Every day makes new history.  However, only on rare occasions can you look out and say the fate of a nation will be decided in the next few months.


We are seeing just such a circumstance now.


What are the issues that will decide the fate of this nation in the next few months?


There are several.  The first is the Debt Ceiling.  The second is sequestration.  The third is government funding when the Continuing Resolution (CR) runs out in March and the fourth is Obama’s assault on the 2nd Amendment.


Perhaps the greatest of these fights is the debt ceiling.   Barack Obama has raised the debt ceiling six times.    Prior to 2011, there wasn’t much of a fight about it.  The Party of Treason controlled the Congress so they went along with it. 


After 2011, the Republicans controlled the House.  Every time the Debt Ceiling was to be raised, there was supposed to be an agreement.  The debt ceiling would go up but spending would be cut. 


As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working out for us?”


If Phil Klein in the Washington Examiner is to be believed, the Republicans have already decided that they cannot beat Barack Obama in the debt ceiling or any other issue so they want to just “move on.”


The Republican leadership is embracing John Boehner’s freshly laundered white flag of surrender.  The leadership is now floating the trial balloon of giving Obama everything he wants on the debt ceiling.  They are saying there will be no government shutdown, which is tantamount to saying they will give Obama everything he wants on spending.   That means there will be massive increases in welfare and social spending.  Massive and devastating cuts in our military. 


And when it comes to defending the 2nd Amendment, if the Republican leadership is surrendering on everything else, what makes anyone have any confidence they will stand up for Americans and their rights?


If we just wanted to give everything to Obama, we could have let the Democrats have the House of Representatives too. 


What the hell are Washington Republicans thinking?


What they are thinking is a version of the strategy of triangulation.  They will give Obama what he wants and when he fails they can say it was him not us.  We gave him what he wanted.


Do you know what the problem with that theory is?


John Boehner and the House Republicans cannot seem to grasp the idea that Barack Obama does not simply want his name to go down on his agenda like Johnson did on the Great Society or Roosevelt did on the New Deal. 


Barack Obama wants to destroy America.


Underneath that grey hair lies the heart of the young anti-American Marxist that went to Occidental and Columbia.   He still believes in disarming America, just as he did as a young man.  He still believes America is the focus of evil in the modern world, just as he did then.


The Republicans believe if they can just escape the “obstructionist” label, they can move on and win. 


How stupid can John Boehner be?


This is not about winning or losing an election.  This is about saving the nation.


Boehner and the Washington Republicans believe that if they just surrender on these issues, all will be well and the American people will reelect them in 2014.


There are a couple of flaws in that theory.  First, Barack Obama wants to break the Republican Party.  He doesn’t simply want to win.  He wants to destroy the GOP.  Surrendering now will not save the GOP.  Obama will pick more fights that will make the GOP look bad.


If Boehner thinks he will be reelected, perhaps someone should ask him how he is going to do that without his base?


We conservatives are ready to bolt the GOP.  What the hell good is an opposition party that does not want to oppose really bad ideas?


The fate of this nation hangs in the balance.  Great men like George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson founded America.  Unfortunately our fate now lies in the hands of John Boehner. 



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Raising the debt ceiling and "massive increases in welfare and social spending" are two entirely different matters. The first is about past spending and the second about future spending. Since all appropriations must begin in the House, they would be responsible for enacting the massive increases and cuts that you refer to. I find it unlikely that they'd do so, but I suppose anything's possible with this Congress.

In the House? Not any more!!!

The RINO leadership is scared about shutting down the Federal government because when they did in the 1990's they lost the next election cycle. So far they have failed to present and sell the voters on the benefits of a government shutdown. They need to get the public in favor of a shut down. We need to get people in the media talking about the benefit of a shutdown.

The last time a shutdown was contemplated, it cost the taxpayers nearly $19 billion dollars and lowered our credit rating. Fitch Ratings has already suggested that we will be downgraded again if the debt ceiling isn't raised.

Threats! Let's get our financial house in order, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

If we are going to shut down the Federal Govt thru a debt refusal, this is the time to do it..well before the mid term


America is at a crossroads! We are either going to revert back to a Republic or we are going to run headlong into a socialist European style central controlled federal government and a huge loss of our liberty and freedoms that are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

Johnny be good for nothing Boner: One of the main things he's learned in his many years as a professional pol, is, Don't stand up to the president {{ little pee, a reflection on the man, not the office  }}. Yet, it is the Congress's duty to make sure the executive branch does not excede it's power. This branch is exceding it's powers in the fiscal cliff, gun control, education, & voter fraud. Those that voted for this man deserve what they are getting. The problem that brings on is to the rest of us who are true patriots.

Maybe someone should do "voodoo" on Boehner to break the spell he is under!

Almost no one in elected US Govt thinks of the nation, only themselves (first), getting re-elected (second), their constituents (third) and The Nation (a long fourth) if at all. This situation can only be beaten at the election polls. Work on that! Two generations of ten starting at 10,000 will go a long way to controlling the bleeding.

There has been a secret deal between king husein with the chineese on exchanging federal lands that hold oil reserves for 2-5 trillion of our dept. another reason for our disarmament. another reason for BO to have the dept ceiling raised. So I heard!


It's not on the news. Do you have a source? I hear lots of thinkg online but when I actually check them out, about 50% are just made up



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