Disgust does not even begin to touch this.  1623 is a number that has a meaning.  Most people do not know what that meaning is and fewer even now will react to what it means.


1623 is the number of American military personnel who have died in Afghanistan.  Today, according to Fox News, we are negotiating with the Taliban to withdraw from Afghanistan.


1623 Americans have died for nothing. 


We went to Afghanistan after September 11th.  It was very simple. Afghanistan was a terrorist playground with Al-Qaeda having free reign to train in that country.  The Taliban, the savage backwards Muslims who ran the country were allied with Al-Qaeda.  These clowns are the same ones who denied women basic medical service, made women wear burkas, threw acid on women who even showed a little bit of skin at the ankle.  These are the same sub human pieces of scum that routinely executed people for watching TV or listening to the radio or just not following their insane version of Islam. 


In 2001, America went in.  We used bombers and a few people on the ground and let the Northern Alliance clean up the Taliban. Somewhere along the line, someone got the brilliant idea we should engage in nation building.   1623 Americans have died in Afghanistan and thousands more came home wounded or suffering PTSD or the other after effects of combat.  We have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on that worthless pit called Afghanistan.


Now, Obama is in the process of surrendering.


1623 Americans died for nothing.


Here is a novel idea for our leaders.  When you are going to commit American forces to combat, you win the war.  Period.  Do what it takes.  Spare us the politically correct crap and certainly spare us the nation building non-sense.  Has nation building ever worked?


The answer, just in case anyone missed it, is no.


Peace talks with the Taliban?  Right.  If Obama and his team were in place in World War II, he would have responded to Pearl Harbor with negotiations on how we could surrender the pacific.  


Liberals do not understand the world is a big bad place.  There are times and places to negotiate.  We can negotiate with Greece or Britain or any number of countries.  There are some people who cannot negotiate with.  There are some people that are absolutely evil. There are some people who are the personification of evil.  The Taliban is the personification of evil. 


We will negotiate with the Taliban and Obama will make sure we surrender.   Our forces will be removed from Afghanistan and within a couple of years of our leaving, the Taliban will have taken over again and Al-Qaeda will have another playground.   Only this time, when Al-Qaeda launches an attack against America, we will not be able to go back.  By that time, Iran will have nuclear weapons and that will make it impossible for America to retaliate. 


None of that will change the fact that 1623 Americans have died for no good reason.    As Obama sells America out again, the families of those Americans will ask why their loved ones died?


Any good reason that could have been offered is gone.  Thanks to Obama and the Party of Treason, their lives were wasted.  Next time an American President commits our military, is it asking to much to let us win?

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I say we withdraw and then level their mountains, burn their cities and salt what remains. Is that a bit harsh?
No it is not!  It's what we should have done in the first place!
Your liberal view of the entire Afghanistan War as well as the war in Iraq are misguided, ignorant, and quite honestly, revolting.  President Bush responded to the attacks on September 11, 2011 with a measured, strong assault on Afghanistan.  It takes time to plan and execute a war effort so far away and in so inhospitable a venue.  Vowing to defeat terrorism, and candidly advising our nation and its people that the effort would take years, and not months, he proceeded to honor his oath as the President of the United States to protect and defend us.  Quite quickly after the genesis of the Iraq War, he was attacked and assaulted by the liberal left and their pals in the American Press.  He was excoriated, vilified, had his character assassinated, his motives challenged, and many more unfair indignities.  The left hampered him at every opportunity.  I am confident that had it not been for the anti-Bush/anti-American liberals who would rather see the end of America as we have known and loved her, that Mr. Bush would have succeeded in destroying the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the process.  To simply say that "Bush Blew It" is juvenile, ill informed and totally out of place in a patriotic forum such as this.

Mr. Bush does not need my defense, pal.  History will bear me out that he was a fine President in very difficult times.  You talk about Bush here for one reason only:

You hate the man.

Nooooooooo!  They died for NOTHING because of the liberal controlled congress incessantly undermined Bush's efforts to WIN the war on Terror.  This continued into the Obama Regime, who instead of using the Patriot Act to go after the Terrorist ... decided to use the Patriot Act to go after Law Abiding Americans!


Via .........










Bush kept us safe, while OBAMA allowed several attacks happen directly on US SOIL ... and answered it by 'down grading' the Foot Hood murders to 'work place violence', while continuing to threaten every one who disagrees with him with being 'in the 'eye' of the white house'..

There is no such thing as a 'war on terror'?  Why because YOU say so?  Tell your BULL CRAP to the families of the dead at FORT HOOD! Tell YOUR CRAP to the families of the dead in MICHIGAN! By the way nice of your to ignore the evidence I posted!

REVO I provided proof to my input, YOU posted NOTHING but PERSONAL ATTACKS.  EREGO you are in NO POSITION to be calling ANY ONE RUDE!


And for the record LIBERAL, I have relatives who worked in the Twin Towers!   TO THIS DAY they CRY for the co workers and friends who died! 


SO on 'their behalf', I suggest you take your trolling LIES and put them where the sun does not SHINE! 


Both of you chill out.  this discussion has degenerated into name calling and personal insults.  That is going to stop now.


You characterize Debra as "rude".  I call her posts passionate and spot on.  You, on the other hand, have revealed yourself to be a liberal moon bat hung up on "Bush Derangement Syndrome"..  I have no regard, respect, OR civility for liberals, and your vilification and flat out bogus posts regarding former President George W. Bush will bring a response in kind from me every time.  YOU are part of the problem, pal...NOT the solution.


I have nothing but disdain for you and people such as yourself.  Call yourself a "Fiscal Conservative" or call yourself "Pope Revo", for all I care.  In my view, you are just another left wing, progressive liberal moon bat, not worthy of any more of my time and certainly unworthy of my respect.  Kindly refrain from answering my posts, and I will do the same with yours.  I want nothing to do with people like you.  Good day.


Truth is in the eye of the beholder.
When one is under attack by many, calling in reinforcement seems appropriate!

Saying "People like you can't handle the truth" sounds rather like a movie cut.

But, to each his own! If it were me, I'd find some information that I could link to on the web, to support my position. Ron Paul's position I suppose! Some useful data, showing Obama's job has been better than Bush's was.

Don't think I'd insult the membership's intelligence in this way. But, hey, do your own thing! Not my problem, is it?


Just couldn't resist.  I would ask Revo to link to evidence of Bush spending "Trillions" on bailouts.  Don't forget that he was saddled with a democratic Congress as well.  Insulting my intellect is classic liberal methodology.  I know what Revo is, and all of his attempting to claim otherwise is not supported by his vitriolic postings against George W. Bush.  Perhaps if he were to read Mr. Bush's book, Decision Points, he may gain a clearer understanding of the Bush Presidency.  But I rather doubt that Revo will bother to read it.  Goes against his grain, with a hatred so intense.  If Revo is typical of the membership of this forum, then maybe it is I that is in the wrong place.  I always thought that the Tea Party was for Patriots.


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