The Republican Party of Virginia held its annual get together over the weekend.  It is called the “Advance.”


Since the establishment sold conservatives out, the Democrats won all three of the statewide offices for state government.  Since the Democrats also have the two Senate seats, that leaves Eric Cantor as the de facto leader of the Republican Party of Virginia.


While that is a scary thought, Cantor did speak to an ice storm shortened meeting. One of the things he said was the GOP will not come back until it has an agenda.


He is right about that.  Unfortunately, his agenda is not a good agenda for the Republican Party or for real Americans.


What kind of agenda do we need for 2014?  What kind of agenda will not only advance conservatism but also help us get conservative control of the government?


The top goal must be the complete repeal of Obamacare.  The Republicans sense they have the opportunity to use Obamacare to beat the Democrats. Unfortunately, many in the Party hierarchy, if they favor repealing Obamacare at all, only want to do it after using it as a club to beat Democrats in 2014.


Obamacare must be repealed, not only because it is denying millions of Americans health insurance coverage but more importantly, it is the primary cause of the massive unemployment we still have here in America. 


The culprit is the 30-hour employer mandate.  That is why the overwhelming number of jobs created this year have been part time jobs.  Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party activists should be messaging this to every unemployed person.  The reason they cannot find a job is Obamacare is making it too expensive for private employers to hire them.  Repealing Obamacare is probably the single biggest job growth stimulus we could have.


The second part of the agenda must be tax cuts.  When Republicans run on tax cuts, the left screams about cutting taxes for the wealthy and that message is repeated by the drive by media.  Conservatives need to remind the American public that when George W. Bush took office in 2001, he pushed tax cuts.  Within two years, the economy went from recession to a boom.  The same is true for President Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.  Conservatives should be out reminding people that in less than ten years ago, even fast food restaurants were paying above minimum wage because they could not find enough employees.  That’s how good the economy was after tax cuts.


The third piece of this agenda would be the full paycheck act.  Millions of real Americans work two jobs. Ten years ago, many real Americans worked two jobs to try and get ahead.  Now in the era of the Great Obama Depression, millions of Americans are trying to cobble part time jobs to stay afloat. 


Under this act, any American who works two jobs can declare one of those jobs to be exempt.  The federal government would be prohibited taxing the income from the exempt job.  That means no withhold, no social security, no taxes at all.


Under Obama’s “free stuff” theory, we are giving these people, “free stuff.”  In this case, the free stuff is the fruits of their labor.


The fourth item should be a full-fledged war on government waste.  Every year, groups and even Congressmen and Senators every year come out with reports detailing government waste.  They have press conferences and stage events, showing their outrage, then nothing happens. 


One of the top agenda items should be the Government Realignment and Closure Commission.  The idea is simple.  A commission is created to go through the non-defense budget to look for fraud, waste, and duplication of services or programs that have simply failed.  The commission prepares a report that determines what programs and other spending items should be eliminated.  This goes to Congress for an up or down vote.  The report cannot be modified by powerful political interests trying to protect their special interest spending.


Finally, the last item on the agenda for 2014, is the creation of liberty zones.  Under the concept of liberty zones, states may, for a ten year period, opt out of certain federal laws and regulations.  No state would be compelled to join this but states would be allowed to experiment.  The end result would be a laboratory test over ten years that would put socialism in a head to head competition with liberty. 


Republicans talk about creating a positive agenda.


Here is one. 


Are the Republicans brave enough to embrace a true conservative agenda?

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2014 Agenda:

Repeal Obamacare- of course. A totally failed experiment in exerting government control.

Pass a Congressional Reform Act- All congressmen/women maximum two terms, eliminate retirements, etc.

Make English the official language of the USA- Eliminate all forms printed in anything else.

Pass a Tax Reform Act- The present system is way too complex and outdated, simplify it.

Enact a 3-5 Year Moratorium on ALL immigration- Our country needs a breather while we figure this mess out correctly.

Seal our Borders- No country can protect itself unless it has adequate control of who comes and who goes.

Eliminate Anchor Babies- This is just plain ridiculous, get rid of it.

Deport Criminal Illegals- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Eliminate Most Foreign Aid- Our national debt is 17 TRILLION- This is a NO BRAINER.


I know that time and space are limited; however, I believe it is very

important to point out Mr. Cantor's stance on illegal immigration (noting

that he is in the McCain/Rubio camp).  Like so many other progressives,

Mr. Cantor sees the present system as being 'broken'.  The only reason

that the system is 'broken' is because the enemies of this country WILL

NOT enforce the immigration laws that are on the books, and the allies

of the enemies of this country (i.e., Mr. Cantor and cohorts) will do abso-

lutely nothing about it.

Enforcing the law once was an important Conservative principle, and I

believe it still is.

Semper Fi!

Thanks Judson, this is a very good plan.  Why don't you run for office?

Eric Cantor.  As a voting constituent in his congressional district, I promised him in a letter a few years ago that he has received my last vote and dollar for any political office to which he aspires.  In the primary, I will vote for the candidate most likely to defeat him.  If that effort is unsuccessful, the time is approaching that I may vote for a democrat to end his career.

and what will you then have?

Hopefully, Congress absent Eric Cantor.

I have been pondering problems in politics for some time and I have come to these conclusions. I think the minorities, most blacks and hispanics, and the uninformed and the low income people of all kinds, will insure the Democrat vote because they are promised all the nice presents they want. What the country really needs now, God, economy, and patriotism, is of little consequence to them. Republicans can not raise the money for adequate campaigns regardless of agenda and they are not united under one cause. That is a reason for disappointing voter turn out. Democrats have failed time after time. They have a reputation for deceit and lies, but that does not mean they are no longer a strong opposition. They just do what communists do. The Republicans do not stress the dangers of the communists in our government and complicit media enough. Democrats have been fundraising since 2008 and plan to target youth and blast the media with ads promoting Obamacare. No matter the lies. If told enough times and using plenty of sugar coating, people will believe them. It is why Obama is often on fundraising tours, even if in the guise of government business. Democrat is now just another name of the Communist Party of America. That is not to mean all Democrats are communists, but communists seem to be all Democrats. Republicans are to polite to say it, or to naïve to believe it. There is no longer respect for Republicans by Democrats in the Congress. The third partiers will practically guarantee a Democrat win. They are famous for splitting votes and seldom win themselves. Conservatives can cry in their beer during another four years of Democrat rule and communism.  America as it used to be known and freedom goes down the toilet. America transformed, just as Obama promised it could be. Only not as a lot of his believers imagined. I think it may be the only promise he has really kept.

The 2014 must have a unification of the Republican party under the ideals and goals of the Tea Party. It won't survive having a "moderate" wing. The other party rallies around that premise so why vote in Republicans when you already have that? Also where are the great speakers in the Republican party out there gathering support.

You cannot win with hope that the other party will lose. You must go out to win and not be wish washy timid in your positions.

Are the Republicans brave enough to embrace a true conservative agenda? Answer NO!

The Tea Party and 2014: Repeal Obamacare, end fraud, cut energy costs

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