It has now been fifty years since Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous “I have a dream” speech.  That was the speech where he dreamed that his children would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Today racism is alive and well in America.


Just look at Ferguson Missouri.


On August 9, Michael Brown, who may have been a gang member and who was certainly a thug and a robber, was shot and killed by a police officer.  As we all know, the officer was white and Brown was black.


Change the race of any of the parties to this shooting and it is not news.


But officer Darren Wilson was white and Brown was black.


This is racism in America today.  Darren Wilson is automatically guilty because of the color of his skin.


When prosecutors look at charging someone, they look at the witness statements and then look to the physical evidence and determine which version of events is accurate.  In this case, Officer Wilson claims that Brown assaulted him, went for his gun and then ultimately charged at him.


While there are some differing stories, such as the claim made by Brown’s robbery accomplice that he was shot in the back, there are a dozen citizens whose narratives support Officer Wilson.


In all of the witness statements, there is no claim that Officer Wilson used racial epithets or for that matter has any history or racial animus. 


Officer Wilson is white therefore he is automatically guilty.


As soon as the shooting happened, those who take advantage of the modern racism in America were in action. Racists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were there.  Barack Obama and Eric Holder sprung into action.


The Department of Justice did its best to fan the flames.  They sent the so-called “Community Relations” team to Ferguson.  This is the same team that inflamed Sanford Florida after the Trayyvon Martin shooting.  Now, Attorney General Eric Holder wants a third autopsy on the body of Michael Brown because the first two did not support his narrative.


In short, the Department of Justice, the left wing media and racist groups and leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are demanding that Officer Darren Wilson be prosecuted, not because of his actions but because of the color of his skin.


Welcome to racism in the 21st Century.

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The racists in this country are the blacks! The blacks are only 13% of our population! HELLO! the white people elected a black president twice and the whites are racists??? Since 1965, we've spent over 2 trillion dollars on different social programs/FREEBEES  for them and they're still not happy and no better off today! Most are uneducated and lazy! The women keep popping out babies with different fathers! No one is forcing them to stay in America. If they don't like living here, they can go back to Africa! But they won't because they know where all the FREEBEES are!

I agree that the racists in this country are the blacks.  Until that is recognized by this country nothing will change.  Some blacks will never ending call themselves victim.  I am so tired of the same old arguments from the left.  We need to stop racism from every side not just the black side.

After seeing the preliminary autopsy "findings" I would (1) be surprised Mr. Brown could raise his right arm as the "witnesses" stated, (2) wonder how "they" will explain the first shot being fired at around 30+ feet and Mr. Brown landing on the ground, about 3 foot in front of the officer, and (3) the initial shots were on the Right quadrant, designed to stop the charging subject and not cause death, but the deceased pursued his charge and the officer, with final shots dispatched him.

But, not to worry . . . A.G. Holder will have a box marked "Evidence, manufactured in Washington, deCeit", under his arm when he gets off the plane.

Lady Justice will win out in the end . . . even if local folks never accept the FACTS.

Mr. Phillips is 100% correct with this article.

Recently, a 72 year old white resident was shot and killed by a white cop responding to a burglary call in North Texas.


I don't remember the week's worth of riots and looting because of this...

During July 4th 2014, Chicago had 82 shootings and 14 deaths by gunshot and 2 of those were by cops. Where were the protests? Where was Al not-so-sharpton? Where was the new black panther party yelling for the lynching of these color-less cops?


This "story" is such and obvious attempt to create a crisis!

Obama has set race relations back 50 years.

One of the reasons Obama is in the White House was to end affirmative action and end reverse discrimination.  The problem with giving people something for nothing is they come to expect it.  When the reward is withdrawn, it maybe viewed as punishment.  The results are not often good.  There are many blacks that have moved into the middle and upper class.  The ones that got left behind are not going to be happy.

To Debrajoe I ask... "WHAT race relations"?

I can't even talk to black people any more and they sure as hell don't talk to me. As a white guy (the enemy to all blacks and browns) All I get is mumbled greetings if I get that and that is even after knowing them for years!

