In a blog this morning, we asked a very important question.  “Are we safer now than we were four years ago?”


The answer is overwhelmingly no. 


As if it were not bad enough, the Obama Regime is now releasing very dangerous, high-value Al-Qaeda prisoners.


From the Daily Caller:


President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have approved one of Osama bin Laden’s personal bodyguards for release or transfer from the Guantanamo Bay detention center to another country, according to prison records released by WikiLeaks and a recently published list of approved-transfer detainees from the Justice Department.

Idris Ahmad Abdu Qadir Idris is the second name on Holder’s Justice Department list of 55 Gitmo detainees approved for release or transfer. This detainee, according to a Jan. 26, 2008, Defense Department document published by WikiLeaks, provided security for bin Laden both before and after the deadly Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

“Detainee is assessed to be a member of al-Qaida and was identified as a bodyguard for Usama Bin Laden (UBL) beginning shortly before the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks. Detainee is also assessed to be an al-Qaida recruiter associated with a Salafist network in Yemen,” the document reads. “Detainee transited through multiple extremist support guesthouses, received militant training at the al-Qaida al-Faruq Training Camp in Afghanistan (AF), and is assessed to have received advanced training.”

“Detainee fled UBL’s Tora Bora Mountain complex with a group of 30 fighters including other UBL bodyguards, collectively known as the Dirty 30,” the document states. “Detainee’s name was found on al-Qaida affiliated documents.”

The Defense Department considers Idris a “high risk” if released from custody, meaning that he is “likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies.”

The detainees on the Justice Department’s list have been approved for release or transfer since 2009 – the beginning of the Obama administration – but they remain in the Guantanamo Bay prison and their names had not been released publicly because, according to Politico, “the State Department’s envoy for Guantanamo, Ambassador Daniel Fried, cited a need to coordinate diplomatic efforts to resettle the war-on-terror prisoners.”



Resettle them?  What the hell are they thinking? 


Huge numbers of Al-Qaeda fighters that we release return to Jihad.  This is no great shock.  It is perfectly predictable. 


In his 2009 apology tour, Barack Obama said America would never be at war with Islam.  It does not matter, Barry.  Islam is at war with America.   Unlike Tango and a few other things, it does not take two to make war. 


The Jihadists are at war against America.  What is Obama doing?  He is doing everything possible to help them win.


Why is Obama releasing this guy and other prisoners now? One theory is that Obama is losing and he knows he will be out of office shortly and he is going to release as many of them now as he can.  Is that crazy?


Perhaps, but when he is doing this six weeks out from the election, there aren’t that many other possibilities.


Meanwhile, Obama might as well be called the candidate for Al-Qaeda.  He is certainly putting their best interests ahead of America’s. 

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I agree with you.

The deceiver is the Islamic leader, not the USA's leader.

He is working for USA's enemies. When has he ever put this countries interests first? How many times has he put Muslims first? I ask, If you vote for this deceiver we have, How Can You Call Yourself An American? HOW? You can't.

No doubt about this....many Al-Qaeda members will vote for Obama!

Wonder how many are now in the States? How many "Undocumented Immigrants" are Al-Qaeda?

There are no demonstrable "Undocumented Immigrants"...only Illegal Aliens are demonstrable!

Oh, he knows very well what illegal means. Remember, he can lie to the infidel for the good of Allah.

Thats funny. Why say this stuff now? Obama has been on their side the entire time. He was not joking when he told them he was one of them. Not joking when he had billy ayers write in his book that if the political winds went bad he would stand with the muslims! No folks these were not jokes. He is a terrorist of the highest order.

I have ONE very important question. When obama is voted out of office will he be held accountable for his CRIMES?


I would be very much in favor "reguardless of some bullshit law" of him being charged with TREASON.

Albert, I think the answer is NO.

If our congress can't do anything now about this imposter, do you think they will do anything when he is done with his work? I don't.

Is he releasing them now because he's not going to win election and he wants them out?

Obama works for the brotherhood not America..  Watch what a SEAL has to say about it...

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YOUR Commander in Chief...

Wish  "We the people could release Obama to the war zone"

use the quran for tolit paper.....works well and gives u a good feeling......allah sux a bar


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