congressman with little name recognition. He is a great man, but could never mount a credible run for president at such a late date. There is only ONE person who could do that, and it's Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is the ONLY one who can fill any stadium, and the only one who can inspire the base to actually get out there and volunteer. BTW, she's already said whoever the nominee is, they need to pick Allen West as their Veep. So, you'd likely see a Palin/West ticket, which would win in a landslide.

Look, the notion o a brokered convention is fun, but is unlikely. Mitt Romney is gathering up delegates left and right, and we are fixin' to get to states that are winner-take-all. States that he will win easily.

Both Newt and Santorum are totally unacceptable, and the voters are now realizing it. So, unfortunately, Romney is going to be the nominee. That said, if there is to be a brokered convention and a new candidate to emerge, there is only one who can immediately take Obama down, and that's Sarah Palin.


He has been asked so many times to run and he says he is not interested right now.

He is the man that could take Obama down without a doubt, but unless someone can

talk him into it, it's a no go.  There was several websites in the past trying to get him to

run but he would not.  So sad


As you know, Sherry, I ran one of those websites.

I have never heard Col. West flatly rule out a presidential candidacy.

I have heard him say several times:  "I will not stand idly by and watch America sidle down the path to perdition!"

At a brokered convention, I believe, Col West, if drafted would answer the call to save our nation.

West/Palin,  or Palin/West.

Bring it on Baby!

A brokered convention is what the Republican Party needs.  Unfortunately no matter who the Republican Party's nominee is this is the last election that there will be a Republican Party as we know it.  Also the Republican Party doesn't have the finances to compete with Obama and the Democratic machine.  I do agree with Allen West with what he said to Nancy Pelosi, "Get the hell out of my country." That can be said to Obama, Reid and all the others there in D.C.  They are all traitors to this country.  

You are so right, Orville.  What WE are witnessing is the death of the repug party...thus the reason for their desperate attempt at running barry lite, who, btw, has some very REAL eligibility issues himself, or, some other RINO.

This is the beginning of a 2nd political party in America...thank GOD!!!!!

Next election....WTP, will, once again, have a true CHOICE!!!!!

And, before any of you think of blaming me for any of this....take a long, hard look at the repug party!!!!!!!




Memo to Sabato:  A brokered convention is a disaster only to the  GOP establishment!
A brokered convention is the only way America has a chance of survival.

A brokered convention will open the door to the candidacy of the following potential tickets:

Allen West/Alan Keyes

Sarah Palin/ Allen West

Tom Coburn/Steve King

Herman Cain/ Michelle Bachmann

Do any of those potential tickets excite the Tea Party?

A brokered convention? In Allen West's words, "Bring it on Baby!"

He has always been my choice..He has said he wouldn't run ..that he is focusing

on his own race in Florida..However, miracles do happen...I am really sure we

could win if he would step up to the plate and hit his home runs ...as he does

everytime he speaks!

I'm not a betting man. But if I were, I would bet that you (Judson) have not been a delegate to more than maybe one or two conventions, if any, and have never seen what goes on behind the scenes.

My first foray into GOP convention politics was in 1972. Besides being a delegate to the Texas GOP Senatorial Convention in Galveston that year, I was also the Nueces County Chairman for the Hank Grover for Governor Campaign. (Nueces County was Grover's home county.) I have attended more conventions than I can count since then, including a national convention.

So let me assure you that in a brokered convention, whoever comes out with the nomination will be the person that the RNC sees as having best "paid his dues." Therefore, it will not be a Gingrich or a West or anyone else who the TEA Party might want. In fact, you can bet that it will be someone far worse than Romney.

Certainly, a brokered convention will insure that Romney won't get the nomination, since the GOP Establishment doesn't think that he has "paid his dues." They don't think that West has "paid his dues" either.

So what does it mean to "pay your dues"?

It means that you have been around long enough for the people in power to see that you will toe the party line.

