Dear Mitt:


Seven weeks from today, America will have the most important Presidential election in our history.


We are in the middle of the Great Obama Depression. Unemployment is staggeringly high.  Gas prices have doubled under his watch.  The Middle East is in flames thanks to Obama’s policies.


You should be running away with this election.  Even with the print and broadcast media acting as the official propaganda arm of the Obama campaign, you should still be far ahead.   Contrary to what Erick Erickson said yesterday, you are not losing.  But you are not winning either. 


You were not the choice of the Tea Party or conservatives for the nomination but you are now the nominee.   So the question we have to ask is, do you want to win?


So far, you have not reached out to the Tea Party or movement conservatives.  The Tea Party and conservative voters right now are OMG voters, not Romney voters.  OMG is, Obama must go.   There is a huge difference.  OMG voters will show up at the polls and pull the lever for you.  Romney voters will not only vote, they will show up and work the phones for you, put out yard signs and do the boots on the groundwork that every campaign must have.


So what do you do?


First, fire your Washington consultants.


I understand you are loyal to your friends, especially those who have been with you for a while.  I get that.  But you are running for President.  As the Godfather said, “Its not personal, its business.”  


These guys could not find their heads if they were searching for it with both hands, standing in front of a mirror.


As Clint Eastwood said a few weeks ago, “When someone isn’t working out, you have to let them go.”   You need to let these guys go.


Yesterday far left wing magazine Mother Jones leaked a video of you at a fundraiser talking like a conservative.  Why the hell aren’t you doing that on the stump?  The most damning part of that video was not the comments about the 47% who receive government benefits.  The most damning part of that video was your comment about moving to the middle to play for the 10% who are in the middle.


That is Washington consultant talk.


America is a conservative nation.  43% of Americans are conservative.  30% are moderates.  Only 22% are liberals.  If you run as a conservative, take all of the conservatives, all you need is a quarter of the moderates and you have enough to win. 


Republicans win when they run as conservatives.  Reagan won as a conservative.  George H.W. Bush ran claiming he would essentially be a third Reagan term.  When he walked away from that promise, America rejected him.  George W. Bush ran as a conservative and won twice.   John McCain did not and he lost.


You need movement conservatives and Tea Party people in your campaign.    When are you going to get us onboard?


A few weeks ago, I met Bay Buchanan at an event and I said to her, “I know Romney ran ignoring the Tea Party, but when is the campaign going to quit ignoring us for the general election?”  She didn’t have an answer. 


You need bold proposals.  To quote Reagan, much of your campaign has been nothing but pale pastels.   Americans are watching our nation leave the status of a superpower because we have a President who believes we are the problem in the world.   Americans do not want a good manager.  We want a bold leader. 


Being a bold leader means having some bold ideas. 


Be bold.


The Middle East is going up in flames and Barack Obama does not have the time to meet Benjamin Netanyahu when he comes to the UN in a few days.    He has more important obligations like going on The Late Show with David Letterman.   Meet Netanyahu at the airport when he lands. 


The contrast will be overwhelming.  It will be Romney the leader against Obama the entertainer.


Obama’s only accomplishment has been a massive increase in the size of government.  Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to this, especially when they hear the stories of fraud, waste and cronyism.


How do you shrink government? 


Advocate for the Federal Realignment and Closure Commission.  This is a Commission whose mandate is to go through the Federal Budget and look for spending that is either waste, fraud or is duplicated, along with programs that do not work or are complete failures or simply exist to help Congressmen and Senators be reelected.  All of these spending cuts would be put together and submitted to Congress for an up or down vote.  Congress cannot protect pet projects if they are not allowed to amend the report.  If it passes Congress and goes to your desk for signature, you reduce the size of government.


Commit that we will, as a national priority, bring the price of gas down to $1 a gallon by 2015.   Currently, just in our known reserves, America has enough oil to fuel every car on the road for 430 years.   With this much in natural resources, why are we importing a drop?  Why are we enriching nations that hate us and giving our enemies the opportunity to damage our economy?   If we dropped the price of gas to a dollar a gallon, it would be an incredible economic stimulus for America, as consumers would have more money to spend and the cost of products would drop.


These are not an exhaustive list of bold actions you can take, but it is a start. 


Dick Morris has predicted that twenty years from now, Republican Parties will be holding Reagan/Romney dinners. 


They won’t if you do not win.  


America needs you to defeat the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil and pull America back from the abyss.   You can’t do that if you don’t win.  You have seven weeks.  You can still pull this out.


The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to save America?  Do you want to win?

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This Is A true Statement! Romney Your Strength Is "We The People" Not We The Establishment!

How we get this message to Mitt Romney? There is no time to wait for him to see it. Any person can contact him in person and handle it to him?

THIS IS THE KEY, now where is the FRONT DOOR to team Romney?

I believe that Mitt Romney will win the election only if evangelical Christians turn out in vast numbers to show their support for him and Paul Ryan.  This election is like no other: moral issues are at stake and the freedom we now enjoy is at stake.  The Word of God tells us to pray for our leaders that we may live peacefully.  Prayer is the key at this time.  Only the Lord can speak to His own to get behind Mitt and Paul.  We need to pray that will happen.

