Bovine Scatology is not the newest alternative fuel source the Obama Regime wants to waste our tax dollars on.  If you are not familiar with the term, just think BS and you are accurate.


What is the latest load of bovine scatology the Obama Regime is selling us?


It is the claim the Regime wants to see lower gas prices.  In fact just the opposite is true.


Testifying before Congress yesterday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said lowering gas prices was not a priority for the Regime.


Chu was asked directly by Mississippi Congressman Alan Nunnelle if the goal of the Regime was to lower gas prices.   Chu said the over all goal of the Regime was to lower dependence on oil!


One of the easiest ways to reduce the consumption of a particular time is to raise the price of it.  It is simple economics.  If you raise the price, you lower the demand. 


There you have it.  The Obama Regime has no interest in helping real Americans who are paying more and more for gas.   Who is hurt the most by high gas prices?  It is the middle class and the poor.


Why would Obama want high gas prices?


It is his love for leftist ideology.  Between the radical environmentalists who want us to go back to the pre-industrial age and the radical leftists who want to see America brought down to her knees, Obama’s energy strategy is a socialist’s dream come true.


Before he became Energy Secretary, Steven Chu in 2008 said that we needed to figure out a way to raise American gas prices to the levels they have in Europe.  Just in case you are wondering what the Regime has in store for real Americans, the price of gas in Europe is roughly ten dollars a gallon.


I have mentioned in the past one of the fastest ways we could see an economic recovery is to crash the oil markets and get gas down to a dollar a gallon. 


Is this possible?  Sure it is.


Does anyone remember the summer of 2008?  Gas went up to well over $4 a gallon.   George Bush revoked the executive order banning off shore drilling and within six months the price of gas had cratered.  The day Barack Obama took office, I put gas in my car and it was $1.61 a gallon.   One of Obama’s first acts was to rescind Bush’s order.  Gas prices have risen steadily since then.  Even in 2008, while Obama was campaigning, he said he did not have a problem with $4 a gallon gas.  His only problem was that the price had risen so fast.


If we could get gas down to $1 a gallon, it would free up a lot of money to be spent in the economy.  It would be an instant stimulus that would get America back to work.


It would also be a nightmare for the America hating socialists in the Obama regime.


This is why we must elect conservatives this year and why we must put a conservative in the White House. 


Can you imagine what the price of gas will be four years from now if we have to endure another four years of Obama?





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Obama's attempt to decrease our dependence on oil is akin to a psychopath attempting to impart knowledge through the application of pain. Necessity being the mother of invention, we'll come up with the answer when we believe it's the only way to make the pain stop.

By jacking the price of oil through the roof, he attempts to force us to come up with a new energy source. We suffer, you see, because we're just not trying hard enough to come up with the magical formula for clean, renewable energy.

So he punishes coal and oil companies (and doesn't do a thing to spark the production of new nuclear plants) and passes out subsidies and grants to solar/wind and other "green" ideas, along with shoving the Chevy Volt onto us -- not because these ideas are better or actually work, but because the greenies are TRYING, you see, and the rest of us are just too backward to get the message.

It is a manufactured crisis and pure, manipulative hubris. In the end, when we're all riding bicycles and driving no further than twenty miles a day, we'll thank him that he finally got rid of those pesky, polluting, planet-killing cars. In the meantime, he expects us to bend over and scream, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?" as he applies the paddle to our collective hindquarters.

This Marxist regime continues to prove to America exactly who they are and what they stand for . . . . . we should have a record number of votes cast for Constitutional Conservatives and against Democrats in Local, State and Federal elections - - - if not, we lose our freedom, possibly forever.

This sure is an awfully sad way to motivate voters . . . . . hope it works!



NO Bonzo is in a dream world. The green slime is NOT the answer, perhaps he's golfing too much on the green turf, and his wife is force feeding him to much green stuff.  Give me a  break, we are not stupid and you know what we don't want anti Americans here, nor anti business creeps period!!!!!! rise up

 Please note it's not just oil that Obama means to control.  Right now he's warning if the CA water bill before the House right this minute passes the Senate he will veto it.

What would be gained by his doing so?  For starters:

1. 30 thousand jobs minimum gone for good

2. The end of Central California's agricultural benefit to the nation

The Obama administration set up a battle over California water rights breaking a 1994  agreement and now Democrats are claiming Central California is trying to destroy an Obama/Pelosi/Feinstein propelled "Water settlement" with Bay Area liberals.

The point seems more obvious as high speed rail becomes the latest Obama favorite for Central CA, all this to pave over this valley to become a midpoint suburb commute for LA and SF.

-and for a real kick of an irony, those out of work when they dried up the Valley two years ago were served carrots from China in the food lines.

I can tell you for sure we'll want you all out in the streets with us on this one!!!

We must do every thing to ensure Obama doesn't get reelected.  4 more years of him and America is doomed

UN Agenda 21 ....trickling down.

Do you see it?


From then out it was inner sabouters and not accepting outside help that led to damages far worse than neccessary.

Now we have a behind the scene deal for damages paid, which we'll never hear the truth about.

When it comes time for criminal charges to be filed, wanna bet a plea deal is arranged.

Damn, that was a sweet operation.  Maybe we can copy it against a real enemy.

New Zealand is sure pretty.  I'll check out the details.  Let you know.

Peter Sowatskey

I just received this as an email.  I don't know the dates but I have seen some parts of this videos before.

This will leave you Fighting Mad!!  This insults my Country and Demands his EXIT!!  

WE WERE TOLD TO WATCH FOX 2-3 TIMES ON CERTAIN DATES ABOUT "OBAMA" VIDEO, BUT IT WAS NEVER AIRED. BE SURE ALL YOUR FRIENDS SEE IT BY CLICKING YOUTUBE BELOW. It runs ten (10) minutes so don't let the breaks fool you. I trust that it will stay on the Internet long enough for you to view.

Subject: Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Hannity from Airing this Piece

I guess this video lays to rest any questions as to where our President stands on religion.


This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks.


Watch it now before it gets pulled from the internet!

Copy and paste:

 I just received this email, I don't know the dates for this but I have seen some parts before now.  YOU BE THE JUDGE




I could care less of what religion our President is. Religion should be something personal not something to run on.

And our founding fathers came here to this country to escape the religious persecution that was rampent in England/Eroupe at the time.


[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

I think you need to stop watching Fox News.

This response is best left in your own words.

I don't give a flying f*&3k about what you think, so get lost, you jackass!


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