Mostly I get a look of suspicion that says to me, "you must be one of the right wing kkk members that has been enslaving and persecuting me and my peoples  for 600 years, where are you hiding your hood craka?"

The look also says, "YOU (whitey) owe ME (blackie)".

To "sickandtired103"..... You are not wrong. We have ALL seen this story before.....

Create a problem and help it fester into a crisis, then provide the solution.

Don't be a useful idiot tool like the people in that neighborhood and the demonicRAT plantations around the world 

The repeated narrative (and the evidence) is from the same radical playbook over and over and over again...

Media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans create an image or argument that favours their particular interests.[1] Such tactics may include the use of logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, and often involve the suppression of information or points of view by crowding them out, by inducing other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or by simply diverting attention elsewhere. In Propaganda:


Distraction by nationalism

Straw man fallacy

Distraction by scapegoat

Distraction by phenomenon

Distraction by semantics

Distraction by regression

Distraction by misleading

Distraction by horror

Appeal to consensus


Demonisation of the opposition

Fear mongering


This is the beginning of class and race wars in this country fueled by progressives and a blood thirsty media that so many have warned was coming. They paint the TEA Party as racists and thugs, but we are seeing who the real racists and thugs are. Though the Main Stink Media has an agenda, their cameras do not and consequently belie the media's own narrative. This has the potential to spread as the police fumble, the out-of-town, bused in looters and rioters create havoc, and left leaning, blood thirsty media pray guts and bullets fly in the streets of America. Such perversion. Justice is now a slogan, not a reality.

Regarding "the beginning of class and race wars". . .have you all read this article by Kareen Abdul-Jabbar?

The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race


I take exception to his statement: 

. . .in general, white-against-black economically impacts the future of the black community.

He should be more specific (only I'm certain that Kareem's biased stems not only from his race but from his political affiliation as well).  Since he is so obviously engaged in the Dem Party/BHO regime--he obviously won't elude to the fact that it is the Dems/Progressives and the BHO regime and their policies that have "economically impact[ed] the future of the black community"--would love to know where Mr. Jabbar stands on all the illegals being allowed to come in to this country and usurp jobs from real Americans--doesn't that "impact the black community"?  

JMHO but maybe many in the black community must hit rock bottom first before they realize on their own that the politico's and their ilk are not looking to help them but to keep them oppressed--that they do not have the black community's best interest at heart, only their own political aspirations.  What's that saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink--folks can point out all the disparities and disservices the Dems/Progressives/Regime have wrought on the black community but not until the good folks in that community figure it out for themselves (that they are being played/used) can they or anyone for that matter (i.e., low income folks who allow the govt to run their lives for them regardless of their race) begin to stand up and speak out and take control of their lives (that is assuming that the folks in these situations wants to take care/do for themselves--I also think too many throughout America, regardless or race/heritage have taken the easy way out and expect the govt, i.e., you and me, to take care of them and while these protests in Ferguson started over the death of a young man, they will continue as a means of folks telling the rest of us--you owe us!--JMHO

Harry Reid had harmless cows shot and buried in mass graves.

Those cows deserved better.  Where is Harry hiding this week?

Why are these wild animals from Ca. and other states not being

made to show Id and being locked up or shot for the looting?  Tell the

locals to stay home. Then lock these outsiders up with heavy fines

and jail.

Sharpton and Jackson aren't interested in any sort of racial harmony to begin with, they would be out of a job. The media plays those of color as victims, you are only a victim if you let yourself become one. We are all supposed to be treated equal under the law, nobody should be prosecuted because some wishes it. The color of their skin shouldn't matter either, they should only be prosecuted if they committed a crime.

The evidence points to the officer defending his life from a 6'4" 300LB out of control man who had just robbed a convenience store with brute force and thinking the cops were after him. The shots fired show the officer fired non lethal shots to attempt to subdue him and after almost being knocked out by the huge aggressor continued until He had to take the final head shot. This man started the aggression and had every chance to stop and comply but through his own community teachings, He chose to attempt to over come the law with brute force. Now what you see on TV is exactly where He received his education from, looters, thugs and knock out champs. 


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