Barack Obama is a poster child for bad behavior.  Unfortunately that bad behavior is spreading.




The French politician who said Indian steel company ArcelorMittal should leave the country has told CNBC that his government is only acting like U.S. President Barack Obama.

Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg, a member of the governing Socialist party, caused controversy last week when he said that the Indian company, which employs close to 20,000 people in France, should leave after it said it would have to close down a factory.

The French government announced on Thursday that it could nationalize the factory in question, with backing from an unnamed businessman.

The news raised the specter of the nationalizations of the early 1980s, which were instigated by Hollande’s predecessor Francois Mitterrand.

Montebourg told CNBC after a meeting with trade unions in Paris: “Barack Obama's nationalized. The Germans are nationalizing. All countries are nationalizing. I've also noticed the British nationalized 6 banks.”

Montebourg is believed to be referring to the takeover of struggling automakers by the U.S. government earlier in the financial crisis.

Lakshmi Mittal, the tycoon who leads ArcelorMittal, met with Montebourg’s boss, Socialist President Francois Hollande earlier in the week, but the men appeared to have failed to resolve the issue.

Montebourg brushed off comparisons with that era. He said: “It's a very good sign to send out (to investors). Nationalizing is a very modern step to take. Especially when you not only nationalize losses but profits as well, when you make public/private partnerships. This is our strategy.

“The strategy we're putting forward is extremely modern and adapted to the current times of crisis. It's a way of making the economy work in the interests of industry, more than just helping the financial sector,” he added.


Bad behavior is contagious.  And that is certainly happening here.


Do you want to destroy an economy; you can do in one easy step.  Just start nationalizing businesses.  Capital will dry up in a hurry.  After all, who wants to invest in a business only to see a government take it away or be put in the position of being forced to yield to outrageous government demands or see your business taken from you?


Obama did this with General Motors.  The precedent is set. 


This is why you do not reward bad behavior.  This is why we will see the Great Obama Depression get worse in the next four years.  All because we have rewarded bad behavior. 

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Try his DADDY was a PRINCE!!!!!

Prince of DARKNESS, that is!

At least the French president is honest and calls himself a Socialist.  The dishonesty of the democRATs never ceases to amaze me.  I never heard any GOP contender call Obama a Socialist either, except for Newt.  I don't even hear it today.  It makes me think they are all on the same side - against US.

"When you nationalize not only losses but profits as well"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but "nationalized losses" are paid for by taxpayers.  How many people are stupid enough to believe that there will be any profits?  If there are any, they won't be returned to those taxpayers.  Until they lose their jobs in the resulting crappy economy...

"We" didn't reward Obama's bad behavior -- the loons of the Recipient Classes did when they voted him back into office -- and, or turned blind eyes to the probable corrupted election results...but it is WE who will pay the price of their collective bad behavior...but no matter -- this nation is all but done...before this monster's second term is out the nation we've known will be gone...what comes thereafter only a few people know...the ones who have planned this catastrophe.

The only thing that history proves...is that people learn nothing from history.

I'm NOT willing to say WE THE PEOPLE re-elected this anti-American muslim whose whole philosophy is culturally un-American, a marxist who has NO integrity, personal leadership, or business accomplishment.  This "COMMUNIST WITHOUT QUESTION PROMOTING THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO WITHOUT CALLING IT SO"---direct quote from writer Xavier Lerma, writing about BaROKE OWEbama in the RUSSIAN newspaper, PRAVDA---with ZERO accomplishments won over an successful leader whose personal leadership, business accomplishments, integrity, character ranked him in the top 1% of all Americans. And HE DID IT WITH VOTE FRAUD THAT OCCURRED ALL OVER THIS NATION.  NO, America LOST this election because the DemocRATS, marxists and America-haters were more successful in VOTE FRAUD CRIMES than honest, law-abiding, American loving citizens could overcome.

Conspiracy theories fall apart fast, as soon as people realize that we as people simply don't have the capacity to cooperate on these large scale deception activities that are supposedly taking place.  

