I am not ashamed to say that prior to this story breaking I was going to vote for Stephen Labate.  He is a  veteran and conservative candidate here in the 3rd congressional district of NY.  


However when the story on Rep Steve Israel broke, I just laughed and said amazing.  Here is a guy hand picked by Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman using his power to get a bailout from a bank when he and his soon to be ex-wife bring in a combined $300k salary.  He used his influence to get out of almost $100k in mortgage debt with JPM Chase saying I "had to" sell because I was getting divorced. Rep Israel voted for TARP and one of the institutions that received TARP funds all of sudden relieves a top ranking congressman's debt when most American's aren't afforded the same rights.  Israel’s financial statement shows he has a separate mortgage and home-equity loan valued at between $250,000 and $500,000 on a second residence — an apartment he owns in Washington.


“I don’t understand how he [Israel] is eligible for this program when numerous other homeowners are struggling and are not being given this same opportunity,” said Grace Slezak, owner of Destiny International Realty.  "In my professional opinion,” the 26-year real-estate vet said, “I don’t see how he would qualify for this; it appears highly irregular.”


Please read the following article from the NY Post and keep the pressure on one of Nancy Pelosi's hand picked puppets.  http://goo.gl/WKpXC  Get the message out about Stephen Labate.





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It just keeps on going on.

Need to find out if this is part of the Hardest Hit Fund. Fed money was given to certain states, and how it's distributed is becoming suspect. Certain private non-profits, often controlled by a couple of people, can make a decision as to who gets assistance. Florida has turned down 80% of applicants on any pretext they can find. Nevada is suspect, and has a couple of guys connected to federal housing programs in charge of the program through their private non-profit. Maybe Pelosi got him into the program and pulled strings. This is a huge amount of money given to about 18 states, and I can't get an answer as to who has control of the money.

"In my professional opinion,” the 26-year real-estatevet said, “I don’t see how he would qualify for this; it appears highly irregular.”...

She's obviously not aware of how laws don't apply to Dems like they do to we normal members of the collective herd.


JMP Chase is SLEEZY! I don't doubt that some Pelosi puppet is in bed with this hideous bunch. Too big to fail, my BUTT! These crooks need to fail. I am so sick of JPM Chase and hearing about the sleezy things they do...

Forgot to mention that Chase is part of the principal reduction program.

Yes, thanks for the valuable information. Were he to be a Republican, we woulld hear cries of favoritism and that he was bought off by the bank. Of course, we are not going to do the same, right?

Congress people are about the law aren't they..  They are excempt for obamacare and retirement funds that the normal people have to deal with. Time to remove all of them and start with common sense and normal people.

I'd like to see how fast the crap would hit the fan if this was a Republican. Double standard for Demos.

If Chase Bank forgave the 93k the jerk owes, then they should forgive everyone's Mortgage Loan.  Everyone with a Mortgage through Chase should ask for the same thing.  It's only fair!  This jerk makes a fortune compared to most of us.  There's some evil favors going on....anytime Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Holder are involved...there's corruption.  Guess what taxpayers?  You will pay for it in the end. 

I agree with you 100%!

I all way thought that elected officials could not accept gifts? I Beleive there is a law against this ! I won't say anyting about it if BOA pays off my loan too!

What is connection between Stephen Labate and Steve Isreal??


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