Unless you have been asleep for the last few weeks, the fact that the Republican Establishment is declaring war on the Tea Party is not news. There has been a long and sometimes nasty civil war within the Republican Party, pitting moderates against conservatives.  While the conservatives would win occasional battles, for the most part, the moderates came out ahead.


2010 changed that.  With the Tea Party ascendant, Conservatives decided they were not going to simply sit on the sidelines and let the establishment run things the way they had. 


Now the establishment strikes back and if it has its way, Tea Party Congressmen will be on the endangered species list in 2014.


What do we do about it?   What is our plan?


Conservatives have a problem.  We don’t like to play hardball politics.  Liberals are quite happy to do that to Republicans as well as conservatives.  The GOP establishment is quite happy to do that to conservatives as well.


It is time for us to play hardball with them.


The RINO establishment’s plan is simple.  They are planning to send out primary challengers to a number of Tea Party conservatives, including Steve King in Iowa.  The establishment is also going after Justin Amash in Michigan.  The establishment has let it be known that they are seeking someone to be a primary challenger against Senator Mike Lee in Utah in 2016, to punish him for being a conservative and get revenge for ousting RINO Bob Bennett.


The establishment thinks it can win if it simply beats conservatives in a primary.


They are wrong.


The RINOs have set a very bad precedent.  This year, in New Jersey, Steve Lonegan ran for the Senate seat that was opened with the death of Frank Lautenberg.  Lonegan is a conservative and the establishment abandoned him.  Chris Christie, the RINO governor first dealt Lonegan a bad hand by setting a special election date on a different date than the governor’s race.  He wanted a huge margin of victory for himself against a sacrificial lamb candidate the Democrats are offering to help his chances in running for President.  Instead of offering the Senate candidate his coattails, Christie helped doom the candidacy.  Christie all but sided with Cory Booker, the Democrat who eventually won.


In Virginia, the Republican establishment has been conspicuously absent in Ken Cuccinelli’s race for governor.  They are all upset because conservatives insisted on a nominating convention this year instead of a primary, where Democrats would cross over and help nominate a RINO.  The RINO Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling, who was next in line, is actually helping Democrat Terry McAuliffe against Cuccinelli.


If that is how the game is to be played, we can do it better.


In the next few months the leaders of the Tea Party movement as well as leaders of other liberty groups and smaller political parties need to meet and set a game plan.


Here is that plan.


In every state where there is a RINO running for the Senate and certain establishment Republicans are running for reelection in the House, like John Boehner and Eric Cantor, conservatives need to agree on one challenger to support against the incumbent. 


If that challenger wins, then everyone supports the challenger in the November 2014 elections.  If the challenger fails, then instead of grudgingly supporting the establishment Republican, we all then need to fall back to supporting an independent or a third party candidate who is worthy of support.


The establishment will scream about that.  They will say, you are splitting the vote and the Democrat will win. 


Perhaps they will.  But how much worse is that than the Republican establishment right now?


And even if the vote is split, that is no guarantee the Democrat will win.  In many of those states where this is tried, a fractured vote could still see the conservative win.


The establishment Republicans have set the precedent of stabbing conservatives in the back.  They still expect conservatives to rally to them despite that.


They have news coming.


They started this war and if it is a political war they want, it is a political war they will get.



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Good - it is about time.

I agree!

Rather than fielding a conservative candidate and saddling him/her with the terrible Republican brand, why not run them as Independents.  Screw the Republican Party.  Let's not even give them any advertising opportunity.  Let's run them as Independent Reps of the Tea Party.

David, this is a VERY bad idea.  There is an established party for the taking...take it.  After all, the establishment Republicans espouse conservative ideals to the voters; it is just that they have been playing a bate-and-switch game: run on conservative principles, vote as big government sycophants.

...and since when is the Republican brand "terrible?"  I'd say the Democrat brand has become linked to a communist dictatorship...talk about "TERRIBLE!'

Dr. Carpenter, I doubt the big money behind the Republican Party is going to let you waltz in and take it.  The brand is awful even if you don't care to admit it.  It's manipulated by corporate interests in virtually everything it does.  Establishment Republicans supported Obamacare despite what they say.  They recently proved that point once again.  Establishment Republicans support Immigration Reform, no matter what they say publicly.  Why? Because its corporate money machine wants to lower costs by having cheaper labor and shifting medical costs onto workers backs.

It's also true the Demorat brand is linked to a Communist dictatorship but, for a large number of Americans, that's apparently not troubling them to much because they voted for him twice.  What they want are more entitlements and they're perfectly willing to sell their liberty and freedom to get them.

The problem behind both parties is they are protecting the elite's agenda, not ours.  Of course, that's just my opinion.

David,  I agree with your facts.  Still I see an established apparatus that can be changed in the GOP, I have gotten on the inside of my county party and find I am not alone, and there is hope the GOP can be changed from the people upward.  (There I go with "hope and change...)

Dr. Carpenter. I am pleased you're optimistic about what you see in your County.  It does provide some hope.  But, I am also mindful of the many times we have tried to keep faith and work within the system only to find we were deceived yet again.  To me, it seems like the ultimate definition of insanity to stick with the Republican Party in the hope it can be changed.  I doubt I'll live long enough to see that.


Judson you are a Lawyer tell me if I am off on this but this is why I think we did not hear from the so called Moderates on Obamacare in favor of Dr. Coburns healthcare bill , because the establishment RINOs are lawyers and people who stand to benefit from the ACCESS Obama care will given them to Defraud the system ????

FOLLOW THE MONEY , isn’t that what they always say ???????

 I smell a RAT !!!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't we hear from those wealthy Establishment party members talking about the Patients’ Choice Act (S. 1099) NEVER GETTING HEARD ON THE SENATE FLOOR ?????

 Is it because these same so called Moderates are also Lawyers and others that stand to benefit from the ACCESS the Obamacare program creates for them to DEFRAUD the Taxpayers ??????

  the Reid Ran Senator has NEVER ALLOWED THIS BILL TO COME TO THE SENATE FLOOR ... EVER !!!!! And it makes way more sense than the ACA !!!!!


 And the FRAUD   Oh the Fraud within the Bureaucracy , oh could it be because of the ACCESS not of the SICK , but of those who look to EXPLOIT the System for their Own personal WEALTH ... thats WHY Government is NOT the BEST Choice for Quality and AFFORDABILITY !!!!!!!






Wait, what? How does it help lawyers?

 You have to go in and read Dr. Coburns explanation on how the Lawyer/court system is defrauding the entitlement systems ......

 What kind of a Cotton Picken statement is this JEFF ?????????

 This Link talks about the way the system is gamed , http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/news?ContentRecord_id...


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