A faithful supporter in prayer,  Bob Overstreet

"If you ever forget the LORD your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed. Like the nations the LORD destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the LORD your God." Deut 8:19,20
"The Israelites persisted in all the sins of Jeroboam and did not turn away from them until the Lord removed them from his presence, as he had warned through all his servants the prophets. So the people of Israel were taken from their homeland into exile in Assyria, and they are still there." 2 Kings 17:22,23

Has this happened to America?
1962, God is evicted from American public schools by the Brown v. Board of Education decision. He left quietly.
1973, The American Supreme Court began the American Holocaust with the Roe v. Wade decision. 50,000,000 and counting unborn babies have been murdered.  And God is silent.

Can He still be with America?

You decide.



Call me misguided; my vote will count in the eternal scheme of things.



I'm in Texas, and Texas will DEFINITELY go for Romney. We're not a swing state, so I might write in Jesus just to make a point. 

Then I can say that I know, 100%, that I voted for the right guy. For the Right Direction for America. ^.^ 

What do other Red State-ers think?

If you do that, you might as well vote for Obama. Jesus didn't come here to take over the governments. He will rule after the tribulation. God always has a remnant to stick with Him. I am part of His remnant. Just pray for our government and vote for the most Godly.

There are still some of us aut here that beleive the way you do. Thank you for your boldness.

He will NEVER pay attention to us because we are anti-liberal. That's OK though, when he screws up..he is going to wish to God that he had done the right thing. You are 100% right, he should just be winning this, it should be a runaway winning!! Obama is bad not just for us, but for the entire WORLD...I had no idea that we could end up with a "President" this bad and even worse one that looks like he could get a re-election. Scary and Mittens is NOT putting forth the effort that is needed to win this bad boy. Newt would have been kicking some serious BUTT if he was running right now. Obama wouldn't stand a chance. Will some one PLEASE tell me why Newt was NOT the choice here? PLEASE explain this to me? And ho much longer do we need to wait until the Tea Party takes over what was once the GOP? ;)

u r so right on katie...im mildly stunned at why didnt they pick newt to run..had he the backing of the rnc he woulda been the choice.  anyways, we must all fight hard to get romney in there.  obama,pelosi,reid are EVIL.

Wait you are talking Christian values and moral issues at stake and you are saying Newt is that man.The man who had to step down as speaker of the house because he was a bit less than full of values. The man who has treated women with dand lack of repsect, his wives in particular? Just whos butt do you think he would be kicking? Rick Santorum is sounding a bit more Butt kicking finally than Gingritch. Forgive me but that ship has sailed and Newts Moral values went with it a long time ago. I am saying, Romney may not be running the way a lot of people think he should, but if he were running the way you are saying he should there would be others somewhere that would be sending an open letter about what he should do differently. The Tea Party can do one of two things. Get in and get involved and let Mitt know what it is you want to see him do and while you are at it get your boots on the ground and make damn sure he does beat Obama or stand around and feel sorry for yourself because Mitt isnt who you wanted and because he isnt doing what you want him to and wait and wait until you feel he has given you enough credit and acclamation and watch Obama win. Who will you blame then, Romney or yourselves for not being willing to swallow hard and make sure that the better man wins. Doesnt matter if he wasnt your first choice, doesnt matter if he isnt as good as you wanted, you have him so you decide, are you going to get in the trenches and help him beat Obama or are you going to stand back and wait for that invitation you seem to have gotten your feellings hurt over. Hold Romneys feet to the fire after the election, we all know, love him or not he is definately better than what we have and we have a better chance of getting out of this mess with Romney. So I am not sure I get what waiting for this invitation is all about. I know plenty of Tea Party groups that are getting in and doing whatever they can to get him elected. Write your letter, send it to him that is great, let him know where you stand but this lette seems to me to indicate he doesnt get your support until he does what you want and sends you that engraven invitation. The basic point of your letter in terms of what the Tea Party wants out of a President and where they want to see us go may be what the overall Tea Party wants but the pouting and indicating the Tea Party won't get in and hep if he doesnt invite the Tea Party is not representative of all Tea Party groups. By the way Katie, Newt Gingritch could not beat obama, he couldnt even win more than on state with his own party, or maybe that was 2. It boiled down to Santorum or Romney, we got Romney now we have to do what is in our best interest with the choices we have. Obama or Romney, I tend to pick Romney and I will put boots on the ground, make phone calls and scream and hollar for anyone in order to get rid of Obama. Bottom line is, do we want our country back, constitution and all or are we going to stand back and wait for that invitation? Yes Kenneth, they are evil and at least Romney is a man of Faith and of God and and his politics may not be where we would like to see him but at least it will take us back away from the abyss we are on, that is if we work to get him elected.


Good response Janet, I agree with what you have written.  Americans have to make the simple choice between impending socialism or a return to the American Way, perfectly and individually espoused by each of these candidates in turn.  In its most minute terms, that's a choice between freeDOM and freeSTUFF.  Mitt's estimation of there being forty-seven percent of our population which will wind up with other-people's-stuff is probably just about right on.  A portion of the remaining voters will, of course, remain staunchly American and will vote for Mitt Romney if for no other reason in retaliation for the continuous hateful and ungodly displays over these past four years of the current administration and their cronies.  The remaining few, the so-called "undecided" voters, apparently have this election held tightly in their clinched fists.  My only question to these people has to be "How in the world could you possibly be undecided as to whether you want to remain an American or not?"


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