In America, we have a huge problem.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste, we are told.  Yet we are wasting untold minds in America.  America has a huge problem in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 


A solution has been proposed to help America but the solution idiotically misses the real problem.


What is this non-solution and what is the real problem America will not address?


Did you know that in America, 50% of the Ph.D. candidates in physics are foreign born?  Did you know at some major universities, there is not a single American born physics candidate working on a doctorate?


America, we have a problem.  If you look at the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, those statistics are repeated over and over again.


We are bringing a lot of bright people into America, educating them, often at government expense but they are not Americans.


Some of them will stay in America and become American citizens.  Many will return to their homelands.


Congress is currently taking up a so-called “STEM bill” which would provide even more visas for foreign nationals who have these desirable technical skills.  But there is one question no one seems to be asking.


Where are the American students?


A lot of really bright American students are directed towards careers in Medicine, Law and Business.  There is nothing wrong with that.


The real problem is that America’s education system is failing so badly that kids who graduate from High School often lack the skills necessary to enter undergraduate programs in the sciences, such as physics.  This also applies to engineering and math.


We live in a world now dominated by technology.  Thirty years ago, if you had told me about the Internet, laptop computers and blogging, I would have laughed.  Today these are all an essential part of my life.


America needs more kids who will graduate from high school and will have the skills to be able to enter tough undergraduate programs in the sciences, math, engineering and technology.


Americans are not stupid.  We are the leader in technological innovation.

So why are so few Americans becoming physicists, mathematicians and engineers?


The answer is the school system in America is worse than awful.


American students now rank as low as third world students in standardized proficiency tests in the sciences and math.



This is primarily because the government has a monopoly on education.    What happens anytime the government has a monopoly on anything?  It goes to hell in a hand basket.


We need more students to enroll in these STEM programs but more importantly we need students who are ready to enter these programs when they graduate from high school.


If the government education monopoly were a private business, it would have long since gone out of business.  It is an abject failure no matter how you look at it.  Every year, test scores drop, the schools demand more money and nothing ever improves.   No, there is one thing that improves every year.  That is the salary, benefits and lavish retirement package for union teachers.


The only solution is to break up the government school monopoly.  All it takes is some courageous and rebellious state to say we are abolishing all of our public schools and offering vouchers to any child legally in this country to attend any accredited school in the state.  Private schools would spring up to take the place of failed public schools.


The pitiful schools would disappear quickly because no one would want to send their kids to those schools.   Scores in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math would dramatically rise and do so quickly.


It would also break the back of the Teachers Union. This is the one group that is , probably more responsible for the abysmal state of education in America than any other group.


If we want America to regain the lead in the sciences and technology, there is only one way to do it.  That is to break up this government educational monopoly and let private enterprise and the free market do what it does best.


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All you need do then is figure out a way to prevent the liberal elite from entrenching themselves in the new schools and you're on your way!

Great article! Also, great summary of the problem with the education system in America today.

Another angle on this problem includes the fact that engineers, scientists, etc. are not paid very well anymore.  Billing rates for medicine, attorneys, etc. continue to skyrocket (along with healthcare, I might add), but engineer's salaries have barely budged.  Heck, car mechanics are billing just about as much as an engineer where I live!  Add to this the fact that the only time an engineer gets notoriety is when something fails, and there's really no incentive for this field anymore.  

Compensation is low and liability exposure is high.  Not a good equation for attractiveness.

I'm considering closing the doors to my business for this very reason (in addition to Obamacare, etc.)

Thank you, thank you!

Of course you are absolutely right about this. But just try and do it. So many of the Private Schools are Catholic schools that you'd immediately run into the problem of public funds for religious schools, separation of church and state, etc. and it would never get anywhere. But no doubt it would work wonders if you could get it done.

Yeah. America. HA! Yeah, and IT hurts all the more when One considers how much in the way of "money" We have thrown at Public Education in the name of bringing the product of Our efforts, i.e. the "student" up to par academically with the rest of the World when considering just the most critical areas of Math, Science, Reading and writing.

