Barack Obama and the Party of Treason are on a roll. 


He has John Boehner and the Republicans on the ropes.   It is no longer a question of will Boehner surrender but what will be the terms of his surrender.    The Republican resistance to Obama has all but collapsed as Obama simply waits for the pressure to increase on Boehner and for Boehner to surrender.


John Boehner and the Republicans are no longer the opposition to Obama.  We the people are. 


So if we are the opposition, how do we beat Obama?


The Republicans have become so incompetent that the issue is no longer spending.  Obama and the Democrats, along with their allies in the mainstream propaganda media have turned the issue into soaking the rich with new taxes. 


The Republicans messaging has been worse than incompetent.  It has been non-existent.  Perhaps if John Boehner and Eric Cantor were a little less worried about purging the House leadership of conservatives and a little more worried about doing what the people put them in power to do, the result might be better.


It is up to us to stop Obama.


Well, someone is going to as, if the Republicans cannot do it, how are we going to?


Does anyone remember the Tea Party movement?


In order to stop him, we must understand a few things about Obama that the Republicans seem incapable of understanding.


First, Obama is playing to win.  He is not interested in a compromise that is in the best interest of the nation.  In fact, he is only interested in policies that destroy this nation.


Obama knows that if he can force Boehner to surrender on taxes, not only does he fuel a massive increase in federal spending with these new taxes, he also breaks the back of the Republican Party.


Obama also wants the liberal Holy Grail.  He wants the ability to unilaterally borrow money.  Ignoring for a moment that giving Obama that power is unconstitutional, it is the ultimate power grab.


If Barack Obama is given that power, he will borrow so much money that America will look like Greece by the end of his second term.  But that is the goal.


So how do we stop him?


We bypass the media, which is slavishly devoted to Obama, and we reach out and tell people what is going on.  We change the narrative.


The problem is spending. 


Every year, the General Accountability Office identifies hundreds of billions of dollars in waste, fraud and duplicated services.   Is it fair for any American to pay another cent in taxes when the government wastes billions of dollars?


The senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee is Maxine Waters.  She steered $12 million dollars of stimulus money to her husband’s bank to bail him out.  Is it fair to ask any American to pay another cent in taxes when politicians are using the treasury as their personal piggybank?


80% of the Green Energy loans have been given to Obama campaign contributors.  Is it fair to ask any American to pay another cent in taxes when the Obama Regime uses the Treasury as a slush fund to reward its supporters?


These are the messages we need to be getting out because the GOP is incapable of offering a coherent message.


How do we do this?


We do it the way we do all grassroots activity.


Almost every one of us has a Facebook page and an email list.   Start posting this on your Facebook page and start sending this info to your friends.  Conservative news sites such as Breitbart.com and other regularly write about this.   Share these stories with your friends.  Use a search engine and look for stories about government waste and share these with your friends.


Every week, our friends at the Washington Guardian offer a “Golden Hammer” award to the worst instance they can find that week of government waste.  They are not running short on stories. 


Share these with your friends. 


By doing this at the grass roots level, we can change this narrative.   The Republicans are not going to defeat Obama.  They could not even find their head if they were searching for it with both hands, standing in front of a mirror.


It is up to us to change this narrative and to fight this fight.  If enough people are outraged, the Democrats who do have to face the voters in 2014 will put enough pressure on Obama to rein him in.


This is how we must fight because now this battle is left to us.



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We need to start with sharing this on the Tea Party Community.net.. get a page there and start with those friends and thn go to Facebook and then email. I have noted that if we start with like minded people where NO liberals can interject...the sharing goes wild. When a liberal can reply to anything you post the message is distracted by going after the liberal and then people forget to share. ;) We DO need to stop them, but when is the Tea Party going to rally to STOP Boehner? WE have to DO this...he has chosen to dis us...so let's show him how DUMB that WAS!!

We have to call our congressmen & senators. Period. They are not hearing from us. They're mainly hearing spam & astroturf from the Left.

It does make a difference, look at how much was stopped in '09 & '10 when the Left was in complete charge.

If we call congress & let them know we are behind them when they stand up for what is right, they will be energized to do so. It's human nature.


""{{\WE THE PEOPLE}}"" You and I must arrest Obama and his cronies, judge  them, and if guilty Deport them to the Communist Country of their choice.  And immediately withdraw from the Satanically controlled United Nations.


Absolutely, Chaplain, this HAS to happen First!

Good bye Boehner. Good bye Obama and take that thing, your wife, with you.

How do we do this The GOP candidates won't and the DNC is the treason party, we need a new party to elect from. The Constitution Party since the Tea Party only talks, but won't take the next step.

If you can't take over the Republican party, then a 3rd party would be less than worthless.

We're never going to be able to elect some group to do the job of being a citizen for us.

Finally!!!  an action plan so that we the people can spread the news!!!   Bravo Judson!  I was getting so tired of hearing complaints about the unfairness of the media and the cowardly Republicans, John Boehner is the worst!  We've heard all of this!  Over and over and over and over again for years and years!  Conservative radio talk show hosts and the conservative writers sound like a broken record!  I quit listening and reading anything about politics.  The title of this blog caught my attention and I hoped for something refreshing and different!  Sometimes I find myself wishing they would just give Obama exactly what he wants so that when everything falls apart those citizens who are asleep will wake up and the koolaid drinking Obama fans will hopefully realize that capitalism and the constitution work.  If the Republicans stop Obama in anyway, then conservatism will be blamed when the inevitable bottom falls out.  I would love to hear everyones thoughts on that. 

I plan to repost this to my Tea Party websits as well.  But as I told them"

"Look, there isn't a thing here that can't be fixed by only twenty to thirty yards signs stuck in each precinct by next election time, all starting from one JOIN TEA PARTY (online) yard sign being stuck in the ground right about now.

If you want to target Speaker: John Boehner, Sens. Lindsey Graham, and Clarence Saxby Chambliss. We can buy and distribute yard signs, at least five per precinct, in every one of these three gentlemen's Congressional districts."

ex animo

It has to start locally & from there it will go on up for sure. Just like Agenda 21 must be stopped & NOW as far too many cities have already fallen into the so called stustainabilty hoax

It's time to say adios to John Boehner, for he has become an O'Bummer lackey. The Republican party has caved and now is little more than a shallow echo of the dummycrap party. We now have no conservative voice. The Libertarian Party is too extreme for the tastes of most conservatives. The Tea Party, or equivalent, is our only hope of saving our republic. How do we go about setting up a true conservative party with only political candidates that reflect conservative values and are obedient to the constitution and the intents of the founding fathers?

Herb please e mail your House of Representative members. Ask them to vote Boehner out as Speaker of the House January 3, 2013, when Congress comes back. We only need 16 more votes and John crying Boehner is gone.


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