You’ve probably never heard of Jennifer Wexton.  She is a far left wing Democrat in Northern Virginia.  She is running for the vacated Virginia Senate seat of Mark Herring who, thanks to typical Democrat vote count tricks, is the new Virginia Attorney General. 


Here is the ad she is running in the Washington DC area:


A woman assaulted at night by the reservoir. Another by an intruder who forced his way in through her bedroom window. And for so many, traumatized again by facing the criminal in court.

I'm Jennifer Wexton and as a prosecutor I put violent offenders in prison. In the Virginia Senate, I'll fight just as hard against Tea Party Republicans who would take away a woman's health care and her right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. On election day, help me stand up for her.


I was a prosecutor for ten years.  I put a lot of violent offenders in prison.  I sent people away for crimes ranging from Robbery, to Rape to Murder.


As far as I am concerned, Jennifer Wexton is worse than any of the people I put away.


She smears millions of Patriotic Americans who love America, freedom and liberty.  


She is a supporter of the ideology that has resulted in poverty, tyranny and mass murder around the world. 


What she is really saying is, “elect me so I can keep the multi-billion dollar abortion industry profitable!”


Real Americans are worried about a lot of things.  We are suffering through the Great Obama Depression. We are seeing labor force participation levels at record lows.  Half of young Americans under age 26 are either unemployed or under employed.  The overwhelming majority of the jobs created in 2013 were not even full time jobs.  They were part time jobs.


Millions of real Americans are worried about their future.  They are worried about keeping jobs and homes and what is Jennifer Wexton worried about?  She wants to kill babies and keep Planned Parenthood profitable.


Al Gore, in the 1980’s in what is probably the only sane comment he made during his lifetime, said that abortion is “arguably the taking of a human life.”  So is murder.


John Whitbeck is running against Wexton, the far left wing extremist.  He is a conservative.  There is a republican delegate who is running as an independent who may split the conservative vote and allow Wexton to win.


Take a moment and contact Whitbeck’s campaign.  His website is here.


The special election is January 21st.  There is still time to help.


Consider contributing and if you can, volunteer.  If you are in the DC area (the district is Loudon County, suburban DC), help them in person.  They may also have the capacity for volunteers from other parts of the nation to do phonebanking. 


During my career as a prosecutor, I sent people to prison for some horrible things.  As far as I am concerned, I would rather see one of them elected than Jennifer Wexton.  That is how extreme she is and how far to the left she is.


Let’s get 2014 started right by stopping a left wing extremist!



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There is no limit as to how far the progressives will go to get elected. It has nothing to do with helping the poor and unfortunate but more to do with getting elected.

Well people! This is a start. Tell everyone you know what is coming out of the woodwork. If we don't start now, we will loose this country to the commies and every left wing world country that been dieing to get their hands on us. Get together and tell all you meet we are loosing our country.. Stop this nut before she helps O.

"She wants to kill babies and keep Planned Parenthood profitable." -- the Liberal priority above all! SICK!
Low is right...these sicko's have to be out done by us Tea Partiers...

Take back our government

I saw that ad for the first time the other night and just about lost my diner.  Another politician running on a single issue of being able to freely murder unborn babies at the taxpayers expense.  You have to be lower than whale poop to be advertising to the world that all you care about is a woman's right to murder unborn babies.  I hope Whitbeck kicks her back side to the gutter where she belongs.

The US system supports a do nothing education which leads to do nothing jobs. The moral majority is still in favor of the current institutions. The prison population has at least outrage about the current trends even if only as a selfish motive. The further down the class ladder due to the continuing attacks, the less system compliance and the better of you are in the long run. Obviously, political prisoners are much more high profile than others, so they cause the greatest damage globally, but dysfunction within a dysfunctional system is still more functional. Obviously, the 1% who are in jeopardy of annihilation due to the health care system have supporters in the prisons too, so a thorough investigation will be needed when, due to the USA system dysfunctionality, the entire country collapses.

I always thought that algore was 'always' unhinged . . . Michael Savage has declared, for decades, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

================= on another note

Looks like Robert Gates identified obama's incompetent VP, quite accurately and forthrightly.  

This whole Regime is full of incompetent minions . . . on purpose . . . or is the Peter Principle the way the DNC operates?


Judson, You say "They may also have the capacity...to do phonebanking."  I'd say conservatives who want to beat back the forces of all powerful government must have phonebanking in place.  The cost of establishing the system needs to be concentrated on forming a cookbook approach that can be shared.  Ted Cruz and his supporters had it down.  Something I read here on TPN lead me to a Cruz site where I was given a short bio on Republican voters in Texas and their phone numbers.  I tried to motivate these people to vote for Cruz vs Dewherst in the primary for as long as I could before farm chores called.  Lots of small efforts add up.  We have the numbers and our efforts must be brought to bear in the way that counts...person-to-person.


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