Harry Reid has in one afternoon destroyed 225 years of history, precedent and probably destroyed any chance the Republicans and Democrats could agree on anything for the foreseeable future.


From the Washington Times:


Senate Democrats on Thursday used the so-called “nuclear option” to change the chamber’s long-standing rules and eliminate filibusters of presidential nominees, in a move that could further erode whatever cooperative mood was left in Washington.

Republicans feverishly objected, warning Democrats that the chain reaction they set in motion would fundamentally change the Senate, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the GOP forced his hand over the last month by blocking three of President Obama’s nominees to sit on the federal appeals court in Washington.

“It’s time to change. It’s time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete,” Mr. Reid said as he laid the groundwork for the move at the beginning of Thursday’s session.

The key vote to change the rules came just after noon. On a 52-48 tally, Democrats voted to change the precedents of the Senate and disallow filibusters of all nominations except those for the Supreme Court. Three Democrats voted with Republicans against the rules change, signaling how contentious the matter was even within the majority party.

Republicans immediately moved to expand the change to include Supreme Court nominees, vowing that they would use Democrats’ new rules to push through their own picks to the high court the next time a Republican wins the White House. Democrats defeated that bid, but the GOP move signals a willingness to retaliate the next time it is in a position to do so.


As long as Mitch McConnell is in charge of the Senate Republicans, I have my doubts anything will happen.  The Republicans should stand united against this usurpation.


The founding fathers made it very easy to gum up the system so that there would not be rash acts and so that even a minority could stop a really bad idea (like any of Barack Obama’s judicial nominees.)


When the Republicans take control of the Senate in 2015, which they are almost certain to do, every one of Obama’s appointees for anything, should be summarily rejected. 


And when there is a Republican President again, the GOP should use those rules that Harry Reid shoved through today to silence any opposition to those appointees. 


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Never fear. We can remove a judge in the USA for many reasons to include behavior. The only requirement we have to gert off of our butts and act.

Two wrongs don't make a right.  Republicans should not violate the 225 year old rules, but re-enforce them as they were before Harry Reid changed them once they get into power.  Playing like Harry does, isn't going to show them what a true Constitutional representative government means.  Teach them how to act.  Don't act like them.


They won't ever learn from that notion, although it is a decent and admirable notion, Democrats don't know what decency is and will never get that concept. So I say give them a taste of their own medicine.


The problem is that both parties, Democrats and Republicans, don't care about the people. 

The only thing they want is to maintain their exalted positions of power and wealth. Our only hope is to keep electing as many TRUE and SANE Conservatives into office that will make the Draconian changes needed. 

The TEA Party needs to continue to make as many inroads as possible every election cycle.

TGFD here.

Gail....Please recognize reality. Your laughable proposal is a big loser for the GOP and a big win for the dems.

Your idea would leave us with all the currently-vacant, lifetime appointments to the federal bench being filled with leftist, progressive scum, which is now going to happen anyway, and then it would also give the dems the ability to filibuster any appointments made by a future GOP president, even with a GOP Senate.

Oh, yeah. The press and the dems will surely remember that magnanomous gesture of yours. They won't filibuster. Will they?

Seriously lady, WTF is wrong with you?

I agree

I would hope republicans would filibuster every bill that the democrats propose.  Gum up the works so nothing gets passed. McConnell is such an establishment republican that he would never do that.  One can only dream.

That's pretty much what's been going on since 2009.

Can't wait until the GOP takes back the Senate and allows this rule change to stay in place. Paybacks can be hell and the Democrats deserve as much hell as we can be given to them. They asked for it.

I think the Republicans should play this up as a step toward dictatorship - make the Democrats look like Nazis (really even more like Stalinists, but schools make Nazis look worse) - then say they will keep the option until the next Presidential election with the reason that they are protecting America against more inroads against the Constitution.

Harry Reid is a useless piece of cow dung - worse yet he doesn't have as many brians as a cow


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