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Barack Obama, military genius is at it again.  Just as he did with General Stanley McChrystal a couple of years ago, he is denying the military what they say they need to get the job done. 


From the Daily Beast:


As Western diplomats meet this week in Baghdad to try to coax Iran’s leaders to disclose its full nuclear program, Gen. James Mattis will be keeping an eye on the Persian military.


Mattis wanted to send a third aircraft-carrier group to the Persian Gulf earlier this year, The Daily Beast has exclusively learned, in what would have been a massive show of force at a time when Iranian military commanders were publicly threatening to sink American ships in the Strait of Hormuz. The four-star Marine Corps general and CentCom commander believed the display could have deterred Iran from further escalating tensions, according to U.S. military officials familiar with his thinking.


But the president wanted to focus military resources on new priorities like China, and Mattis was told a third carrier group was not available to be deployed to the Gulf.


The carrier-group rebuff in January was one of several for the commander responsible for East Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Working for the Obama administration, Mattis has often found himself the odd man out—particularly when it comes to Iran.


Military sources close to the general tell The Beast that Mattis was worried that the president’s decision, announced in November, to fully withdraw from Iraq would leave the U.S. military without access to the country’s bases and with few options to project power in the region. The military had been negotiating with the Iraqi government for continued access to bases there for some intelligence, training, and counterterrorism missions until Obama announced his decision to the press in November.


Once again, Barack Obama military genius really screws things up.


The General in charge says he needs a third aircraft carrier.  But Obama knows better. 


Thanks to the Obama Defense budget cuts, pretty soon a third carrier anywhere is going to be an impossibility.  Currently, the USS Enterprise is patrolling the Persian Gulf on what will be her final deployment.  Enterprise will return to the United States late this year to be decommissioned.  That will leave the United States with only ten aircraft carriers.


In the 1980’s, the Navy considered it essential that the United States have 15 aircraft carriers. 




Because they are not all available at the same time.  These ships have to go to and from their assignments.  They have to spend time in port being repaired and reloaded and finally, the sailors and marines on the carrier and its support ships have these things called families they like to see occasionally.


Thanks to Bill Clinton and his “peace dividend,” the navy was shrunk.  George Bush did the Navy no favors when he was President and Barack Obama is gutting the budget, making the navy now smaller than it has been at anytime since World War 1. 


We live in the most dangerous times since World War 2.  We have good men and women in our armed forced protecting us.  And then we have Barack Obama, military genius, who knows more than those in uniform about protecting our nation.


Doesn’t that make you sleep better at night?


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Could it be he is a military genius? By using our forces and depleting our weapons inventory to drive out inconvenient dictators to aid the formation of a new caliphate strikes me as pure genius.

Didn't the Minister of Industry of Pakistan proclaim in 2008 that BHO would become the Supreme Caliph?

Nothing else fits save for pure hatred of our nation or plain stupidity.

The question was....What does our military need from Obama that they don't get?

Answer:   LEADERSHIP which you can't get from somone who never spent a minute in the military or any time

leading anything else except people to the food stamp line.

And so it continues, the parasitism of the left and its professional entitlement class continues to eat away at the nation. National defense, one of the very few things our government is specifically tasked with, is now being dismembered to feed the ever increasing horde of government created dependents, victims, and parasites.


The elections of 2012, especially the House and Senate, loom large. Hopefully we can keep that moron Romney under control.

we are set to have the fewest ships since world war 2 and obama wants further cuts to the military but he refuses to cut any liberal programs.

I live in anxiety and fear for our nation daily.  We have a man in the WH that is selling U.S. to the other countries through leaving and giving our weapons to Iraq, Libyia, Mexican cartel, giving NATO our drones, Iran our Drones, sending $4.5B by executive order to Egypt to support the Muslim Brotherhood, releasing terrorist, raising insurance for our military but yet spending $750,000 for a soccer field for terrorist, threatening Christians and Jewish people in U.S. and around the world.  He supports the riots by the left and I hear he wants the military to wear NATO logos now.  He is building himself us to be the head of NATO and down with the U.S. (just wait till after the elections and then I'll.....).  He is trying to rewrite our Bible and our history.  He takes away what is due senior citizens by given breaks to everyone that is still working by taking 2% off the senior citizen medicare income from taxes and saying he gives tax break to people.  We are living in a LIE! and we need to get this man out of control now.  All our secrets are given to the enemies and his friends but not Americas.

Suprised that he has an American Flag in his presence. Probably has 57 stars on it.


He never wore a lapel flag until confronted about it while running in 2008. However, "he wears it all the time now"....even when "wearing a tuxedo"....duh !


A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.

Einstein's desk

Obam has done nothing but blow US strategy in their efforts to maintain anything worthwhile It borderlines on treason and has to be dealt with now more than ever. If not our country as a whole might as well line up and take their turn getting fired upon where they stand. He sure as hell isn't helping anyone that has a stake in keeping freedom for ALL people within the US borders right now.  

Just like Hitler, who would have won WWII if he had listened to his commanders, Obama is determined to believe that "in all things" he knows best. Arrogance will be Obama's undoing.

Thank Billy but Dorris P., sent it to me. Dorris is a great lady.

Maybe he liked what his muslim bother did?


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