It is a JOKE of biblical proportion.

Anywhere from thrity to forty percent of African Americans and Hispanics (Latinos) end up NOT finishing High School for whatever the reason, in America. Many cannot qualify for entrance into the Military much less any "podunk" College or University.

But hey. They make for a GREAT voting block for the Liberal/Secular Humanist Democrats. Because as It is taught to "Them," Their plight or "lot" in life for NOT doing well in school or even graduating is due to the "evil" that "Capitalism," and "White" racist Conservatism has propagated or has put upon "Them" in that for the past since this Nation has been in existance the entire "system" of achieving in this Country or the "system" as IT has been is and has been "rigged" against Them for the past two-hundred and thirty-six years.

But, We Democrats are standing by to rectify that for "You." That is to say, just vote for Us and WE will make IT all better for "You."  All better to the point that after We the Democrats are done repairing the "system," IT will not even matter to "You" if "You" have a job or not or can get a job.  It just will not matter.

So vote for the People with a "D" by Their Name and then just kick back and let "Us" do the rest.

Welcome to AmeriKa.

Our son went to a private catholic high school. . .prior to going to the private school, he went through our public school system (fortunately, we live in a good system, which is why we live where we live), yet he was never interested in science until he had Biology in 9th grade. . .his teacher sparked something in him and he went on to get his degree in Biology and is and is now pursuing a medical degree. . .all because of this special teacher.  I am certain that there are plenty of inspirational teachers in the public school districts too (only they usually seem to be overshadowed by their unions/bad teachers who can't be touched). . .but we can't help but wonder if being at a private school gave this bio teacher the "free reign" needed to inspire his students? 

The "Hoover Dam", many of Our early so called "sky scrapers" were built prior to the existance of the Goverment "Department of Education," which in Itself is a joke.

The average educational level of the People or Persons that spanned Our North American continent with roads, bridges, highways, railroads, no "Department of Education" existed then and We did quite well.  Now We have alllllll of this "touchey feely", everybody gets a "trophy" and We should not "keep score" and on and on and what has It gotten Us?

The present day facts of what this Country is putting out with regard to Our system of Public Education speaks for and foremost for Itself.

I.E., the "new normal."

This is our fault.

When you begin to really look at this issue it is shocking to realize just how far we have fallen.  The link below gives you a good idea how it was all slowly and slyley implemented.  Amazing to think that from the date the plan was written the hundreds it took after that went along to make it happen.  The American Deception has been around for years and she tried to tell us but we were not ready to hear.  Also for a real wakening take a look at the 8th grade test from a California public school in 1955.  Then have a good cry to see how we and our kids have been robbed, then roll up your sleeves - we have work to do to help our grandchildren.  Remember this country and this world was once mostly illiterate and we over came to become #1 in education (way back in the 60's) and we can do it again.  http://www.americandeception.com/

(sorry the file will not permit me to copy and post the test)  Will keep trying - it is  an eye opener to say the least.



Totally agree.

Our eldest daughter is home schooling her three sons while Dad works...She could work: holds two graduate degrees but she understands that their children are their most important investment...they do without a lot of material things to make sure their kids are raised according to their values -- not the Leftist school system's values...Oh, and all three boys are at least three grades ahead of public school kids of comparable, and 1.5-years ahead of private or parochial school students...both of the parents are big language -- including reading and writing for understanding, math and the boys love technology so they study electronics and computer systems on their own -- with their uncle -- a Ph.D mathematician and enginerd, serving as their distance learning tutor...

To be an effective parent-educatior one does not need the degrees my children have...what it takes is discipline, patience and desire to invest heavily of one's self in the child(ren). It's hard work but so very worth it.

another things we have never seen or heard from Barack Obama... what were his college entrance exam test scores? Did he take the ACT or SAT? What were his scores? What did he mark as his nationality? What name was he using at the time?


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