If you think Mitt Romney was wrong saying that 47% of the vote will go to Obama and you have any doubt as to the validity of his statement, you won't after watching this video.  

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Yes, 47% will vote for Obama because he is black and they call me a racist at the drop of a hat because I don't agree. These inerts are allowed to make collecting our tax money a career. Those in the DC puzzle palace are to blame. They use our social programs to buy votes. I wonder what these ignorant, uneducated, worthless, lazy people will do when there is no money to fill their unworthy pockets. These people expect/demand the working people to take care of them. They go high and to the right about the past slavery this country indulged in. Yet their inert abilities are enslaving them and they can not see this. They can not see past the free money and their racist mindset. This is not what I defended for 20+ years. WE THE PEOPLE need to right this. Exlax the snot out of DC and there will be plenty of clothing for Goodwill. That will be all there is left of the political, warped vermin there. Bitter? You betcha


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