Boehner: Breaking out the white flag of surrender… again.



If there is anything consistent about John Boehner, it is his willingness to surrender.   Boehner may have the greatest political mandate since Ronald Reagan, but his actions are more akin to Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama.


Boehner surrendered in the budget negotiations.  Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Harry Reid were all thanking their lucky stars to have a chump on the other side of the table.  Instead of negotiating from a position of strength, Boehner did every thing possible to lose and he did. 


Tonight, Boehner goes to New York to give a speech to the Economic Club of New York.   His speech will be the 21st century version of Neville Chamberlin’s “Peace in our time” speech.    Boehner is there to reassure the CEO’s and Wall Street titans that yes, he is going to raise the debt ceiling.


Everyone with half a brain realizes there are major problems with government, starting with the entitlement system is totally out of control.  Boehner wants to have an “honest conversation” with Harry Reid and Barack Obama about this. 


Does anyone else feel like their head is going to explode when a Republican comes out with this drivel about an “honest conversation?”


First, the word honest and Harry Reid do not go in the same sentence.  It is an oxymoron.   Second, how do you have an “honest conversation” with people who do not want to have an “honest conversation?” 


The liberals do not want an honest conversation.  They want to expand the entitlement system until it bankrupts America.   The Democrats are not suddenly going to come to the table and say, “you know, all of those programs we have championed for the last seventy years really have been bad for America and we are going to abandon all of these entitlements.”


Boehner seems to think he will walk in, pour Reid and Obama a gin and tonic, sit down and five minutes later, they are going to agree with him. 


I have been a life long Republican but what is it about my party that makes it the prime requirement to achieve leadership seems to be that you be a spineless moron!


Earth to John Boehner.  You were put in the Speaker’s chair to fix the problem, not to have an “honest conversation.”  Put up your freshly laundered white flag of surrender and pretend you are a conservative.


Unfortunately, we know that is not going to happen.  It is up to us to put the fear of God or at least the fear of the electorate into our congressmen.  We have to convince our congressmen, particularly the freshman who ran as Tea Party candidates, if you vote to increase the debt ceiling, we will vote to put you out of office. 


While the vote is probably not now going to take place until this summer, we must be relentless.  In February 2010, Congress raised the debt ceiling by $2 trillion.  Congress managed to blow that $2 trillion in fifteen months.   Now they want to borrow another $2 trillion with the reality that they will burn through this $2 trillion faster than they blew through the last. 


As with everything else, stopping this madness is our responsibility.  Keep calling.  Our country cannot survive much more.

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Did he ever put the flag away?
No.  And he wonders why we've targeted him for defeat!

I think that Boehner now figures that he's already made Republican voters so angry that regardless of what he does on the debt limit or anything else, he's still going down in 2012, so this is some sort of sick way of getting even with the voters who are going to oust him from his nice cushy job. He wants to do as much damage as he can, before leaving, so he can derive some sort of sick satisfaction from screwing the people who had the audacity to put the good of the country and the party, before worshiping him as the GOP's "Savior", by ousting him.


The case for replacing Boehner… At All Costs

Agree!  Throw out the Dems and RINO's 2012!



When will we realize that BOTH PARTIES are responsible for this mess? We have the fox and the coyote negotiating about the chickens.
Right on Brother
No,,,he never put it away,,,he carries it around in his back pocket,,,the Left pocket.
Well we can keep pressure on the individual House members to vote NO,NO,NO on raising the debt ceiling and override Mr. Surrender without a fight!
Ron Paul!
Ron Paul is one member of the House we need to keep pressure on.
Ron Paul supporters are the founders of the Tea Party movement. Ron Paul's goals are to reduce the debt, do away with the Federal Reserve and cut spending. Do you really think we are going to change the Republican Party ? I don't. Most of the Republicans are sellout to BIG MONEY. The Democrats and Republicans are just the opposites sides of the same coin. I don't believe Ron Paul to be a sellout, if anyone has proof that he is please let me know. My opinion is that the Tea Party is trying to fix something that can't be fixed; The Republican Party.
Ron Paul is not the face of the Tea Party movement. Sure, he's a fiscal conservative, but that's where the common goal begins and ends. Paul is an isolationist, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, a blame America first nutjob. Beyond the budget and economy, that turkey has nothing in common with the Tea Party. Aren't Libertarians also open border advocates?


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