The news began to break about the Aurora shootings at the screening of the Dark Knight rises, when the left began to scream about the need for gun control in America.


Are the liberals right that we need more gun control or could more armed citizens have stopped this shooter?


We know certain things about the shooting.  First, the theatre was a gun free zone.  The Century theater made it a point of saying no firearms allowed.  Colorado, like many other states allows concealed carry.  But handgun permit holders could not carry there.


We also know the shooter made elaborate preparations, including wearing body armor. 


Would one or more people with their own guns have made a difference? 


According to a current and a retired law enforcement officer that I asked that question to, yes it would have.


Scott Robinson is a retired cop with 33 years experience.  I asked him, would an armed citizen have made a difference.  He said,  “In my professional opinion, even though the gunman was wearing body armor, etc., a bullet travelling at 1100 feet per second, especially several fired in rapid succession, would have at least knocked him down, disrupted his thought process, and would have made him much more vulnerable to capture or more.”


William Guthoerl is a law enforcement officer and I asked him the same question.  He said, “Oh, I no doubt think It would have.   Someone would have fired at him had they had a safe shot.  He was wearing a vest, so while he may not have taken a fatal shot I believe it would have distracted him or injured him enough to go down.”


The shooter chose a movie theater for one good reason.  He knew no one there would be armed.  He could shoot and have little risk of armed opposition until the police showed up. 


Every time conservatives start mentioning citizens carrying guns and using them in a situation like this, the left starts claiming that innocent people would be hit and the police might shoot the wrong person.  According to William Guthoerl destroys this argument.  He says, “I disagree.  I am also a permit holder.  I have stopped armed people and if someone is lawfully carrying, they have always told me so upon initial contact.  You are also trained in the HCP class to yell commands, such as drop your weapon or stop, much as we yell police, this should identify that the armed person is not a threat to those who use common sense.  A permit holder will generally ensure that his actions are the safest for a law enforcement officer when dealing with one, based on my experience with them.”


Liberals scream for the need for more gun control.  As always, they are wrong.  What America needs is not more gun control laws.  America needs more trained and armed citizens who are allowed to carry their weapons everywhere.  


That is how we prevent another Aurora massacre.


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The government, the UN has been trying to disarm America for many years now. Ask yourself why? If only the police and the criminals have guns, where will the citizens be?

EXACTLY!   Hide your weapons and ammo, and vote these bastarDs OUT!

Get involved !

This subject must be addressed on a Constitutional Right for people who are not for criminal intent, to kill to rob, to control...

 This Un needs America much more then America Need them...The Un asked for I think it was $980 Trillion Dollars to support their cause...

 The Un started the whole thing about Pharmaceutical Heroin as a Health Care Concept...so in a way this makes them Drug Dealers. And by the way 6 of their solders were killed under order to patrol and protect the Poppy Fields, and so was 3 American Solders...

What is offered is Drug Test to sort out Drug Addicts....a copy and paste for you...a truth..

                                   Drug Testing To Buy A Gun vs. The Reapers


 I went into the White House web site and placed a posting called...

Drug Testing To Buy A Gun vs. The Reapers....

and with some people, they did not support this, but in all due respect, this is not against Constitutional Law.

But what is against Constitutional Law, the failures of Government Officials to maintain the Prime Directive of the Constitution. Which is the Safe Keep Of the People.

 I waited for the information to be posted about James Holmes...he was a Heroin User, more so in Pharmaceutical Pills....why is this important for this Social Network of for Bloggers to know.... 
Heroin- back street or Pharmaceutical, changes the human mind, to the point that the human life, is nothing at all...this is a basic fact, that Government Officials knew and covered up the research data. Also it has been share that Heroin User hear voices, that some of them state it is a evil that talks to them...
from CBS News... 
www.cbsnews.com/.../james-holmes-24-identified-as-suspect-in-deadl...1 day ago – James Holmes, 24, identified as suspect in deadly mass shooting at .... Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, dynamite, cannons, machine guns and .... Note: Your e-mail address is used only to let the recipient know who sent .. 
www.glendalenewspress.com/Colorado shooting suspect worked for a summer as counselor at camp above Glendale. James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting, worked for .... Man pleads not guilty to heroin charge (3 comments) ... Terms of Use | Privacy Policy, Updated: 10/19/2011 | Glendale News-Press, 221 N. Brand ... 
www.huffingtonpost.com/crime/Aurora Shooting Suspect Purchased 6000 Rounds Of Ammunition Online ... and the faulty wiring inside the head of a man named James Holmes. ... with the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida, used it this week in an interview with Sean Hannity. ... By most estimates the country has one of the highest rates of heroin and ... 
I am going to take you back in time to when Congress Lady Gabby was shoot, and all the people killed, and the Death Of A Child Has Marked This Country for lack of Moral In-site. 
The man who shoot and killed all them people was a Heroin User. 
Just maybe some will take a stand with Us and not remove our Flag, this time Join us Patriots in one of the largest Boycotts in American History....we only offer a truth, you will have to walk through the door. 
sin., Henry Massingale Founder and Director of the 
International Boycott of The Arabic Drug Empire 

 to read all the comments:


I agree with both officers, and have been saying so on my own lists and forums.  And I add this:  If the perp is wearing body armor, that's why God invented .45ACP.  Not because it will penetrate, it won't.  But because it is more likely to induce the nervous system reaction that puts the perp on the ground.

And leaves a calling card that hurts,,,a bruise.

Bottom line is that it's NOT gun control, but just another brick in the wall of population control. To keep the general population under any and every type of control that Government can come up with. Liberals do not react to the people, they react to the situation that would allow more control in the name of 'security.'
Have said it before, and I'll ask it again; How many paralells are there between today, and Germany in the mid-1930s?
( I know BHO doesn't have a moustache, but...)

 "We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." ~Ronald Reagan

Thanks to Bobbie Patray for the quote!

I hold this Government In contempt of the Moral Value of Human life over the dollar for Pharmaceutical heroin...period.....

 I hold them accountable for this killing and other crimes..they knew then and still they did nothing for over Ten Years...a fact that I have proven....and so has a great many other sites...

 Individual Accountable is being seen where it was created at in the first place...you know of these things I share and so does all the Patriots in America....but some of the issues I share in now going to be a  individual  accountable for the 2012 Elections...and 2014 to 2016...bank on it..

If one person at the movies there had a Gun this would of been different...in prayers...This Pharmaceutical Heroin Addict should of never been allowed to by a GUN !

The purpose of the right to keep and bear arms is only incidentally to protect human life.  It's fundamental purpose is to protect human freedom from government tyranny.

Another conspiracy reason is the Bankers that were manipulating the LIBOR interest rates are trying to get a deal to buy their way out of jail.  This shooting took place at just the right time to keep Banker and Special Interest corruption out of the media.  I also noticed that about a week ago, the news media upped the discontent factor to shocking levels.  I turned the TV off.  Do you think it's possible that powerful interests have figured out that they can set off discontent crazies with the TV news?  They just need one incident to get people's minds off the criminal behavior of Bankers or whatever else they need to hide.  If they set off more than one crazy discontent, then you have copycat incidents.

Don't blame the bankers, it was Bush's fault!


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