If it is another week, it is another Obama vacation.


Last week, the Obamas sent Malia to Mexico on spring break with 25 Secret Service agents, costing the taxpayers who only knows what. 


This week, she is taking another spring break, this time going out west.


From The White House Dossier:


Michelle Obama jetted in to South Dakota Wednesday for a day trip to Mount Rushmore, taking in the sights before departing the same day for Las Vegas.


Michelle is traveling with her daughters on a “private family trip” to the West, the White House said.


According to the Rapid City Journal, Michelle landed Wednesday at Ellsworth Air Force Base and hopped in a ten car motorcade for the trip to Mount Rushmore. Advance work had already been done by the Secret Service and White House staff, who had arrived in town earlier in the week.


After viewing the memorial, the Obamas “showed a bit of a sweet tooth,” according to the paper, and stopped at the Turtle Town fudge shop where they had fudge and ice cream.


The visit caused access to parts of the memorial to be restricted and required visitors to go through a security checkpoint.


After today’s Las Vegas stop, Mrs. Obama is scheduled to be in San Francisco Friday for a fundraiser.


Gee, a “private family trip.”  Isn’t that special.


A lot of Americans would like to take private family trips this year but can’t.  You know why?  Because of the Great Obama Depression. 


A lot of families would like to go on Spring Break, but they can’t.  You know why?  Because of not only the Great Obama Depression, but also because thanks to the policies of the Obama regime, gas prices are rocketing through $4 a gallon heading towards $5 a gallon.


A lot of these families would like to take vacations but they are worried about keeping their jobs.


Of course none of this matters to the Obamas. 


After all, the taxpayers simple exist to work and pay so Barry and Michelle can party.


Here’s hoping the Obamas enjoy their taxpayer funded vacation.  Next year, they will be footing the bill for a vacation themselves.



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Well said Jim. The thing i can't understand is why this scumbag hasen't been impeached or taken out by now. These lowlifes have been screwing the taxpayers since day one, trampling the constitution, flaunting their excessive lifestyle at the cost of us taxpayers. The race card has got to be worn out by now. I pray the supremes will take this imposter down, no one else seems to have the balls to do it. Maybe sugar daddy Soros will cut off his funding if he thinks he is going down. I would like to see him go down before Nov.!

Barry and Mooch never travel together.  I wonder if he is in his limo with Larry Sinclair.  Our greatest hopes are for his end to come surprisingly like that of Mussolini or Hitler. "There is no peace saith my God for the wicked!"  Isaiah 48:22

If I typed what I really thought, you would ban me from this site. I am sick of the free loaders the carpet baggers Obamas. Mrs. Obama doesn't practice what she preaches, she doesn't want our children to have ice creqam and fudge. She is a big fat fraud.

He is laughing at every taxpayer when he spends millions of our money on personal vacations and no one says a word in Congress.   He thinks we are really stupid.  Like a criminal who robs and bank and the banker helps him out the door.

This fraud puts together a budget,house gets voted down 435-0.  Thats as impressive as 97-0 against in the Senate.

Not one person in the total Congress agrees with his budget, and he is still there.


It is difficult to accept but they could never pay back America for the damage they have caused this country but it isn't there country and they are playing us for fools.  Prison would be music to me if it was with out parole or amnesty but it will never happen.

I think things may get worse simply because of what Obama has already done, and he isn't done yet. I could actually be happy if Jimmy Carter, Nixon, Clinton, Bush, or any of them was back. 

By next year we will have to buy new Air Force One planes and jets that fly along side it. The one's the Mooches are using have to be worn out by now. How do they even have time to do maintenience on them?  Unbelievable what these mooches have cost tax payers just on their own pleasure and parties, etc. She seems to like and think she is entitled to her own private plane the few times they do go together somewhere. Now she even thinks her kid is entitled to her own plane.

Just think! If they properly convict the Imposter through impeachment for purgery about his origin of birth, they could make him pay back ALL the fraudulent personal excess spending!!!  Nice to think about at least. WHO decided the "President" doesn't have to be accountable for all this personal excess from taxpayer money? Doesn't the Bozo have to put a certain amount of time on the job? At what point does this rather important job become "part-time"? The checks and balance system seem a little heavy on the "checks" and a LOT out of balance! But, of course, our founding fathers never imagined the American people would be duped by such thieving liars so blatant and so lacking in moral responsibility.The American public may be mocked, but we can rest assured that our God is NOT!

Only a few more months and we will be rid of them.

William, has this not been the longest three and a half years of your life?  Sure has been for me.  November seems like an Eternity.  But this too shall pass....................

Enough already of this Group of dispicable Trash.  Can't someone just say "No"?  We just can't afford this President, he is just too expensive, sorry, you go straight to Jail.............Thief in Chief.

I wish someone with the resources would compare the Ob family vacations to past administrations. Calculate in any inflation so they can't holler foul at the number crunching, and let America see how out of touch the Ob's and most liberals are to main stream citizens. I believe it would be great ammo in this up coming election.


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