I don’t often give Democrats advice but when I do, it is good advice.


Hillary Clinton has a choice she has to make.  This one should seem like an obvious choice.  It is a tough choice but obvious.

What is it?


Barack Obama is throwing Hillary under the bus.  Obama cannot accept blame for anything and his handling of the Benghazi Consulate attack has been nothing short of disastrous.  Obama not only lied about the attack, he blamed the violence on an idiotic video instead of its real cause, Islamic terrorism.


Unfortunately for Obama, the scandal is blowing up in their faces.  Obama must deflect criticism of himself, so what does he do?  He is throwing Hillary under the bus.

What does Hillary do?


There is some irony here.  Bill Clinton has been the one Obama has called on to be his lifesaver.  Bill Clinton was the star of the Democrat Convention, not Obama.


This is how Barack Obama repays Bill Clinton.


Sources say Bill Clinton is furious and Obama will not return his calls.


Hillary has made no secret of the fact she plans to leave if there is a second Obama term.  She has also made it no secret that she is looking at running in 2016.


So what should she do?


She should resign a week before the election.  She should do it in a very loud and public manner.  She should lay waste to the Obama Regime. 


One of the reasons Hillary is not doing this is because she fears many in the Democrat Party would hold it against her that she destroyed Obama’s reelection chances. 


She is right.  Initially that is exactly what would happen.  But that is a short-term problem.  Four years from now, when the Democrats have their next convention, Barack Obama is not going to be welcomed back like a conquering hero.  In other words, he is not going to be welcomed back like Bill Clinton was welcomed to Charlotte. 


Democrats look back with nostalgia to the days of the Clinton Presidency.  They do not look back with nostalgia to the days of the Carter Presidency.  The Obama term will be the same as the Carter term.


Hillary wants to run for President in 2016.  If Obama wins, that will not happen.  First, as unbelievable as it sounds, Joe Biden would be poised to run and be the nominee. 


Second, as soon as Obama is reelected, Bill and Hillary will be cast on the trash heap.   Not only will the Obama team blame Hillary for Benghazi, they will spend the next four years totally destroying her.    Obama hates the Clintons.  Theirs has been an alliance of necessity for the last four years but once the election is over, Obama does not need them any more.


He would love nothing better than to destroy Hillary and make certain she is not on the ballot in 2016.


The Republicans will hold Congressional inquiries but they will be nothing compared to what the Obama team will do to her. 


The question is, will Hillary do what it takes to sink Obama?

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Bill and Hillary are not nice people. And yes, Obama, will blame Hillary and Bill will get even with Obama. I can hardly wait. Obama will have the suprise of his worthless life.

Debrajoe:  I would love to be that "fly on the wall" when Bill squares off with the obama machine! 

I hope you're right.

Dominick:  I think so.  Bill is a narcissistic psychopath too.....he only does what is best for Bill.  I don't have any respect for either of them...but I would put my money on Bill! 

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Hope you enjoy this.

Brian Keith Prince,

I just posted this on F/B.  I hope you don't mind.  It's a great website!!! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Brian.

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Thanks again Brian.

I believe that Hillary ruined any chance of her running for President when she joined the Team of Obama.  She is damaged beyond repair.  She could end her days in politics by standing up now and being honest with the American People.  

Lee, what you say is right. And yet I have yet to see a Clinton who was capable of telling the truth.  That would be a great fall for that woman & I don't think she could take the fall...any more than she can be damaged beyond repair.I have a bit more information about the woman than most do & I happen to know where she comes from & how she is very proud of her maiden name.  Even her classmates have made snide remarks about her. I really don't think she could take it if she were able to actually end her days in politics by standing up & being honest with the American people.  It would be nice if someone like Hillary would have the backbone to do just that & yet I will be amazed if she does.

I would rather see the administration as a whole locked away in cells awaiting trial for treason and final dipensation of their being.


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