The RNC is comprised of people who are elected by the various state GOP conventions. But that's not as simple as it sounds. To be elected Committeeman or Committeewoman, you have to be seen as deserving of the post. That's just another way of saying that you are seen as having paid your dues. These are, for the most part, ordinary people, who have been party activists for decades and are a known quantity. The state convention officials see to it that only those who have "paid their dues" get elected to the highest positions, such as state chairman, committeeman and committeewoman. Most delegates to the convention don't know those who are running for those positions, so when the Governor and the state senators speak in favor of one candidate, guess who most of the convention votes for.

What this means is that the vast majority of RNC members have an inherent respect for the system that put them in their exalted positions. These are the people who control the convention. Make no mistake. After the first vote, the leadership is in control. They control who sits on the rules committee and the credentials committee. They will use those committees to eliminate problems, before the come up. Potentially problematic delegates will not be seated. Rule challenges will always favor the people who have "paid their dues." They will schedule conflicting meeting times for those who might cause them problems, so those people won't be able to be in two places at once. I've seen it all and I know that it works. After the first vote, the RNC will eventually get their way.

The result will certainly be someone far worse than Romney. Just imagine a nominee like John "Spineless" Boehner. But whoever it ends up being, you can count on one thing. It will be someone who is part of the current problem. At least Romney is not a Washington insider. That's not much solace. But as someone who has seen the inside of the convention process, I can assure you that he will be far better than anything that will come out of a brokered convention.

But while considering a brokered convention, there's one more issue to consider. There won't be one.

Romney is well on his way to securing the nomination before June. He only needs 49% of the remaining delegates and that number will drop after he wins Illinois, today. Furthermore, the race is heading into several big winner-take-all states, where Romney is heavily favored, in all but one. Texas might have given him problems, had the Texas primary not been postponed by the court. But TX now votes so late that by the time we get to the polls, Romney will be seen as the winner and even Texas, which is a proportional primary, will give him a fair number of delegates. Of course, California will put him easily over the top, with their 172 winner-take-all delegates.

It's over. It has been over since March 13, when Romney split the South, winning 14 of Mississippi's delegates, to Santorum's 13 delegates. Who wudda thunk it? If Romney can win Mississippi, then a brokered convention is not a possibility, since the nomination is already his.

It's time to focus on Congress, so we can have a solid conservative front to keep Romney in line.

Well said John~!!!





Mr. Gaver,

I appreciate your Convention experience, but in 1972, not to mention in 2008, there was no Tea Party Conservatives with the power that turned the majority in Congress to Republican in 2010.  I am a Delegate-at-large in Nevada this year, and though I have not paid my dues for 10 years, I have been an investigative reporter for >30 yrs in all the mediums, and for the past 3 years I have been communicating with many politicians, both NV and national.  Plus, now the Republican elites are running scared, as they can see that we know them for what most of them are:  RINOS.  One of the first thing the new Administration has to do is rid our country of corrupt politicians of both parties--all the way down to Commissioners in small towns.  That will save billions in itself.

Anything can happen within the next few months to change the entire political scene--including arresting Obama for Treason for being ineligible to run in the first place, and bringing down many of his supporters and media who knew about it but did nothing to stop it. That is our first priority, and since the media and corrupt judges won't do it, We the People are going to have to push it all the way in any way we can!  I have lots of evidence myself. Without Obama, we won't have to worry about the $Billions of dollars (plus Taypayer $$) he is spending on his campaign, or in spending money to repeal ObamaCare or any of the other damaging Acts and Bills he made.

In all the time Romney has been running for election and outspending his contenders with $millions of his own money plus that of SuperPACs, he has not been able to rise far above his contenders.  No one can say how many votes he will get except GOD, and hopefully HE will help us stop him in his tracks and allow us a brokered convention.

I personally like Gingrich/Palin or vice/versa; Palin/Caine, Palin/West, or Palin/Bachmann; or Gingrich/Caine. And then have the new President name Palin as Secretary of Energy, Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury, West or Perry as Secretary of Defense, Bachmann as Secretary of State, and others I've mentioned above as Cabinet members or Ambassadors.  Mario Cuomo  and Jingal are not natural born citizens and are ineligible to be President, but they could be in the Cabinet or one of the Secretaries.  


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