Breaking News: Tea Party Nation endorses conservative challenger to Lamar Alexander



A conservative challenger has emerged to take on Lamar Alexander. 


His name is Joe Carr.


“We enthusiastically endorse Joe Carr in the Tennessee Republican Senate Primary,” said Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, following Carr’s announcement this morning that he would challenge Lamar Alexander.


“At TPN, we refer to Senator Alexander as ‘Liberal Lamar’ because he votes with Barack Obama more often than he votes the way the people of Tennessee want him to vote.   Perhaps he should be referred to as the Senator from Obama.”


Joe Carr has established a track record in the Tennessee House of Representatives as a solid conservative.   Lamar Alexander should be the top target of conservatives looking to oust RINOs in 2014.  While most conservatives are focusing on defeating Lindsey Graham, Lamar’s record shows that he is more of a threat to conservatism.  While he does not attract the attention Graham does, his voting record is worse and he does more damage to the cause of conservatism than Lindsey Graham does.


Tennessee conservatives should unite around Joe Carr, a patriot and a great candidate.


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So very happy to hear this. 

Thanks for the info, Judson!

It looks like I had last looked at Rep. Joe Carr - (Tennessee General Assembly)

on 8/20/13, when he announced a bid to oppose Scott Desjarlaisin the 4th district primary. (Perhaps Scott's not so bad...the Left really hates him)

I'm busy looking for more information about Joe Carr! But I have no doubt that he's a better choice than Lamar.

Liberal Lamar remains an embarrassment to the Red State of Tennessee. Go for it, Joe!

There were a couple of Tennessee State Representatives that were interested in challenging for Scott Desjarlais' seat...Joe Carr was one of them... Senator Jim Tracy was another.

For a good Conservative candidate for NC to Replace Kay Hagan you should check out Heather Grant. She not only is an Army Veteran she is also in the medical field. She is not a career politician just a Good person tired of DC. She wants ocare defunded she wants common core gone and is Honest.
We need to throw out most Republicans in our state, they have been just as bad if not worst than the Democrats

I will research him.

Give em Hell, I hope we can find a qualified or just honest contender for ever one of them that have to run in 2014. We should win them all but with the DOJ fighting voter ID for obvious reasons who can tell.

We need a detailed list of true Conservatives challenging the RINO's across the US so we can support them.

Paul Broun for Senator in Georgia.

Thanks for the information, Judson. If you want to back real conservatives for the senate in other states, please research for yourself, Steve Lonegan of NJ. That's right a true conservative in over 4 decades. Last week he won the republican primary defeating Christie's choice.

This is to fill the late Senator Lautenberg's seat. He is the real deal and is very devoted to the tea party. He was the former director of the NJ chapter for the Americans For Prosperity.

This weekend Christie endorsed him only because he wants to gain back the conservative votes. He really is for Corey Booker, mayor of Newark, who is running against Steve on the democrat ticket. Imagine that he said that in public!

It's known for a long time that Christie has no use for Lonegan, that alone speaks volumes. Christie is just pandering to the grass roots. However, who knows once he's in that voting booth, if he might pull the lever for Booker.


I will support Joe Carr.

will not endorse him unless he gets the job done....to much of the same....vote for me....vote for me...

and nothing happen......we will see....


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