In January 2011, the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.  We joyously watched as Nancy Pelosi was vanquished from the Speaker’s chair and we believed we had won part of the victory we needed to win.


Now, fourteen months later, we are sorely disappointed.  John Boehner has been the most ineffective speaker in modern memory.   Not only is a conservative agenda not being advanced in the House, he is surrendering on every fight he has with the Democrats.


We need a solution.  We need someone who can be our leader in the House of Representatives, who will stand up to the establishment and do what needs to be done.


Who could this leader be?


Michele Bachmann.


Michelle Bachmann has returned to Congress and is now running for reelection in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.  We need her not only in Congress, but we need her in the leadership of Congress.


We need her as the Speaker of the House.  We need her to replace John Boehner.


First, there needs to be an immediate disclaimer.  I have had no communication with Michele Bachmann, her office or her campaign.  If John Boehner and the establishment GOP believe she is a threat to his leadership, the establishment will fall on her to make certain she is not reelected.


That still does not change the fact we need to replace Boehner with someone who has two specific qualities.   First, they must have the courage to fight and lead and second they must be a conservative.  These are two qualities John Boehner is sorely lacking. 


Last year, the House of Representatives approved more spending than they did when Nancy Pelosi and the Party of Treason controlled the House.  Did anyone support Republicans taking over so they could spend more money? 


John Boehner was given the greatest mandate in modern history and he blew it.   In February, the government set a record for a budget deficit.  The United States was $229 billion in the hole just for February.  Just remember 2007, where the deficit was $161 billion for the whole year.


Boehner is incapable of leading.  If he were honest with himself he would admit that and allow someone else to take over.  But he is a careerist politician who sees himself being Speaker for the next twenty years.


We must have change in Washington.  The RINO establishment must be changed.


Michele Bachmann would be a great choice to be the next Speaker of the House and we should encourage her to consider running!



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She would laugh in the faces of the GOP that tried to stop her. She knows that WE have her back and that WE will support her. Here we are again with a STRONG woman that we need. Only a conservative woman could be this strong ;) one of the many things that I love about Michele Bachmann is her ability to laugh at the losers that knock her down, she will take NO BS from BO. She will fight for what is right and she will even fight the GOP Rinos, she will not allow the BS that Boehner has. She would burn all the white flags and raise the Don't tread on me flag! :) we do need her and we should get he going. That's the best way to get the Republican party back again! :D

EVERYONE, Please send Michele a contribution for her reelection TODAY!  Ask at least three others to make this happen.

I am all for Michele Bachmann.

I signed the pettion to remove Boehner and add Michelle Bachmann

John Boehner has really disappointed all conservatives.  Michelle would be a good speaker.

she seems as though she could do it.But please note also, if Newt doesn't win the nomination for Pres, I think he would make a strong Speaker



"No" to Boehner.

"Yes" to Michele.

Please, can we do this right now?

The bottom line is no one in congress has what it takes to be a real leader for this country. Fear of death may be the only thing stopping them, but money is sure promoting this evil.

Right On!


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