We need to articulate a position that is not hate filled rhetoric, but is fact-based and appeals to the 90% of the US population that are fiscal conservatives and moderates.  Every time we call the President a marxist, traitor, antichrist, etc.... we look foolish and give the Tea Party haters more ammo.  At some point we went from being a movement that was focused on fiscal conservatism to being the judges of all moral and religious issues.

I think we're suffering from a lot of self-inflicted wounds, and need to think hard about the words we use and the message we send.

I could not disagree more.

"The enemies of freedom have left us no choice.  They have set out to completely destroy the spirit that is America and all who hold it dear.  Anyone, who does not completely agree with them are their enemy and they offer no quarter!  They will allow for nothing but the complete destruction of all who oppose them!

They have set the Rules of Engagement.  So be it!  From this day forward make the commitment to take the battle to them – on their own terms!  The lines have been drawn.  No one can remain “undecided”.  There are only two sides – Americans & Serfs!  You are either one hundred percent American or you are not American at all!"


Have the People Failed the Spirit?


Part of our mission is to influence others through some mechanism, to at least agree with us that our Government needs greater levels of conservatives values be the guiding mechanisms by which we, as a nation operate.  My point, and I hope you agree, is that the more people we can openly discuss our position with in a respectful dialogue, then the greater our chances are for success.

It bothers me that we seem to be very quick to show is disdain for anyone who does not pass our "litmus test" of some sort of purity.  I don't think open dialogue and discussion is possible unless we're willing to meet in the middle, at least on some points we can agree with.

I spent the majority of my life serving in the military as an active duty soldier, and at no point did I ever believe I was only serving those who believed the same as me....

I expect I don't meet your definition of a 100% American...and I'm ok with that.




You are, most likely, familiar with Santayana's maxim, concerning those who cannot remember their history.  As a corollary to this, I contend that "Those who cannot remember their history do not know who they are". 


A definition of "100% American" necessarily requires an understanding of, what I call, "the spirit that is America".  Home of the eagle (the web site that the Eagle's Eyrie blog is part of) consists of over forty "pages" addressing this.  Any attempt to try and "summarize" that data here would be inadequate.


One aspect of our history is our ability to "compromise", on diverse issues, with those others who place the good of the Republic before anything else.  In short, those who understand that the freedoms they enjoy were earned, for them, by others and that they have a responsibility to continue the, never ending, struggle of those who came before.


I do not contend that "compromise" is not an important part of the spirit that made this nation a "melting pot".  What I do contend is that compromise with evil, is evil.  History is nothing but a record of actions and events.  It is not an "entity".  It cannot "repeat" itself.  As a record, it demonstrates, without a shadow of a doubt, that the intent of the current regime - and those who support it - IS evil!


True compromise only occurs when all parties benefit.  They absolutely refuse true compromise and will only accept the complete destruction, or enslavement, of those who differ with them.  They, not we, have dictated the "rules of engagement" and their terms amount to nothing less than a declaration of war!


Every attempt we have made, towards true compromise, has been rejected.  The record of the past four years is replete with examples.  All you have to do is look at what they are doing, with respect to the, so-called, "fiscal cliff", today to see that they refuse any true compromise and are willing to jeopardize the welfare of the nation rather than "compromise".  As such, it is our duty to oppose them, with every tool at our disposal, or we fail in our responsibility to this nation.


In closing, I would only ask two things.  The first is we must remember that the principles, values, ideals and goals, of our founders, transcend the artificial divisions of race, religion, nationality and time.  If we compromise on these then we are truly "evil".  The second is to ask that you do not "assume" what I think.  While I know you only from your posts I do not believe that you do not believe in the spirit that IS America.


Terry N. Reitz

I couldn't agree with you more.  You are spot-on as to why the TEA Party failed to see ANY gains in national politics in 2012 and truly lost credibility with so many more compared to the 2010 elections.  It's very sad that so many paranoid bigots have signed on to this movement and have truly polluted the waters that made the TEA Party so effective in 2010.  There is NO evidence that voter fraud occurred at a level that would have changed the outcome.  Obama is not a Muslim and even if he were, shame on you for thinking there is something wrong with that!  The UN isn't coming after our guns and mandating abortion.  It's ridiculous that these topics are even mentioned on a site for a movement that once relied on mathematical truths to frame our arguments about financial responsibility and limited government!


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