If it is another week, it is another Obama vacation.


Last week, the Obamas sent Malia to Mexico on spring break with 25 Secret Service agents, costing the taxpayers who only knows what. 


This week, she is taking another spring break, this time going out west.


From The White House Dossier:


Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas.


Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.


According to the Rapid City Journal, Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore. Advance work had already been done by the Secret Service and White House staff, who had arrived in town earlier in the week.


After viewing the memorial, the Obamas “showed a bit of a sweet tooth,” according to the paper, and stopped at the Turtle Town fudge shop where they had fudge and ice cream.


The visit caused access to parts of the memorial to be restricted and required visitors to go through a security checkpoint.


After today’s Las Vegas stop, Mrs. Obama is scheduled to be in San Francisco Friday for a fundraiser.


Gee, a “private family trip.”  Isn’t that special.


A lot of Americans would like to take private family trips this year but can’t.  You know why?  Because of the Great Obama Depression. 


A lot of families would like to go on Spring Break, but they can’t.  You know why?  Because of not only the Great Obama Depression, but also because thanks to the policies of the Obama regime, gas prices are rocketing through $4 a gallon heading towards $5 a gallon.


A lot of these families would like to take vacations but they are worried about keeping their jobs.


Of course none of this matters to the Obamas. 


After all, the taxpayers simple exist to work and pay so Barry and Michelle can party.


Here’s hoping the Obamas enjoy their taxpayer funded vacation.  Next year, they will be footing the bill for a vacation themselves.



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Get them the Christ outta here!!!!!

The only vacation I'd like to see Obama on is one in jail for treason!

Amen to this Patricia.  He has committed more acts to be tried for treason than any other president in history!  Wonder why someone or the "elite" won't move on this???????   Too many $$$ behind him and too much corruption.  I just keep praying for our Country.


MaMaw "T"

Sorry Patricia, I don'y even want Obama there in jail, soaking up taxpayers dollars.  Simply set him adrift in the general direction of Kenya!



With Obama big ears, he could have his family on his back and then flap his ears and fly.  To Kenya I hope. After his term in prison.

Wheewwww I was soooooooo worried that Moochelle and the fam. wouldn't get some time off. She works so hard pillaging and stealing from the taxpayer. It would have been a downright shame if she didn't get to stop and stuff her fat face with ice cream and fudge.  Better watch it there Mooch all those calories go straight to the hips. Oops I'm sorry, I see you already know that but don't care.

I wonder if Barry is going to get a doggie bag. Naw probably not. But I'm sure happy at least I'm going to get stuck with the bill. I guess I shouldn't complain, at least I'm getting something.

He is not with the fam.....he's smokin the crack pipe with Larry instead, or maybe Timothy Geithner is his date.

Let's see...something like, "let them eat cake"!!

ROYALTY, The King and Queen dont care about spending our money because, according to them, they are worth it.

Id like to see them pay every personal vacation time back to the taxpayers.

I think the deal is that the Obama 'family' knew from the outset that they'd only get four years to live lavishly large on the public's dime so they're milking that cow for every drop of milk possible...Barry, or whoever this person is, really-really-really wants to be the last elected President of the United States but when he saw that the public couldn't be bamboozled into accepting his 'signature legislation' -- government controlled health insurance reform; he knew that the jig was up...his only real chance to retain power would be to stage some kind of coup -- possibly on the back of massive civil upheaval...

As his chances for starting up that kind of overthrow of the government gambit fade, he and The Missus have decided to party hardy on the public purse...

These people are low-life, penny-ante Chicago Leftist thugs and gutter trash...the sooner we rid of them the better...I don't want to give up even one of my declining number of days but November can't come soon enough for me.


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