If you ask almost anyone on the streets, who do you support, United States Marines or Iran.


101% of real Americans asked that question would say they support the United States Marines.


Can you imagine the either party choosing Iran over American Marines?  Can you imagine any Senator choosing Iran over American Marines?  Can you imagine Wall Street choosing Iran over American Marines? 


Yes it is entirely possible.


In 1983 Iran directed terrorists in Lebanon to do something “spectacular” against the Marines.  They did and 241 American Marines died in the attack on the Marine Barracks in Beirut.


In 1996, Congress changed the law to allow state sponsors of terrorism to be sued in American Courts.  In 2002, the survivors and families of the fallen Marines won a judgment against Iran for $2.6 billion.


Even the most ardent advocate for the Marine families did not believe anything would come of this judgment.  Then investigators found $1.8 billion of Iran’s money in a frozen bank account in the United States.


Real Americans favor giving Iran’s money to the Marines and Marine families.   In Congress, both Republicans and Democrats have signed on to S. 2101 in the Senate and H.R. 4070 in the House, which specify that the money in that frozen account goes to the Marine families, not back to Iran.


Now, a Wall Street firm has gotten involved on the side of… Iran.  Not the American Marines, but the nation that gave the order to kill them.  That Wall Street firm is objecting to the bill to use Iran’s money to help the families, with the phony excuse that it might hurt international banking operations.  My sources in Washington tell me that too many key Senators are listening to them.


There are only two sides in this issue: Iran’s or the families’. Does Barack Obama want the families of the Marines to get the money or does he want it to go back to Iran?  Where is the Democratic leadership on this?  Where is Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who sponsored S. 2101 and the original language helping the fallen Marines and their families?  Where are Republican leaders on this?  Who is listening to that Wall Street firm and holding up the bill?


What is wrong with this picture?


Who in their right mind thinks it is a good idea to give Iran billions of dollars back so they can spend it on terrorism?


The thought that we might give this money back to Iran rather than to the Marines who survived the bombing and the families of the fallen Marines is simply incomprehensible. 


The fact that a Wall Street firm would throw roadblocks that help Iran get that money back is appalling.  It is worse than appalling.  


It is disgusting.


We need your help.  The Beirut Marine Families need your help.  We need to send a message that our fallen Marines and their families are what is important.  Not a nation that is our enemy and whose leadership gave the order to kill those Marines.


Take a moment to call your Congressman and ask them to become a co-sponsor of H.R. 4070.  Call your Senator and ask them to co-sponsor the Senate version of the bill, S. 2101 without delay.  Tell them to shut down the Wall Street plan to use phony excuses that help Iran get its money back.


Call your Senators and Congressman and ask if he or she is not supporting the fallen American Marines and if they think we should send $1.6 billion to Iran instead of compensating the fallen Marines of the Beirut Barracks.


It is time for us to help our fallen heroes and their families find justice.


Support our Marines, not Iran.


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This is just another in a long line of the money doing all the talking. And if anyone believes that the President on treason will not give it back you are in happy land. And the rest of the Washington elite will do nothing. This country needs to STOP giving OUR money to ALL foreign Governments PERIOD! But the only thing they care about is lining there pockets.

Judson published a follow-up post to this naming the Wall Street firm, DTCC, its Chairman and CEO.  Go back to your original email and find the second link which is the follow-up post.


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