American Military Refusing To Fight For Al-Qaeda In Syria (Pictures)

American Military Refusing To Fight For Al-Qaeda In Syria (Pictures)

Sunday, September 1, 2013 8:17

(Before It's News)

These pictures have been making the rounds on Facebook the last couple days showing American serviceman and I presume woman holding up placards telling their displeasure at the war hype against Assad.  For protection they hide their faces, smart move.  These serviceman have morals and know that they would be fighting on the wrong side.  Obama is wrong, going through with an attack would be almost treasonous.  How do you drum up support to fight with al-qaeda in Syria while working others into a killing frenzy to kill those same terrorists.  Its a first in American military history as far as I can tell.  -Mort



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That's they said about Viet Nam too

Not exactly, there was a draft during the Viet Nam war. You refused to go you went to jail or left the country.

...and your point is, Bob...?

Military Revolt Against Obama Expands Over Obama’s Plans To Back Al-Qaeda Syrian Rebels

Monday, September 2, 2013 5:22

(Before It's News)

The United States Military revolt against Obama’s plans to fight alongside of Al-Qaeda in Syria are expanding as more and more Americans are awakening to false flag terrorism and Barack Obama’s plans to launch terrorist attacks upon Syria. As US Military members continue to ‘Photobomb Obama’, Congress and social media websites, will Barack Obama continue to back the terrorist Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria or will this revolt against the ‘Commander in Chief’ plans to fight with Al-Qaeda bring real change and a ‘mass awakening’ of Americans? The story from Infowars is below along with a video report sharing more proof of who really committed the attrocities in Syria, the Al-Qaeda Free Syrian Army rebels whom Obama and Congress are seeking to assist. 

The military revolt against the Obama administration’s plan to launch a potentially disastrous attack on Syria is gathering pace, with both top brass and regular servicemembers expressing their vehement opposition to the United States becoming entangled in the conflict.

The backlash began to spread on social media yesterday with numerous members of the military posting photos of themselves holding up signs stating that they would refuse to fight on the same side as Al-Qaeda in Syria. The photos went viral, with one post alone generating over 16,000 shares on Facebook.

Others have posted their photos on Twitter alongside the hashtag #IdidntJoin.

As the Obama administration prepares to present a draft resolution to lawmakers that is by no means “limited” in its scope and would in fact grease the skids for an open ended war, John Kerry and other State Department officials have signaled that Obama will simply ignore Congress if they vote no and launch the assault anyway.

The revolt will really take off once somebody has the courage to show their face.

Unless you're a high ranking officer that can afford to take early retirement and spend more time with your family - it wouldn't be courageous, it would be suicidal. 

God Bless Them!!!

Good for all of them

Stand strong guys and gals!!!

You've got the real Americans on your side...

Thank you for this Royce.

wow. We had to get our news from another country to know what exactly caused this "change of heart" (yeah, right). Thank you US Military. Great link Royce.

"Patriotism is supporting your country all of the time and your government when it deserves it." -- Mark Twain


Now, really.  Think this one through.....  Is it really potentially treasonous or even an unpatriotic act on the part of U.S. military members for them to tell not-President Cipher Obama to take a hike when he is intending to use the military in a manner that appears could be in conflcit with the best interests of this country?   


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