An outrage and abuse of the First Amendment: The firing of Juan Williams by NPR

Today when I was reading and saw the story that Juan Williams was
fired by NPR.  NPR said they fired him for voicing his opinion on
Muslims.  We as Americans have a right to our opinions and a right to
express our opinions.  He also said after giving his opinion there is no
room for bigotry towards anyone.  I saw him on the O'Rielly factor that
night and he said nothing wrong that would get him fired from NPR.  We
all should be outraged over this no matter our party affiliation.  I
plan on writing a letter to NPR and voicing my opinion on this issue.  I
believe we should voice our opinion to NPR.  This will let them know
how wrong they were  in the firing of Juan Williams.  Out of all the
people I have spoken with today they all agree NPR was wrong.  I have
spoken to conservatives, republicans and democrats.  Here is the video
for you to view and decide for yourself.


It is really getting out of control when Americans are not able to say
their opinion on a issue.  I am also tired of all this political
correctness.  You can say all you want about Christianity but you have
to watch how you talk about Muslims.  This is such a double standard.  I
really do hope congress launches an investigation into this matter.

I also want you to be able to read Juan Williams account on all of this
with NPR.  Here is the link to his position on this issue.


I needed to voice my opinion on this because it bothered me so bad when I
heard about it.  I am conservative but I like hearing Juan's side of
the story because it will give both sides to make the story complete. 
Juan Williams is a very good journalist.

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Welcome to our world Juan!

Hurts to be falsely labeled a bigot for just expressing the truth doesn't it?

Perhaps you will learn something from this....don't hold your breath anyone.
Juan Williams is a stand up guy !!! I have watched him for many years, even though I don’t agree with his opinion, he has the right to his own opinion, come on this is America, not Cuba, the day we lose our freedom of speech, is the day America becomes a dictatorship, and we all know that. Shame on you NPR !!!!!! and more power to you Juan for standing up for your rights !!
I am also a Republican, I wanted to thank you for this post, I for one am a Red Blooded American, and when I see anyone’s freedom of speech violated or stepped on in this manner, it is time for this Red Blooded American to step up to the plate weather they be Rep or Dem and tell people like NPR they are wrong!!!

Like you, for years I have loved Juan Williams not just for his opinion, but because he reflects his opinion with grace, he tells his own story and who he is as a Dem, and that is what is important to any American. Our freedom of speech is what sets America aside from any other country in the world and it is what makes us all free.
Glen Beck on this topic and he sums it up quite nicely, take a look at the video

Bedford Falls or Potterville?

Yes I saw this from Glenn Beck and he is completely right. Also Bill O'Rielly had a good summery of this last in in his talking points. He also had Juan Williams on for an interview over this which was great.


Here is Juan Williams with Bill

Tom I thank you for your replies to my discussion. This is an issue that needs to talked about and heard. When it comes to Americans rights being trampled I will stand by them and support them just like you would and do. The liberals and progressives are destroying this country in many ways and it is time for us Americans to stand up and take our country back. On November 2nd the liberals and progressives are going to hear from us very loud.


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